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Here's How You Can Build An Effective Natural Hair Care Regimen

What is Natural Hair Care Regimen

When it comes to building a simple hair care routine,, nobody knows your hair  better than you do. A natural hair regimen is nothing but a hair care routine you set for your hair with products and tips that are unique to you. A consistent regimen will ensure you are not only taking care of your hair but also reviving it of any previous damage. 

Whether you plan on creating a weekly or monthly regimen, make sure you take time out to understand your hair well and establish a routine that is easy to follow, filled with natural ingredients, and combats the problems you face. 

Every basic natural hair care regimen should include the following steps: 

  1. Cleansing
  2. Conditioning
  3. Styling & protecting

A Basic Natural Hair Care Routine

All of us have different hair types, patterns, hair length and lifestyles that contribute to building a unique hair care solution. However, to keep your hair healthy, you will need to follow a basic hair care routine with products that work for you. You can find the entire range of Coco Soul’s hair care products here.

  1. Hair Cleanser
    Your hair care begins in the shower and choosing the right cleanser will help your scalp get cleaner, and  lead to healthier hair growth.

    Use a gentle, sulphate- free natural hair cleanser that is infused with hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado, argan oil, etc. 

    Limit your hair wash between once to twice a week. If you have oily scalp, you can also opt for dry shampoo to avoid excess oil production but rinse it off thoroughly as well.

    Add a clarifying shampoo alternatively to get rid of all the residue, product buildup, and grease from your scalp.

    Read the labels, ingredients, and functions of the shampoo before picking it up. It will help you understand if the natural hair cleanser works best for you.

    If you are looking for a natural hair cleanser, you can opt for virgin king coconut oil-infused hair cleanser from Coco Soul. Crafted with Ayurvedic herbs, this cleanser can soothe itchy scalp, prevent hair loss, and repair internal damage. Pair it up with the Coco Soul hair conditioner that is formulated to leave you with bouncy, silky, and much more manageable hair. 

  2. Conditioners:
    Depending on your preference, there are three types of conditioners that you can include in your hair care products

    In- shower conditioner:
    This is your regular  rinse- out natural hair conditioner that can be used right after you shampoo. It makes your hair silky, manageable, but also leads to lesser knots while adding extra hydration. 

    Leave- in conditioner:
    To add an extra boost of moisture, apply a light- weight natural hair conditioner, mostly water-based, on damp hair. This can also double up as a pre-styling protector.

    Deep conditioner:
    You can indulge in deep conditioning and intense moisture treatment at least once in two weeks. You can also make a hydrating natural hair conditioner out of some ingredients in your kitchen such as coconut oil, bananas, avocado, aloe vera, etc. If you don’t like the hassle, you can  opt for a store-bought deep conditioning hair mask as well. A deep conditioning routine can enhance your hair health by adding the necessary nutrients  lacking in your strands. 

  3. Styling & protecting
    Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles that you find interesting, but remember to be gentle in the process.

    Avoid frequent heat styling  to protect your hair from heat damage. If you do have to, use a heat-protectant serum to minimise the damage.

    On the days you want to avoid heat styling, you can opt for low- maintenance styles such as low buns, fun braids, hairstyles with bandanas, etc.

    Apply less to no styling product to avoid product buildup on the scalp.

    Use a silk pillowcase to wake up with frizz-free strands.

    Do not wash your hair with hot water, opt for cold and lukewarm water only. 

            Hair Care Regimen Tips

            Your hair care regimen will only work if you follow it consistently. Here are some thumb rules to get the best out of your hair care routine. 

            1. Build a weekly regimen for your hair  that is easier to follow in your everyday life. 
            2. Simplicity is the key. A 5-step hair regimen isn’t a sure shot way to get your hair care right. A simple routine will keep you from being overwhelmed and eventually be easier to maintain. You can add layers to it once you feel like but begin easy. 
            3. Be consistent. If you designate a day for hair wash, ensure that you  wash your hair on the said day to avoid inconsistency. 
            4. Trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks to keep your ends looking healthier.

            The DON'TS of Your Hair Regimen

            Before you chalk out your regimen, here are a few Don'ts that you need to follow to create the best hair care regimen.  

            1. Your Friend’s Hair Care Regimen is Not Your Regimen
              Just because someone you know has hair that looks just like yours, doesn’t mean you can follow their hair care regimen, simply because it might not work for you at all. The porosity, density, thickness of the hair and the lifestyle of your friend a person follows may differ from yours and these can all be reasons why your hair care regimen cannot be shared unless it's unique to your hair. 

            2. Do Not Stick To A Routine That Does Not Work
              While every new hair care regimen requires you to be patient and wait for it to work, but if you don’t see any results in it does not work at all for the next few couple months, please go ahead and change it up a little. Due to many reasons, some natural hair care routine products may not work for your hair efficiently, and in that case, it is best to replace it with something that will get better results. 

            3. Do Not Be Rigid With Hair Products
              Some brands offer a combination of products that can make your hair regimen easier to stick to. But if you feel a particular product just doesn’t seem to work for you, You should switch it up with a different product from a different brand to make it work better for you. Now that you know how to build an effective natural hair care regime, learn how you can use this to solve the most common winter hair problems.

            Frequently Asked Questions on Natural Hair Care Regimen

            1. What is the best hair growth regimen?

              • Indulge in oiling your hair with natural, lightweight oil such as coconut oil.
              • Use natural shampoo and conditioners.
              • Trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks.
              • Eat a healthy diet including vegetables, greens, and high- water content.

            2. How do you take care of natural hair for beginners?

              • Stick to a simple ‘oiling, cleansing, and conditioning’ routine for your hair. 
              • Use natural, chemical- free hair care routine products formulated to suit you.
              • Avoid heat styling and use a protecting serum every time you  style your hair with heating tools.

            3. What products should I include in natural hair regimen?

              • Light-weight hydrating oils
              • A natural shampoo
              • A moisturising conditioner
              • Leave- in conditioner
              • Wide- toothed comb to detangle
              • Satin hair ties to avoid breakage


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