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How Often Do Women Need A Haircut? Understanding The Scientific Aspect Of Hair Growth In Women

The American Academy of Dermatology says that we are born with almost five million hair follicles – that’s a huge number and although those are all we have in this lifetime, they are enough! Losing 50 to 100 strands a day seems normal now, and we can breathe a sigh of relief. This article sheds light on hair growth tips for women to understand the science behind hair growth, and the steps to take to boost the growth, which go further than a trim.

Woman Getting A Haircut

How Does Hair Grow?

When we say, ‘give my hair a good massage, right from root to tip’, what do we mean? There are follicles inside our skin and right at the bottom of these follicles are the roots. When we massage our scalp with hair oil, shampoo, cleanser, or conditioner, we reach the root of the hair follicle inside our scalp. This helps improve the blood flow to the follicle, which is the reservoir of nutrients and oxygen. Once your roots receive these nutrients, your hair begins to grow. 

Do haircuts or products help this process? Let’s look at some hair growth tips for women to understand more.

Woman Getting Hair Massage


Hair Growth Tips For Women: Steps To Make Hair Grow Longer

Here are seven steps you can take to make your hair grow faster, along with the recommendations for best hair growth products for women:

  1. Massage your scalp:
    A good old hot oil massage is all our hair needs sometimes. We’ve all heard of a coconut oil massage being the ideal fix to stress, hair fall, hair breakage, dry hair, and a weak scalp. Coco Soul understands this and brings you Coco Soul Ayurvedic Long Strong and Black hair to refresh, rejuvenate, and soothe your hair. 

  2. Trim, trim, trim:
    Just like our skin goes through regeneration of cells, exfoliation, rejuvenation, and more; our hair too goes through its own process of renewal. The first is the antigen stage, where the cells in your hair’s roots start to divide and multiply. The second is the catagen stage, where this growth of cells stops, and the outer root cover gets attached to the root itself. The third is telogen stage, which is where trimming comes in – split ends, thin hair, and breakage.
    Haircut At Salon

  3. Eat healthy:
    You need food, your skin needs food, your hair needs food - all living beings on the planet survive on the nutrients from their food. Vitamins and proteins are found in egg yolks, bananas, raisins, and spinach. Make sure you incorporate these in your diet. In addition, you can add
    Edible Cold Pressed Coconut Oil from Coco Soul – it is a superfood for your skin and hair needs, which can further amplify the effectiveness of your diet.

  4. Shampoo correctly:
    The first question that you should ask is - which shampoo to use? Going for a shampoo that is paraben-free, silicone-free, all-natural, and gentle is the best way to protect your hair. One option is Coco Soul’s Hair and Scalp Cleanser, a coconutty and herbal dose of ayurvedic goodness in a bottle. Second question -  how to wash your hair? Use lukewarm water instead of taking piping hot showers, do moderate instead of excessive rinsing, indulge in balanced instead of frequent shampooing, and naturally dry your hair instead of towel drying it - these are some of the tips to keep in mind. Here’s an article on ‘Steps To Unlock The Right Way To Wash Your Hair’ that helps you with more.

  5. Rice water rinse:
    Huangluo, a Chinese village, originally used rice water to wash hair. This is the secret to Rapunzel’s extra-long, beautiful tresses! It’s the miracle ingredient hailing from Asia. Rice water rinse is the perfect potion if you are someone who likes home remedies better than store-bought products!Read this blog to learn how you can use rice water for hair and skincare!

Does Cutting Hair Make It Grow Faster? How Often Should You Cut Your Hair For Better Hair Growth?

Cutting your hair helps it grow better – sounds weird, right? Long, healthy hair is often a result of regular maintenance of it by trimming it, along with nourishing it. The last stage of your hair growth is the one that causes split ends and breakage. This is inevitable and the best way to ensure the health of your hair is by eliminating the damage. How often you should cut your hair is again an important question and here’s the answer – every 12 weeks is ideal! You can also jump onto this blog for some trendy hairstyle inspiration before your next haircut!

Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Cuts (FAQs)

  1. What helps women’s hair grow faster?

    Among the various hair growth tips for women, there’s one that stands out as a secret step. When you massage your scalp, you stimulate it by making the blood flow to your hair follicles inside your scalp. This is how nutrients reach the roots of your hair and make them stronger.
  2. What is the secret of hair growth in women?

    A key ingredient in the secret step of hair growth in women is coconut oil. This oil is the most used for hair nourishment with its naturally emollient properties and vitamin E-rich formula.
  3. How often should I cut my hair – female?

    If you are a female, how often should you cut your hair? Cutting your hair once  every six to eight weeks is the best way to keep it healthy, voluminous, and make it grow  well.
  4. Which oil makes hair grow faster?

    Coconut oil is one of the hair growth products for women that goes unmissable. Apply this oil one or two times every week and leave it on for two hours. Follow it with a lukewarm hair wash with a paraben-free shampoo to get  best results.


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