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Upgrade Your Hair Care Routine With These Genius Coconut Oil Hacks

Whether you are a hair care junkie or not, it is impossible to not be obsessed with the goodness of coconut oil hair routine.  If you have questions like how to build a hair care routine, we are here to answer all your questions. Here are also a few hair care routine tips and ways you can use this versatile coconut oil for hair care, ways n if you aren’t using it already. 

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil

There is more than just one way on how to use coconut oil for hair, below is everything you need to know about the benefits of coconut oil. 

  1. Coconut Oil  Makes Your Hair Longer & Thicker
    We all want to know if coconut oil hair routine can make your hair stronger and longer and the answer to it is - yes. Coconut oil is filled with vitamins and fatty acids that can accelerate the thickness of your hair and nourish your scalp better. Being light weight in consistency, coconut oil can penetrate deep into your scalp skin and moisturise and revitialise the cuticle of your hair. Essentially, the fatty acids and vitamins also remove any excess sebum build up, which speeds up the hair growth. 

  2. Coconut Oil As A Pre- Shampoo Treatment
    If you haven’t made the switch to a sulphate-free shampoo, you already know how harsh shampoos can be to your scalp. A hair cleanser that isn’t gentle can strip your hair from its natural oil and leave your scalp and hair dry and damaged. Dry scalp often leads to hair fall, dandruff, itchy flakes, and rashes to name a few. So if you want to keep your hair and scalp moisturised, massage a few drops of coconut oil into your hair from the root to the ends to prevent extreme loss of moisture.

  3. Coconut Oil As A Pre- Dye Treatment
    Dyeing your hair is anyway a little hard on your hair due to chemicals and bleaching. Apply a thin coat of coconut oil before your dyeing appointment to minimise the harm of the bleach on your hair.

  4. Coconut Oil For Frizz Control
    Before you chop some lengths off your hair due to split ends and frizz, consider using the good ol’ coconut oil to help you out. Although it is not a permanent fix, coconut oil can keep your hair moisturised when used consistently. Loaded with vitamins and fatty acids, coconut oil can replenish moisture into your dry frayed hair. 

  5. Coconut Oil As A Leave-In Serum
    Heat styling, harmful weather, and the harsh UV rays can all affect your hair health. Thankfully, coconut oil can easily double up as a leave- in treatment to protect your hair better. The fatty acids and vitamins present in the coconut oil can be effective in treating dryness caused by salt water, chlorine, sun damage, etc. All in all, remember to grab a bottle of coconut oil before  heading to the beach.

  6. Coconut Oil To Treat Dandruff
    You can combat your pesky dandruff problems by applying a layer of coconut oil either overnight or at least an hour before your shower. Coconut oil for hair care can also keep your scalp from developing flakes and  can restore scalp health as well. 

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil can do wonders for your hair in many ways than just massaging it directly to your scalp. Here is how to build a hair care routine around coconut oil.

Here are 4 simple ways to add it into your hair care routine tips to revitalise and strengthen your hair care regimen. 

  1. Pre- Wash Treatment:
    Apply a generous layer of coconut oil right before shampooing to prevent your hair from harsh and drying effects of shampooing.  Apply it at least 15 to 20 minutes prior to washing your hair for it to work effectively. 

  2. Conditioner:
    The moisturising and conditioning properties of coconut oil will help the hair shaft from breakage and can be a good natural alternative to conditioners.

  3. Styling Serum:
    When styling your hair, taming the frizz can go a long way. Dab a few drops of coconut oil to tame those flyaways and to keep your style looking polished. Remember to not go overboard with it as it can get very oily as well. 

  4. Hair Mask: 
    If you want to give your hair extra nourishment, try massaging a teaspoon or two of the oil into the strands. If your hair is extra dry or damaged, you can leave it on overnight.
You can use this guide to learn how to wash your hair properly after a thorough coconut oil massage and get all the extra oil out in no time!

    What Kind Of Coconut Oil Is Best For Hair?

    How to create a hair care routine using coconut oil is a question that arises often. However it is important to know the kinds of coconut oil available to us. Virgin coconut oil, also known as unrefined coconut oil, is arguably the best for your hair.  Virgin coconut oil is not infused with any harmful chemicals or preservatives, which makes it ideal for consumption as well. 

    If you are looking to include coconut oil into your hair care routine, we suggest using the hair cleanser and conditioner duo by Coco Soul. Infused with the goodness of virgin king coconut oil and Ayurvedic herbs, this hair care duo is sure to leave you with well- nourished, manageable, and healthier hair.  This is how to create a hair care routine using virgin king coconut oil for healthy hair. 

    You can refer to this blog to learn how to create a natural hair care regimen for your specific hair type.


    Frequently Asked Questions on Coconut Oil For Hair

    1. Can you apply coconut oil on your hair everyday?

      Regular use of coconut oil helps reduce protein loss in your hair and leave you with stronger and healthier hair.

    2. Is it better to put coconut oil on wet or dry hair?

      Yes! Applying the oil to damp hair can make it easier for the oil to penetrate in your hair shafts. 

    3. What can I mix with coconut oil for hair growth?

      You can include natural ingredients such as:

      • Aloe vera gel
      • Avocado
      • Argan oil
      • Olive oil


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