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The Ayurvedic Approach to The Treatment of Skin Diseases

Skin, which is the largest organ in the body, is a tissue made of water, protein, fats and minerals. The skin performs six primary functions: protection, absorption, excretion, secretion, regulation, and sensation. In other words, it stands in the first line of defence against toxins, radiations and other harmful elements that come in contact.

However, sometimes this line of defence becomes weak in front of certain factors like climate, sun exposure, chemical products, stress or poor diet which paves the way for various skin diseases.

According to Ayurveda, incorrect lifestyle and food choices can cause disorders in the body that go against the individual's inherent nature known as Prakriti. Dealing with unwanted skin diseases have become very common these days. This is when opting for a gentle skin care becomes demanding which only Ayurveda for acne can offer without causing any side effects.

Women with skin diseases

Common Skin Diseases and their Ayurvedic explanations

Some of the common skin infections mentioned in Ayurveda for dry skin:

  • skin cancer, psoriasis, dermatitis and atopic eczema
  • any persistent rash or itch
  • skin allergies, leucoderma
  • acne or other skin conditions that causes inflammation
  • skin discolouration, static or changing
  • stubborn acne or acne scars
  • bacterial, fungal and viral skin infections
  • Dry skin and rashes
  • Cracked heels & Cracked heel Ayurvedic treatment

    Types of skin diseases in Ayurveda

    You can take help from  Ayurveda for skin diseases, but before that you need to become familiar with the two main categories that all skin diseases fall into:-

    1. A) Mahakushta or Major Skin Diseases: the eight varieties of Mahakushta include:
    1. Kaapaala ( kapala)
    2. Audumbara ( Oudumbara) Kushta
    3. Kushta
    4. Mandala Kushta
    5. Rushyajihwa ( Rishyajihwa ) Kushta
    6. Pundareeka ( Pundarika ) Kushta
    7. Kaakana ( Kakana) Kushta
    8. Sidhma Kushta
    1. B) Kshudra Kushta or Minor Skin Diseases: The eleven types of Kshudra Kushta are
    1. Eka Kushta
    2. Charmakhya Kushta
    3. Kitibha Kushta
    4. Vaipadika Kushta
    5. Alasaka Kushta
    6. Dadru Kushta
    7. Charmadala Kushta
    8. Pama Kushta
    9. Visphota Kushta
    10. Shataru Kushta
    11. Vicharchika Kushta

    Some skin diseases are easily curable with little care, like pimples, pigmentation, blemishes, acne, early ageing, wrinkles and more. However, there are some that can be fatal and incurable, like skin cancer.

    These are considered as fatal infections and the minor ones can be easily cured with home remedies. But ignoring these can cause disastrous skin problems in the future. However, you can take precautionary measures by understanding what causes or leads to such diseases.

    We mainly take them as chronic infections and do home remedies to cure them when it comes to minor issues. But ignoring these issues or a  delayed treatment can cause incurable or disastrous skin problems in the future. Find out the reasons create skin issues.

    What causes acne

    Significant causes of skin infection/disease are commonly identified as below ones

    1. Lifestyle
      An unhealthy lifestyle with irregular food and sleeping habits are one of the most common causes of skin disease in modern times. Such erratic routines create digestion problems and many other problems, and skin disease is on the top of that list.

    2. Insufficient Diet
      A poor diet can be a significant cause of skin issues as the body suffers from nutritional loss. When there is a lack of nutrients in the body like vitamin A,  D,  E and  B1, it simply leads to weakening of the major parts of the body like the liver, brain and heart. Even the absence of the required amount of fat in the body causes dry skin, which further generates many other skin problems.

    3. Poor quality blood
      When the acid and toxic levels rise in our blood due to an unhealthy lifestyle, it makes the blood impure. It hampers oxygenated blood supply to our skin and other organs, which leads to many skin problems like acne, eczema, blemishes, etc.

    4. Impact of other diseases
      An unhealthy lifestyle and food habits may cause other health issues like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, piles etc. These diseases impact the body as a whole and soon show up on the skin.

