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Hair Care Regimen

What is a Hair Care Regimen

Weekends are a perfect time to indulge in a relaxing beauty routine. If you’ve decided to set aside your Sundays for face masks, take out time to show some  TLC for your scalp and hair is as important as your skincare is. While most of us religiously follow a skincare routine with as many as 11 different steps, your hair care takes a back seat with just a shampoo, conditioner, and an occasional dab of oil. We are here to dish out a hair regimen that will not only transform your strands into smooth, bouncy, and healthy hair but also make your scalp healthier for good hair days. Plus, indulging in a long and soothing hair regimen can also relax you.

Saturate the strands: Your grandma has probably introduced you to a hair oil massage way before you read articles about its benefits. Saturating your hair in oil will help seal the cuticles and infuse the moisture that was lost. Use a blend of hair oil that works well for you - some of the common ones like coconut oil, Bhringraj oil, and other Ayurvedic herbs are a great way to enrich your hair with natural goodness. Oil massages aid blood circulation in your scalp and leave your hair well-hydrated. Heat your choice of oil and apply it generously across your scalp and the lengths of your hair. Gently massage with your fingertips and leave it overnight or at least for 30 minutes before washing your hair.

Steam: To make your hair massage work much efficiently, wet a towel in hot water and wrap it around your head. The heat will hydrate your hair strands and the steam will enhance blood circulation, thus promoting hair growth. Steaming your strands opens up the cuticle layer and helps the oil penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. Let it stay for an hour or 45 minutes before you move on to the next steps.

Deep Cleanse: Wash your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo and avoid harsh chemicals in your routine. Apply shampoo only to your scalp and wash it gently, you can also use a scalp brush/ shampoo brush to aid the cleaning process. Do not go overboard with the scrubbing as it might lead to an irritated scalp. After washing off the shampoo, apply a hydrating and moisturising hair conditioner. Remember to always rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water to close your hair cuticles and seal the shine in your tresses. 

Serum: Your hair regimen doesn’t stop at conditioner alone. Once you get out of the shower slather a generous amount of a leave-in conditioner or a hair serum to keep your hair frizz-free and make it more manageable. If you are an avid user of heat-styling tools, it is always recommended to use a heat protectant before styling your hair.

What Are The Benefits of Best Hair Care Regimen

Even after taking many precautions, it is possible for your hair to lose its charm in the long run. Therefore it is always a good idea to follow a hair care regimen that works the best for you. Whether you have colour treated your strands, had a drastic haircut, or chemically treated them, a good hair regimen has rewarding benefits for your hair. They provide you with:

Healthy looking hair

Frizz-free hair all day long

Manageable tresses 

Healthier scalp

Coco Soul Hair Care Range to Include in your Hair Care Regimen

No matter what product you use in your hair care regimen, make sure you are consistent in following it through. No hair care product promises you an overnight result, hence it is important to be patient with your hair regimen. To start with the best hair care regimen, it is advised to opt for plant-based, Ayurvedic, and natural hair care products to keep your hair from toxic chemicals. Coco Soul shampoos and conditioners are made with the goodness of virgin coconut oil and are infused with herbs that enrich your hair health.

Every basic hair care regimen should include a hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, followed by heat protectant, hair mousse, and styling cream.

FAQs on Hair Care Regimen:

What is the best hair care regimen for beginners?

As a beginner, it is best to stick to a simple hair care regimen that isn’t time-consuming. Follow an oiling routine, wash it off with a chemical-free shampoo and conditioner, and finally seal the moisture and nourishment with a leave-in serum. Indulge in deep conditioning, once a week, to intensely moisturise the strands.

How do I create a hair care regimen?

Just like skincare, your hair care regimen should be curated in alignment with your hair type. After you understand your hair type, the hair concerns you want to address and find the right ingredients, you can curate a hair care routine that works best for you.

Is a simple hair care regimen better?

Beginning a hair care routine with simple steps is always better than overwhelming yourself with ten steps that you can hardly keep up with. Start a hair care regimen with basic steps and gradually switch up the products with changing seasons or to combat different hair concerns.


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