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Hair Cleansers Vs Shampoos: What's Right For You?

From trying viral hairstyles to trending hair care products, we have all fallen prey to social media and its trends. That's how hair cleansers came to everyone's attention. The hype of a cleanser led to many questions in our heads such as, what is hair cleanser? What is the difference between hair cleanser and shampoo? Which one is better? And many more. If you too are curious to know the difference between the two, then continue reading. In this blog, we’ll understand  the difference between shampoo and cleanser, as well as the benefits that each offers.

What Is Hair Cleanser?

The first question that pops into your mind is, what is hair cleanser and is it the same as  shampoo? Let's answer this first! 

A hair cleanser is the same as a shampoo but its formula is different. Hair cleansers are sulphate-free, which means they are mild and don't strip off the natural oil from your beautiful tresses. A cleanser does adequately clean your hair like a shampoo does. However, the gentle and mild formula keeps your locks hydrated, nourished and voluminous. They are gentler on your hair, and they clean it without depleting it off its natural oils. If you are considering adding a hair cleanser to your hair care regime, check out Coco Soul's hair cleanser. Unlike the products available in the market, this cleanser is free from chemicals like DEA and petrolatum. The toxin-free nature of the product helps you soothe the hair shafts, while the goodness of ayurvedic herbs and virgin king coconut oil with Vitamin E boosts hair growth. This is one of the most sustainable alternatives you’ll come across in the market.

What Is Shampoo?

So, what is shampoo? This would probably be your next question after learning about hair cleansers. If you google the meaning of a shampoo in an online dictionary, it’ll tell you that a shampoo is a hair care product, typically in the form of a viscous liquid, that is used for cleaning your hair.

Shampoos are primarily used to remove dirt, oil, and sweat from the scalp. They consist of harsh chemicals that end up stripping the nutrients and natural oils of your tresses. 

We've all been using shampoos for ages now, but did you ever wonder what is shampoo? You could just use warm water and do a simple hair wash. Why is shampoo required in the first place? Because dirt and sebum are often insoluble, simply washing your hair with water will not suffice. That's when a shampoo comes into the picture. Read on to discover the difference between hair cleanser and shampoo

Hair Cleanser vs Shampoo: Which one to opt?

The question of the hour is here! What is the difference between cleanser and shampoo? Do you belong to a group that loves to have a pro-con list before deciding something important? If yes, then we’ve done the homework for you.

Hair Cleanser :



They are sulphate-free

Doesn't work for an oily and sweaty scalp

A hair cleanser helps you retain the hair oil naturally

They can be used every day

Highly recommended by trichologists if you have curly or coloured hair

The absence of sulphate, paraben and harmful chemicals make your hair soft and shiny 




Help you get rid of the excess oil, dirt, and sweat

They contain sulphate, which strips off the natural oil 

Highly recommended by trichologists if you use hair styling products or are exposed to constant pollution

Works effectively if you wash your hair twice or thrice a week


Shampoo vs Cleanser: Which one to opt for?

The difference between cleanser and shampoo has already been examined. So, the answer to this is completely subjective and depends upon your hair quality, lifestyle, and other factors. 

If you are someone who washes their hair regularly or loves experimenting with different hair colours, a hair cleanser may work just fine. 

However, if you use hair styling products regularly or are exposed to pollution, using a shampoo might help you better. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I use a hair cleanser daily?

    There is no definitive answer, as the choice of the correct hair care product can vary from person to person and is quite subjective. If you have an oily scalp, sweat profusely, hit the gym regularly, or live in a humid environment, you should use a hair cleanser on a daily basis. Hair cleansers contain a gentle formula that won't dry up the tresses.

  2. Can I use a hair cleanser instead of shampoo?

    There isn't a major difference between shampoo and cleanser other than its formula. Hair cleansers do not contain sulphate and hence are mild and soft. On the other hand, shampoos generally consist of detergents and sulphate. Even though both these hair products aim to clean your hair, the chemical formula differs. If you are looking to give your hair and scalp a thorough cleansing, opt for a shampoo. However, if you want a mild product, cleansers are the best choice. 

  3. How to apply a hair cleanser?

    Start with washing your hair with lukewarm water. Take a dollop of cleanser and apply it to your strands. Massage it gently and rinse it off using lukewarm water. For an extra and nourishing touch up, make sure you end your hair wash with a conditioner.

    The difference between hair cleanser and shampoo is very minute, they are nearly identical items with slightly varying formulas. Depending on your hair care demands, you can integrate any of these in your hair care regime.  Before choosing the right product, it's important to understand your hair type and see how your hair reacts to it. Talk to your trichologist to have a better understanding of your hair type. In a world where you’re trying to meet various career goals and other personal challenges, don’t let your hair bog you down. Stay healthy and stay confident while you flaunt your perfect hair using Coco Soul and its natural ingredients.


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