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A Comprehensive Guide To Prepare Vitamin C Serum At Home

Remember, back in the day, when our grandmothers used to suggest  home remedies like applying lemon on our skin? And on most occasions we’d simply give in and apply it, without  understanding the logic behind it.  Well, if you can relate to this situation, then we’re here to reveal the secret behind this remedy - vitamin C. Citric fruits like lemon contain vitamin C, which is extremely important and helpful for your skin! It’s the ultimate vitamin that gives you glowing and youthful skin! We’ll cover the details of its perks in detail below.

But does one always have to squeeze a lemon or peel some citric fruit and apply it, to enjoy the benefits of vitamin C on skin? NO! You can prepare a homemade vitamin C serum that you can use on the go whenever you need it.

Consider this  article your guide to learn the  method of preparing vitamin C serum. We’ll also dive in to find out the benefits of vitamin C serum and how you can prepare it at home.

Vitamin C Serum Bottle

Role Of Vitamin C In Skincare

The antioxidants present in vitamin C serum might help in defending against UV damage. Your skin is delicate and it requires an extra layer of protection. With vitamin C serum, you are shielding your skin's layer, but you cannot replace SPF. 

Your skin needs vitamin C serum and an extra layer of SPF as well. 

Have you ever heard of women using vitamin C serum to lighten their skin tone? Well, we are all aware that vitamin C helps in lightening skin tone and dark spots. With constant use of vitamin C serum, you will be able to get glowing skin. 

Vitamin C can also help to smooth wrinkles and boost collagen production. Ageing is a fact, but with products like vitamin C serum, you will be able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

There is high concentration of vitamin C in normal skin as well. It supports essential functions such as boosting collagen synthesis and helping with protection against harmful UV rays. You can also read about the benefits of vitamin c for hair here.

Benefits Of Vitamin C Serum For Skin

Vitamin C is extremely beneficial for your skin. Now that you know that the skin contains vitamin C in high concentration, you should be using a serum or products enriched with this vitamin to reap the benefits. 

Let's quickly take a look at the benefits of using DIY vitamin C serum: 

  1. Helps in soothing skin damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun. 
  2. Helps in treating acne. 
  3. Boosts the overall skin hydration. 
  4. Improves texture of the skin and gives you a beautiful glow. 
  5. Might help in delaying ageing signs. 
  6. Gives your skin a radiant look. 

As a woman, you are aware that your skin needs hydration and protection from the sun. Make it a habit to apply vitamin C serum to give your skin a healthy and happy.

Dropper With Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum Recipe Ingredients

Now is the time to gather all the ingredients to prepare homemade vitamin C serum. Here is what you need: 

  1. Two vitamin C tablets 
  2. 1 vitamin E capsule 
  3. 2 tablespoon rose water 
  4. 1 tablespoon glycerine 
  5. 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel 
  6. Glass bottle with a dropper 

How To Prepare Vitamin C Serum At Home

Preparing vitamin C serum at home is possible. Here’s what you have to do -  combine rose water with aloe vera gel. Keep mixing till you get rid of the lumps.

Now, crush the vitamin C tablets and vitamin E capsule and add it to the mix. Then,  add one tablespoon of glycerine and mix the concoction. Pour it in a glass bottle. Ideally, it should have a dropper. Make sure the bottle is clean. 

Women usually ask - how to make vitamin C serum at home with lemon? 

Dissolving lemon juice and applying it on your skin is tempting, but you need the right concentration of vitamin C to reap the benefits. 

Nonetheless, you can use the above-mentioned homemade vitamin C serum like you would use any other serum. No matter what your skin type - vitamin C serum works for all. It is good for sensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin as well. 

To enhance your skin even more and get glowing skin every day - we’ve got you an additional skincare product you must add to your regime - the Coco Soul Face Scrub. Massage your skin with this vitamin C-rich scrub enriched with lemon and sea salt. This organic face scrub is loaded with  ayurvedic ingredients like sandalwood and virgin king coconut oil to minimise age spots and boost your skin with antioxidants and eventually, give you cleaner looking skin.

Natural Face Scrub


Frequently Asked Questions About Vitamin C Serum

  1. How do you make natural vitamin C serum?

    Vitamin C serum can be made with ingredients such as Vitamin C tablets, Vitamin E capsules, glycerine, aloe vera gel, and rose water. These basic ingredients go into Vitamin C serum. 
  2. What is the main ingredient in vitamin C serum?

    Vitamin C tablets are the main ingredient in the serum, but you need glycerine and rose water as well. Do not use lemon juice for this concoction. 
  3. Which serum is best for your face?

    Vitamin C serum is good for your face. It gives a boost to the collagen in your skin. Serum also makes the skin firm and adds life to it. 


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