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The Benefits of Using Coconut based hair Oil for Hair Mask and How to Make One

Coconut oil has become a multitasking beauty ingredient, and a one-stop solution for most of our skin and hair concerns, in the past few decades. From a nourishing moisturiser, to makeup remover and hair oil, coconut oil is nothing short of a magical elixir in the beauty realm.

Coconut oil is also beneficial to your hair because of its unique chemical structure. Hence, it only makes sense to find multiple ways to include coconut oil into your hair care regime. Enter coconut hair masks that are possibly  one of the finest and nourishing ways to enrich your hair.

Hair problems and their causes

Every person has distinct hair  that differs in terms of lengths, styles, hues, and textures. Despite this, almost everyone, regardless of hair type, suffers from at least one hair problem in their life. Some common hair problems include:

                            Hair problems- Types and causes

Hair problems

Their causes

Damaged hair

Blow drying, styling, heating and using different products can damage the hair from its core. It makes it brittle, unmanageable and broken. On the other hand, using coconut oil hair masks has proven to aid this issue by retaining its properties.


Hair loss or thin hair

There are many reasons a person might undergo hair loss problems, and these include severe infections, side effects of medications, stress, hormonal problems, poor diet, etc. But using a coconut hair mask can be an effective way to solve this issue.



When the skin on the scalp peels off, it leads to dandruff. The primary cause of dandruff is mainly because of dry scalp, excess sebum, and sensitivity towards certain products. However, using a coconut oil hair mask can help you keep your scalp moisturised and hydrated.


Split ends or brittle hair

When the hair's ends are not moisturised or taken care of, they lead to split ends and make your hair prone to breakage. But using a coconut hair mask DIY can fix this problem by providing nourishment.


Coconut-oil hair mask recipes!!

Woman With Hair Mask

Here are some coconut hair mask recipes that might help you get answers to your hair problems, as mentioned earlier.

  • Damaged Hair - use coconut oil with honey

Those suffering from damaged hair problems can use this coconut hair mask recipe to treat them. All you have to do is heat coconut oil and honey in a pot first. Then stir the mixture and let cool down slightly. Now, gently apply it to  damp hair. Let this coconut hair mask recipe sit for at least 40 minutes before you wash it off.

Honey And Coconut Oil
  • Hair loss - use coconut oil with egg and honey

Here comes another great coconut oil hair mask that you can use to aid hair loss issues. All you have to do is combine an egg yolk with coconut oil. Then add some honey for extra moisture and stir the paste until it becomes smooth. Apply the coconut hair mask onto your scalp and then rinse it after 20 minutes.

You must also check out our blog on ayurvedic tips for damaged hair to learn the best ayurvedic ways to treat damaged hair.

Coconut Oil With Rosemary
  • Dandruff- use coconut oil with rosemary oil

People dealing with dandruff can use coconut oil with rosemary oil. The benefits of this hair mask have already turned this concoction into a must-have in every hair care regime.

All you have to do is mix a few drops of rosemary oil with coconut oil. Then apply it to your scalp and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Coconut Oil With Castor Oil
  • Brittle Hair - use coconut oil with castor oil

Using coconut oil with castor oil helps  treat brittle hair within weeks. We can see these coconut hair mask benefits after the very first use.

All you need to do is mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with castor oil and leave this mask on your hair for 15 minutes. You can also leave this coconut hair mask DIY overnight and then wash it off with cold water.

To get coconut hair mask benefits from this DIY, you can try it at least three times a week.Coconut oil can also help you to deal with dry hair. Move over to our blog on ayurvedic dry hair remedies to learn more about it.

What makes coconut oil good for hair?

There are multiple benefits of a coconut oil hair mask. According to studies, the oil possesses antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant qualities to help with several ailments.

The presence of Lauric acid in coconut oil provides moisture, supports hair growth, and even lowers the protein loss that happens because of using styling techniques and products.

Furthermore, another benefit of the coconut oil hair mask is its richness in vitamins that help to keep the hair smooth and nourished.

Pro tips

Aside from the duration of time you keep the hair mask on, the amount of coconut oil you use to prepare your masks is also important to take into consideration.

If you use too much oil, your hair will get oily and drab. So keep in mind that using a little goes a long way when it comes to enjoying the  benefits of a hair mask.

Also, you should always properly wash your hair after using a mask to remove any oil accumulation from your scalp.

Coconut oil hair masks are not  a temporary remedy for any specific hair-related problems or a permanent solution to all your hair woes. But using these DIY hair masks once in a while, along with your hair care routine, can definitely improve your scalp health and revive your dull, lifeless tresses.

For the desired results, consider using the virgin king coconut oil by Coco Soul, which is powered with raw virgin coconut oil and Ayurvedic herbs, and is purely vegan in nature. This coconut oil will protect your hair from the hair roots and also nourish the scalp because it is free from paraben, silicone, and other harmful chemical impurities and is extracted from the freshly-picked raw coconuts from the farms. 

Follow our regular blogs for more information that is hand-picked, well-researched, and curated just for you to keep you healthy, fit, fine, and glowing just how you should always be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you make your hair healthy with coconut oil hair masks?

    You can make your hair healthy by using coconut oil hair masks. Here’s how you can make one -  combine olive oil and coconut oil in a bowl. Then incorporate it into your hair and scalp by massaging gently before washing it with shampoo.

  2. What hair type is best for coconut oil hair masks?

    We see the benefits of coconut oil hair masks in every hair type. But in special cases, using a hair mask is beneficial for those having dry, damaged, or colour-treated hair.

  3. Is coconut oil a good overnight hair mask?

    People with extremely dry and damaged hair can use coconut oil as a good overnight hair mask. But people with sensitive scalp should avoid doing so.


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