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Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil To Aid Immunity Unlocked

Boosting and assisting your entire immune system has never felt more imperative than now. Though at times, the changing season's delights demand you to munch on its delicious foods, it is nevertheless important to maintain your body's digestive system and immunity level. While you could find a myriad of foods that are renowned for their immune boosting powers, one superfood which forms a kitchen staple in many Indian households is virgin coconut oil.

Over the years, studies have shown that virgin coconut oil is recommended by many healthcare experts for its umpteen health benefits. Moreover, this humble Ayurvedic ingredient has been used for centuries for its many nutritional and medicinal benefits. Since virgin coconut oil is extracted from the fresh kernels of coconut through natural means, it helps preserve the all-natural goodness of the oil. The high content of vitamin E and minerals make it a healthy cooking oil, apt for immune boosting properties.

So, here's how virgin coconut oil helps in boosting your immunity“

  • Looking for immunity rich foods? Try virgin coconut oil. It contains two unique ingredients that work towards your immune boosting ability through the anti-viral properties, popularly known as caprylic and lauric acid. Both these ingredients help in fighting off bacterial infections and yeast overgrowth.
  • Consuming fruits and leafy vegetables alone won't suffice as food for immunity. There are many other pathogens and viruses like influenza, monocytogenes, HIV and other harmful bacteria that could attack you with a weak immune system. Thus, boosting your daily diet with this healthy cooking oil will prevent you from falling prey to these pathogens and keep your immunity level hale and hearty.
  • Since virgin coconut oil comprises medium-chain triglyceride fats, they help in cleansing the liver and fuel it with energy. Unlike the fats in most oils that get stored in your system, virgin coconut oil's fats are used for metabolism. They, in turn, help cleanse the blood and boost your digestion, thus making it one of the healthiest cooking oils.
  • When your body's metabolism is good, it automatically helps in strengthening your immune system. Therefore, consuming two spoons of this food for immunity daily will aid your body in many ways, let alone the many magical virgin coconut oil benefits for your skin and hair. For optimum results, complement this oil for immunity with grains, good fats, and loads of leafy vegetables for a stronger immune system.

How to use virgin coconut oil for immunity?

Wondering how to use this healthy oil for immunity? Try replacing your regular cooking or baking oil with virgin coconut oil. Due to its high smoke points, it is recommended by many experts for cooking vegetables, meat or even deep-frying. The best part is that you don't have to worry about losing its nutrient value, thanks to its high oxidative stability. Additionally, you can also infuse virgin coconut oil uses in your daily diet by adding it to your warm water, coffee, milk shakes or tea. It acts as a great dressing oil for salads or even as a taste enhancer. Unlock the many virgin coconut oil benefits for your health and immunity now!

Try Coco Soul!

Experts believe that it is necessary to use pure, natural ingredients for maximum health benefits. While the above stated virgin coconut oil uses will aid in building a robust immunity, what you need is pure virgin coconut oil. So, if you have to identify its purity, then go by its smell. It is made with the raw and fresh pulp of coconut, and thus exudes an aroma of fresh coconuts.

Coco Soul's Virgin Coconut Oil is pure, vegan, unrefined, 100% natural and cold-pressed. It is extracted from the indigenous coconut farms and is produced through a no-heat process. Its rich MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) a.k.a. healthy fats make it apt for easy digestion, which in turn, gives you an instant boost of energy. Plus, it is rich in lauric acids and vitamin E that amplifies your immunity system and improves the overall function of your body. Finally, its essential nutrients and rich aroma of real coconuts make it a great alternative to your regular cooking oil, thus being one of the best virgin coconut oil benefits for your health.

Replace your regular, unrefined oils now with Coco Soul's extra virgin coconut oil and unlock your perfect aid to immunity. Since it is enriched with antioxidants and healthy fatty acids, it will not only improve your health, but also deliver flawless skin health. Besides, it is apt for people across all age groups. Get going and grab the purest virgin coconut oil from the house of Coco Soul for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions on Virgin Coconut Oil to Boost Immunity

1. How is virgin coconut oil good for the immune system?

The monoglycerides and medium-chain fatty acids essentially found in virgin coconut oil have incredible healing powers, which then act as natural antibiotics and help in controlling your immunity.

2. Does virgin coconut oil help fight infections?

Yes! Since it contains antibacterial properties it helps in fighting infections.

3. Is virgin coconut oil good for your kidneys?

Yes! Virgin coconut oil helps in dissolving your kidney stones and is also found to cure gall bladder diseases.

4. How many tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil should you consume every day?

Many studies have found that two spoons of extra virgin coconut oil are effective for daily consumption.


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