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Mask Vs Balm Vs Conditioner: Understanding The Difference And Which One Is Better

When it comes to maintaining hair health, people think it all ends with washing, combing and styling. It is vital to understand that keeping your hair moisturized and nourished is also a part of hair care. 

Generic Hair Care Product Bottles

On the other hand, as the market is flooded with a plethora of options, you may find it overwhelming to understand how a particular product differs from the other or how it can help. 

However, if you think that you have had enough of the confusion and want to know the difference between hair mask, balm and conditioner, then you are at the right place. All you need to do is keep reading the blog until the end to examine these three fundamental forms of hair cosmetics.

What is a Hair Conditioner?

You may have used a hair conditioner earlier, but do you know exactly what is a hair conditioner or about the hair conditioner uses? Well basically, it can be understood as a hair product that is applied on the surface of the hair to provide moisture and smoothness. 

They help in facilitating styling, bring shine and provide protection to the hair. Other than that, it helps in making the hair soft and easy to comb making sure you are experiencing less brittleness and frizziness. These are used on a regular basis. 

Woman Applying Hair Mask


What is a Hair Mask?

Now that you know what is a hair conditioner and what are hair conditioner uses, let's find out what is a hair mask. Basically, when we talk about hair mask uses, they start by nourishing the scalp, moisturising it and smoothing out the hair strands. They boost the condition of your hair and are often considered intensive hair conditioners.

 This is because, unlike the hair conditioners, these come with the deepest penetrating effect ensuring that the nutritious elements reach your hair shafts. Also, people looking to know what is a hair mask should understand that these are used once a week because of their dense consistency. 

Woman Using Hair Conditioner


What is a Hair Balm?

As the hair mask vs conditioner comparison has been disclosed to you, let's understand what is a hair balm. This particular product usually falls somewhere in the middle as it works both on the surface of the hair as well as the hair shafts. 

Unlike the hair mask uses, the hair balm uses differ as they focus on reviving  the hair and providing it with the moisture required. The application procedure of hair balms is quite similar to that of a hair mask. However, the only difference is that the hair balms have less density compared to the hair mask.

Woman Holding Bowl Of Hair Balm


Difference Between Hair Mask, Hair Balm and Conditioner 

Wondering what is the difference between hair mask, hair balm and conditioner?  Well, then check out the table below.   

Nature Variants

Hair Conditioner 

Hair Mask 

Hair Balms 

How they can help? 

Controls frizziness, protects hair from damage and makes the hair smooth and manageable.

Provides deep regeneration to the damaged hair, 

Offers hair with the necessary nutrients essential for growth. 

Provides protection to the hair, and repairs dryness, breakage and split ends.

How many times in a week they can be used? 

You can use it on everyday or on alternate days after shampooing. 

It can be used once a week. 

It can be used twice or thrice a week.

What is their application process?

Once you have shampooed your hair, you can apply it on the surface of the hair to the tips and then rinse off with water. 

Hair masks are used after you have shampooed the hair. 

Hair balms are used post shampooing after the hair dries out.


When to Use Which Product? 

Just understanding the comparison between hair balm vs hair mask vs conditioner is not enough. You should know when to use which product so that you can acquire fruitful results from them. Therefore, the following will assist you in discovering when to use it. 

  • Hair Conditioner 

    You can use hair conditioner on a daily basis to control frizz and smoothen the hair out. For better results, you can use a hair conditioner  from brands like Coco Soul that comes loaded with the goodness of Coconut and Ayurveda herbs. Being free from chemicals of all types, it repairs the hair damage and makes it healthy entirely.
    Natural Hair Conditioner
  • Hair Mask 

    The hair mask can be used just once a week to provide your hair with the nutrients it deserves. Then you can wash your hair using a good quality hair shampoo from Coco Soul that comes infused with Coconut and Ayurveda herbs. Being 100% vegan, this shampoo makes your hair manageable and soft. Here are the benefits of coconut oil hair masks and instruction on how to make one that suits your hair.
    Natural Hair Mask
  • Hair Balms 

    You can use hair balms on your hair twice or thrice a week to keep it nourished. However, if you do not find any hair balm, you can alternatively use Coco Soul Virgin Coconut oil with vitamin E which is enriched with almond, argan and jojoba oil. Using this product offers deep nourishment to your hair and promotes quick hair growth.

Pro Tips

Taking care of your hair is essential to promote its growth and keep other hair problems at a bay. However, make sure that you are dependent on the herbal products from brands like Coco Soul rather than the chemical ones as they can only make the problem worse. Also, it is suggested to maintain a good diet as your gut health also affects your hair condition. 

Frequently Asked Question on Understanding the Difference Between Mask, Balm and Conditioner 

  1. Which is Better: Hair Mask or Conditioner?

    Hair masks and Conditioner both are great  and have different roles to perform. As hair masks are designed to repair hair damage, conditioners are needed to control frizziness and make the hair manageable. 
  2. Can I Use a Hair Mask Instead of a Conditioner?

    You can definitely use hair masks instead of conditioners depending on the condition of your hair. However, you must know that hair masks can be used on dry hair whereas conditioners cannot. 
  3. Should I Use Both Conditioner and Hair Mask?

    Yes, you can use both conditioners and hair masks as they provide nourishment to your hair and promote good hair health.


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