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10 Positive Hair Affirmations For Healthy Hair And A Beautiful You!

What are affirmations? It is a way of telling the Universe what you want, and living your life as if your wish has already come true. How? By speaking your dreams into existence! In this article, we will help you understand how manifesting beautiful hair is just a stone’s throw away from positive affirmations for hair growth and self-love affirmations!

 Woman With Long, Healthy Hair

Top Ten Affirmations To Manifest Hair Growth

most of us indulge in self-love affirmations for personal growth, how about we do something similar to manifest hair growth- and then lead with it Most of us, today, indulge in self-love affirmations and motivational quotes for personal growth. We can take a similar approach to manifest hair growth, because ‘if you believe in it, you can do it.’ Your hair is a part of you, and to love your hair is to love yourself. Here’s how you can care for your hair, and affirm beautiful long lock, making it real:

  1. My hair is beautiful and healthy: As simple as this sounds, have you ever said these words to yourself? Or to anyone else, for that matter? We have always been taught humility and realism – but this one’s about assertiveness and idealism. When you acknowledge your hair, and call it beautiful, you magically end up manifesting hair that is healthy and bouncy!
    Woman In A Meadow

  2. I will stop comparing my hair to another’s hair: As we already know, comparison is the thief of joy. Social media has turned this habit into a toxic one, with the constant scrolling, especially checking out posts that give you #hairgoals. It’s pointless to compare and focus on what you lack. Focus on what you have – beautiful tresses that have the power to grow into luscious locks.

  3. I am so grateful for my beautiful tresses: There’s no feeling that can replace gratitude. Every day is a reminder for the life we live, so let’s extend this gratitude to our hair too. Thank your hair for being a part of you, giving you confidence, beauty, and happiness.

  4. Every day I learn a new way to care for my hair: It’s like knowing what your friend likes, and trying to give  them what makes  them happier. Befriend your tresses and invest time, effort, and love into understanding what your hair likes, dislikes, needs, and wants, and create the perfect hair routine for it. 

  5. Washing my hair is a how I take care of myself: Think of a hair wash routine as your spa time to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate yourself. This day of pampering will be cherished and you will start looking at wash day like a beautiful ritual to love yourself and your hair. To make the most of your hair wash session, try the Coco Soul hair cleanser, which is enriched with  virgin coconut oil and Ayurvedic herbs that makes it the perfect organic mix for bouncy, soft, and manageable hair. This hair wash is a soothing, au naturale experience and your hair will love it!

  6. My hair grows quickly on my head, in every second of my life: One more time, we remind you that you have the power to manifest beautiful locks. When you do this, your stress melts away and your tresses make way for healthier, happier hair. Visualise this: Each time you breathe, inhale and exhale, your hair strands grow longer and longer.

  7. Smooth hair strands allow my fingers to slip through them: Frizzy and tangled, knotty hair make it difficult to manifest perfect, smooth hair. This affirmation helps your hair glide smoothly through your fingers and hairbrush – effortlessly!

  8. Each day I look after my hair, I know I can make it better: Sometimes, we all need a little pep talk to keep us going. And as the caretaker of your hair, you and your hair need this pep talk to remember that you’ve got this! It may take a while for it to feel easy but taking care of your hair will become second nature once you know.

  9. My scalp needs me and I will help it:  If you listen to your scalp, you will see how it feels itchy sometimes, dry during a specific season, or even weak at times. A quick massage or a deep conditioning could fix this and make your scalp smile again. Try Coco Soul’s virgin coconut oil for hair for the best massage out there!

  10. I love my curls! I love my waves! I love my straight hair! I love my style!: At weddings,  celebrations, parties, or even during the humid summer season, we often hear or indulge in the conversation where – straight hair types crave some curls and waves, and curly or wavy hair types wish they had straight, smooth hair. Textures are always better on another like how the grass is always greener on the other side. But the key is to embrace your style, and embrace your hair.

    Heart Shape Made Of Hair

To activate the law of attraction and work towards your manifestations with action, try the Coco Soul Shampoo and Conditioner Combo for a hair spa at home. For a hot oil massage to repair your hair, the brand’s Virgin King Coconut Oil is ideal.

Do Hair Affirmations Really Work?

If you are someone who trusts in the Universe’s magic, you may have seen positive affirmations for self-love elevate you in life. In a similar way, when you visualise hair growth, healthy locks, thick tresses, you can manifest hair growth and transformation! Positive affirmations for hair growth do work, and they make you love your hair even more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Positive Hair Affirmations (FAQs)

  1. How do you write positive affirmations for hair growth?

    Daily affirmations are easier when you write them down in a journal of gratitude or selfcare journal. It makes it easier to say them to the Universe, easier to visualise the all-new bouncy, beautiful hair, and make the most of the mantras we passionately wrote down.

  2. How can I promote my natural hair growth? Can I manifest hair growth?

    Natural hair growth is something that is entirely possible with manifestation, while also being supported with natural hair care brands like Coco Soul. For manifestation, visualisation is key. Start to envision your hair getting rich in nutrients, your follicles getting thicker and more in number, your scalp more nourished and you will soon be able to visualise hair that is longer, stronger and healthier!

  3. What are the most powerful, positive affirmations for self-love?

    Self-love affirmations are taking centre stage on the internet – and for good reasons. Taking care of ourselves shows that we believe we're worthy of good things and worthy of happiness. And feeling worthy and deserving is critical for manifesting positivity in abundance!


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