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The Power Of Natural Home Remedies On Your Hair Growth

Did you casually run a comb through your hair and find yourself surprised, yet again by the amount of hairfall you saw? Most of us are struggling with a consistent hair fall and hair thinning problem. In a bid to solve this problem, we invest in countless haircare products without realising that the solution is often right in front of us. We’ve put together a list of thick hair remedies that you can follow to get naturally thick hair within weeks, but before we read more about that, let’s understand our hair better.

What Causes Hair To Become Thin?

There are a number of reasons why you might be experiencing hair loss and aren’t able to get thick hair naturally. Some of the causes of thin hair include:

  • Hair Conditions- Common medical conditions like male and female pattern baldness and Alopecia Areata cause a lot of hair loss and hairfall problems in men and women of different age groups.
  • Diet- A healthy diet with the right vitamins and minerals can make your hair shiny and restore life to dull and damaged hair. A balanced diet is one of the best amongst many natural home remedies for thicker hair.
  • Stress- Got an exam or an important presentation lined up? We’re sure that you’re facing hairfall every passing minute. Try to sit back, relax and do some deep breathing techniques for the stress to go away. If you’re looking for natural remedies for thicker hair, this one’s it.You can also start using a natural hair care regimen that can help reduce the stress on your hair.

How To Grow Thick Hair Naturally Using Home Remedies

We all love the idea of long, healthy locks that we can flaunt any time, and anywhere. For this, you need to give your hair something extra apart from your regular shampoo and conditioner. You need a nourishing hair mask. So, how to make your hair thicker and fuller naturally? You can do so, by trying  some of these natural remedies, at home itself.

  • Zesty Orange Puree-  Are you tired of using countless chemical-laden hair care products, and now looking for something to cure all the damage? Then from the long list of thick hair home remedies available in this blog, this one would be the best suited for you. Oranges help restore the natural lustre, and give you bouncy and naturally thick hair

  • Method: In a bowl, add carpels of a few oranges. Mash the pieces into a puree and apply it to your hair. Let it rest for about an hour, and then rinse it off with cold water to get good results.

  • Onion Juice- Onion juice is one of the most recommended and go to thick hair remedies that people often swear by. It increases blood circulation in the scalp and into your cuticles.

  • Method: You can prepare this hair mask by squeezing a few onions and applying it onto your scalp for about 10-15 minutes, after which you can wash it off with your chosen shampoo and conditioner.

  • Coconut And Avocado Oil Treatment- This is a perfect treatment to not only help you find out how to make your hair thicker naturally, but to also restore life to dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Just like coconut oil, avocado oil is also enriched with essential vitamins and fatty acids like Vitamin A, B-5 and E.
  • Method: To do this hot oil treatment, combine 1-2 tablespoons of avocado oil with the Coco Soul Extra Virgin Coconut Hair Oil and Vitamin E, and slowly mix it with some warm water. Once it reaches room temperature, apply it to your scalp, leave it on for 20 minutes and shampoo it with lukewarm water. You can also learn how to make hair strong using natural home remedies by visiting our other blogs.

    Why Are Natural Remedies For Thicker Hair Better?

    We all enjoy experimenting with the newest hair or skincare product, but what’s the real benefit of these natural thick hair home remedies? When we’re thinking how to get thick hair in a month naturally, do these help? A research by PubMed shows certain herbs to slow hair loss, and consequently promote hair growth. Even the natural thick hair remedies that have been passed on from our mothers and grandmothers, are tried, tested and credible. While you’re at it, try your hand at Coco Soul’s organic collection of shampoos and conditioners. Find our natural hair care combo here. Along with blessing your hair with the ayurvedic power of nature, it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

    How To Check If Your Hair Is Becoming Thicker

    The density of your hair can be determined through a number of different ways. Once you perform this simple test at home, you’ll have a better idea about how to grow thick hair naturally. One way you can do it is to let your hair down, and face a mirror. If your scalp is clearly visible, you have thin hair. If not, your hair has a decent density. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How can I thicken my hair at home?

      Home remedies for long and thick hair at home, revolve around supplying your hair with the best dose of nutrients and antioxidants. Use a mix of different hair oils, aloe vera gel, or masks containing fenugreek seeds, to help thicken your hair naturally at home.

    2. Can thin hair become thick again?

      If you are someone who is constantly struggling with hair loss and wondering how to get thick hair naturally in a month, don’t worry, because there’s still hope! It’s commonly said that if you’re someone facing problems like male pattern baldness, your hair can restore growth in about six months and start regaining its density.

    3. Does coconut oil thicken hair?

      Yes, coconut oil does have sizable benefits in making your hair thicker, longer and stronger. It contains vitamins and fatty acids, which nourish your hair. So if you’re looking for a good time to apply some Coco Soul Virgin King Coconut Oil with Vitamin E, the best time is right now.

      So, which of these natural home remedies are you excited to try out? Pick one that suits you and indulge in the organic power of nature, and let it do wonders to your hair!


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