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Top 5 Healing Benefits Of Vetiver For Skin

Vetiver, also  known as khus in Ayurveda, is one of the hidden gems of the medicinal realm of Ayurveda. It is revered for healing many skin woes, inflammation, and leaves you with clear and beautiful skin. 

Vetiver powder benefits for skin and has a distinct aroma that can uplift your mood to bring in a sense of peace, much like the fragrance of grass on summer days.

How about we discover some more vetiver powder benefits for skin and how to include it in your daily routine. 

Vetiver Water

What Is Vetiver?

Vetiver is a tall grass with a sweet-smelling aroma that  is native to India's southern part. The grass grows out well even in heat. 

The sweet aroma benefits not only the skin but also the mind and body internally. Vetiver is known for its calming properties, which makes it a great addition to skincare products. 

Top 5 Benefits of Vetiver for Your Skin

Is vetiver good for skin? Yes! Considering Vetiver is loaded with  goodness, it only makes sense to get introduced to it. Now you might wonder, is it worth including in your skincare regime? The answer is, yes! And these five vetiver powder benefits for skin might convince you. 

Woman Applying Moisturizer On Face
  • To Moisturise Your Skin

    One of the vetiver benefits for skin is that it has the highest water retaining properties, making it a great ingredient to moisturise your skin deeply. This works for the skin by keeping it moisturised for a longer period of time without making your skin greasy.

    Well-hydrated skin prevents flakes, dry skin, and dull complexion. Vetiver for skin additionally regulates the sebum creation, thus keeping the skin's oil content adjusted according to your skin types.

Woman Using Skin Toner
  • Balances Skin's PH Level And Evens Skin Tone

    Our skin's normal pH level is continually affected by pollution and dryness in the atmosphere. Vetiver for skin plays a significant part in re-establishing the regular pH level of the skin. It safeguards the acid mantle present on the skin. This acid mantle helps fight undesirable impacts of the climate, microbes, or allergens.

    Vetiver is also  credited to even out your discoloured skin tone. It lessens the presence of any scars, breakouts, zits, pimples, and clears out any blemishes too.
Woman With Tight Skin
  • Tightens Skin Pore And Reduces Oiliness

    Vetiver is viewed as a characteristic astringent, which helps  tone the skin well. It fixes and purges the pores and unclogs them off dirt. Vetiver can manage the skin's sebum creation, and significantly reduce its slickness and oiliness.
Woman With Skin Problems
  • Diminishes Skin Inflammation

    If you're burning from sunburn or you're overheated, Vetiver can ease any redness, since it contains anti-inflammatory properties. Whether caused by acne or by the summer heat, Vetiver can soothe any inflammation.
Girl With Flawless Skin
  • Helps Delay The Signs Of Ageing

    As a powerful antioxidant, vetiver effectively cleans the body and eliminates toxins, free radicals, and other impurities that can cause the skin to age more quickly and exhibit signs of unfavourable ageing.

    Now that we know the benefits of vetiver, let us jump into the ways you can  use Vetiver on your skin.

3 Ways To Use Vetiver In Our Skincare Routine

  • Vetiver Water As A Toner

    The benefits of vetiver for skin is that using it as water can diminish the pore size by functioning as a productive toner. It has normal astringent properties and can cause the skin to feel strengthened yet moisturised. To make the Vetiver water as a toner, you will need Vetiver roots, some lemon cuts, and water.

    In a saucepan, add 1-2 cups of  water and bring it to a boil. Simultaneously add the Vetiver roots and 1-2 lemon cuts. Let the mix cool down, transfer it in a spray bottle and use it as a usual toner. 

  •  Vetiver Soaps for Body

    Vetiver uses for skin are many as it has regenerative properties and healthy nutritive characteristics make it a great cleanser. If you cannot find vetiver to make your soap, we recommend using Coco Soul’s shower gel powered by the goodness of gotukola,  commonly known as vetiver. 

    The Coco Soul Revitalizing Shower Gel is crafted with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and infused with the goodness of Virgin King Coconut Oil, along with Turmeric and Gotu kola! Made with the goodness of organic Virgin King Coconut Oil, as well as many potent herbs, the Coco Soul Revitalizing Shower Gel cleanses, purifies, and revitalises your body and leaves it soft and hydrated.
Face Wash
  • Vetiver Essential Oil

    Vetiver essential oil also provides similar benefits to Vetiver water, such as instilling a sense of calm when used. Vetiver essential oil is described as earthy and woody in scent, which imparts a feeling of serenity.To learn about other natural ingredients like vetiver that are good for skin. Head over to our blog on skin care with natural ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions On Vetiver Benefits On Skin

  1. Does vetiver make you sleepy?

    Vetiver oil helps relax the body, which is why it is commonly used as a grounding essential oil. After a long day at work, stir a few drops of Vetiver oil into the soles of your feet and slowly massage your body.

  2. Does vetiver smell good?

    The aroma of Vetiver oil is said to relax the mind and soothe the skin. It is a great addition to myrrh, cedarwood, and angelica root blends for natural perfumes.

  3. Is vetiver essential oil good for your face?

    By removing dead skin cells from the body, Vetiver essential oil helps heal  wounds, reduces scars and marks caused by acne, burns, or pox and bestows a glow to the skin.


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