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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Dandruff

Imagine you’re out on a date and suddenly, you get this itching sensation on your scalp. You think to yourself that gently scratching your head will make things better, but as soon as you do it, you see some pesky white flakes fall and ruin your brand new turtle neck. That’s dandruff! Despite using the right shampoo and methods, these itchy, irritating particles can still manage to make their way to your scalp. Even if our scalp is at its healthiest, the slightest exposure to dust can cause dirt buildup, and to the formation of dandruff. In case you’re curious about what dandruff is, why dandruff occurs in the hair, and the possible solutions to get rid of it, we’re here to answer all your queries.

What Is Dandruff?

Dandruff is a commonly occurring hair condition, wherein the skin on the scalp begins to flake, resulting in the formation of itchy white particles. There may be a number of reasons for dandruff to occur in your scalp. Some of the common ones may be due to age, environmental conditions, lifestyle, mental health, medical conditions, and the hair care products that you use regularly. Even though there’s nothing embarrassing or abnormal about it, ignoring it is definitely not a solution. Now, your next question might be - Why do I have dandruff? '', and how can you get rid of it at the earliest. Well, we’re here with some easy solutions that can help you tackle it well. But first, let’s understand the causes responsible for dandruff. 

dandruff on scalp

What Are The Causes of Dandruff In Hair?

Suppose you have booked a salon appointment, and when your hairstylist goes through your hair, he informs you that you have dandruff on your scalp. Now instead of ignoring this information or aimlessly trying out different hacks, you should first learn what causes dandruff in the hair, and how does dandruff form?. We’ve listed together the commonly occurring causes of dandruff in hair.

  • Irritated or oily skin- Your scalp often becomes oily or greasy due to excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, making the scalp itchy and uncomfortable. 
  • Specific hair care products- The next time you glance in the mirror and wonder why dandruff occurs in the hair, you should look at your bathroom cabinet because the reason is right in front of you. We’re talking about your hair care products. Choose a hair care product that matches your skin type because sensitivity to any of these products can result in dandruff. Make sure you regulate your shampooing habits as well. While shampooing less can cause excessive buildup, frequent shampooing can strip off the natural oils from the roots.
  • Daily lifestyle habits- The way you lead your life daily can also be one of the reasons for dandruff. Not brushing your hair often can lead to build-up of dirt and dust in your hair, forming a breeding ground for dandruff. Another reason can be brushing your hair  too much and aggressively, which can also lead to friction. So, it’s better to comb your hair in limited amounts. Prolonged exposure to heat or direct sunlight is also one of the causes of dandruff.
  • Age and hormonal factors- People start experiencing dandruff problems from their teenage years, and this continues well into adulthood, and midlife. Often, in a condition known as Cradle Cap, certain babies are seen having dandruff too. Hormonal factors also form one of the causes of dandruff in hair. So, if you’re a male, you’re probably looking at your scalp right about now, and fretting over why dandruff happens to you every month.

Dandruff Treatment

Still waking up everyday and asking yourself, “why do I have dandruff”? Don’t worry, we’re here to diminish most of your hair care woes, and help you find the right solution to your dandruff problem. The first step to solve your dandruff problem is to start combing your hair well, if you aren’t already. If you already have dandruff, comb your hair  gently through the scalp, and make sure you’re removing all the flaky particles from the hair. This way, you can get a little bit out in the beginning itself. Once done, make sure you wash your hair well with a shampoo that tackles your dandruff problem. If you have regular hair, you can wash your hair around two to three times a week. However, if you have dry hair, then reduce the amount of hair washes. Similarly, your hair washes should be less frequent in case of oily hair. The next step is to find the right shampoo that not only tackles your hair, but makes sure it’s in the right condition once your hair wash is done.Use this guide to build a natural hair care regimen that suits your hair type.

natural treatments for dandruff

Washing your hair regularly but still wondering why dandruff occurs? Maybe it’s because you’re not using the right shampoo and conditioner. Instead of using chemical-laden products, why not switch to shampoos or conditioners enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients. You can try the Coco Soul Hair care Combo. Enriched with the timeless power of fresh coconuts, this hair care duo contains virgin coconut oil, which penetrates deep into the shafts of your hair and reverses hair damage by around 50%. It is also infused with ayurvedic herbs like godapara that soothes the scalp with it’s anti-dandruff properties, and lunuwila, which keeps dandruff and flaky skin in check. It also contains keerkirindiya that induces blood circulation and solves hair problems like hair fall, dryness, premature greying and dandruff. So, quit worrying about why dandruff occurs in your hair, and start getting the best hair care solution for yourself! Here is our full range of chemical-free hair care products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why does dandruff occur suddenly?

    If you’re finding a sudden build-up of dandruff in your hair, it could be because of a fungal infection that led to excess sebum production. Additionally, minor happenings in your day-to- day life like stress, not shampooing the right way, not following the right diet, or excessive overstyling of the hair can also lead to dandruff.

  2. Which foods cause dandruff?

    Why does dandruff occur to people who are fond of carbohydrates and sugar? This is because these items cause an excess production of oil in your hair, which leads to dirt buildup, and attracts dandruff. People with dandruff are often recommended to reduce these in their diet and make it antioxidant-rich, instead. This reduces the chance of dandruff occurring.

  3. Why does dandruff happen after washing the hair?

    If you find dandruff in your hair even after washing it, maybe you should consider changing your shampoo and switch to an anti-dandruff one. The Coco Soul shampoo contains essential ayurvedic herbs that directly target dandruff and help you reduce it. If dandruff still persists, you should visit your dermatologist and get a diagnosis done to find out if you’re facing a potential infection.

    So, why does dandruff occur despite having healthy-looking tresses and a flawless lifestyle? Often, certain minor but important details go unnoticed, as we lead our day-to-day life. So, be observant and notice what you need to change about your lifestyle. Make your diet healthier, and your environment cleaner, and it will soon reflect on your head in the form of a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair. 


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