    5. Hormonal problems
      Many times, the diseases caused by hormonal changes like thyroid, PCOD, menstrual problems can outburst as common skin problems. It is a common phenomenon amongst us to treat the external and visible outburst rather than the root cause of the issue.

    6. Excessive beautification
      The usage of too many chemicals and harmful beauty products on the skin can damage it to an unrepairable extent. Additionally, these chemicals can also cause skin diseases like acne, pimples, rashes etc.
    Ayurveda for skin

    Ayurvedic remedies for common skin diseases

    Panchakarma is known to be an effective ayurvedic therapy that helps cure various skin disorders. This is because it restores the imbalance caused in the doshas and eliminates the toxins in the body to improve the skin health.

    It is a complete detoxifying program that flushes out toxins from the body and cleanses it at the cellular level. The moment the body eliminates toxins, the doshas begin to gain equilibrium, which further leads to the proper functioning of organs and skin.

    Panchkarma treatment is a  renowned tool to cure many skin-related issues, and  has many therapies for skin protection and treatment like:

    1. Virechan (very effective for skin): Virechana therapy is performed by giving bitter, astringent and sweet herbal purgatives to reduce the vitiated Pitta and Rakta (blood dhatu) in the body. This can be practised when the skin faces inflammatory issues.

    2. Vaman: Vamana therapy involves the oral administration of herbs or medicines to induce vomiting. This practice eliminates all the blockages of srothas present in the facial skin alongside the whole body.

    3. Swedan: Based on the temperature, herbal mix and devices used to induce sweat.

    4. Udvartan (scrub): specially prepared herbal paste or herbal powder is massaged over the body. This practice supports the weight loss and detoxification programs that any individual faces. Herbs like neem, turmeric, aloe vera, and natural oils like coconut, castor oil, sesame oil help cure dry skin when used with other herbs such as udvartan. Coco Soul Revitalising shower gel  from Coco Soul's skin care range is a mixture of such natural herbs as Virgin coconut oil, turmeric, and Gotu kola. This gel cleanses and purifies your skin and what’s more, it’s chemical-free, cruelty-free and environment-friendly that makes it safe to apply on skin.You must also check out our blog on the benefits of turmeric for skin.

    5. Herbal face pack: An herbal face pack is usually a mix of natural and herbal ingredients used to rejuvenate the muscles, maintain the elasticity of the skin, remove adhered dirt particles and improve blood circulation. They are non-toxic in nature and help nourish the facial skin. Saffron is an excellent ingredient for reducing dark spots and pigmentation, thus it is majorly used for dark spots Ayurvedic treatment. To begin with, try Coco Soul Natural Face Wash with Coconut, neem & Ayurveda.

    6. Potli massage.: A pouch (potli) has dried and fresh Ayurvedic herbs and are picked according to the problem one is being treated for. Soft muslin cloth dipped in hot Ayurvedic oil, herbal powder or sand are used to massage the pressure points.


    Our skin is a natural gift, and we have to take care of it in a natural way only. The goal of Ayurvedic treatment is to restore doshic balance. Treatment methods involve a proper lifestyle with a perfect diet and correct usage of Ayurveda for skin problems. Healing is much faster when the mind and body work properly and support the treatment process of the common skin problems alongside.


    1. Can Ayurveda cure skin diseases?

      Yes, Ayurveda can cure long-term skin diseases and chronic conditions. It is an ancient science of herbs and very effective.

    2. What is Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda?

      Panchakarma is a method of cleansing the unwanted waste's body after lubricating it. Panchakarma treatment is unique because it includes preventive, curative and promotive actions for various diseases.

    3. Why choose Ayurveda to cure skin diseases?

      Ayurveda is an ancient system that bases treatment on balancing the three doshas. According to Ayurveda, common skin problems are caused by doshic imbalance. Therefore, treatment focuses on imparting harmony and balance for the individual. Also, the elements used are natural, non-toxic and have no side effects.


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