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Natural Remedies to Deal With Hair Fall in Winter

28 October, 2021


Winter is here and so is the time to test your patience. Patience of using a hairbrush because you may feel enraged and frustrated when you find your tresses tangled between the bristles. The changing seasons can affect your hair health, and directly impact the amount of hair we shed everyday. But is it okay or should we be worried? But first, let’s understand the hair growth cycle. 

Every hair growth cycle goes through three major stages:

  1. Anagen- the growth phase
  2. Catagen- the intermediary phase
  3. Telogen- the resting phase (the beginning of hair shedding)

Once your hair enters the telogen phase, your hair is likely to fall for around 100 days with 100 strands per day. It is also completely normal to lose around 100 strands a day as long as it  grows back as the average scalp hosts around 1,00,000 hair. 

Once you complete all these three stages, we enter into the exogen phase. In this phase, the hair strands are released from the follicles and fall out, and the entire hair growth cycle begins again. 

If you are losing a lot more hair than you usually do, there are ways to prevent it, especially during the winters. You may not get the hair of your dreams overnight, but with careful steps, you can definitely flaunt your gorgeous hair without the fear of hair loss in winter. But why does our hair fall in winter and why should we be extra cautious about our hair care during winters? Let us find out. 

Why hair fall in winter?

Hair loss in winter occurs because the dry air in the environment sucks out the moisture from your scalp and leaves it dry. And if you  have a dry scalp, regardless of the weather, your hair will be dry and lead to breakage and hair fall. This is one reason for hair fall in winter. If your scalp is prone to dryness, you are also likely to have dandruff, anditchy and unhealthy scalp. All of these factors are the reason why you may face extreme hair loss during the winters. 

Head over to our blog on how to treat dry scalp in winter to learn more about it.

Can hairfall mean permanent hair loss?

Hair loss implies permanent shedding of hair with no way of naturally growing them back. Hair loss also shows visible balding on the scalp due to thinning. While hair loss occurs in pattern, hair fall is temporary shedding of your hair. Besides environmental stressors, Ayurveda believes that an  imbalance in our body’s metabolism can result in hair fall. Fortunately with natural remedies, you can now control hair fall effectively and know how to stop hair fall in winter. 

Natural remedies for hair fall in winters 

Follow these simple hair fall in winter home remedy for healthy locks.

1.Pumpkin seed oil

In a bowl, add 100 grams of pumpkin seed powder, and  200ml of mustard or coconut oil. Warm it up and add 100gm of amla chunks (Indian gooseberry). Once the concoction is cooled down to room temperature, apply it adequately across your scalp and onto the strands of your hair. 

Pumpkin seeds contain cucurbitacin, an unique amino acid, which promotes hair growth and makes one of the useful ingredients for hair fall remedies in winter. 

2.Coconut and lemon mix

In a bowl, take 50ml of virgin coconut oil or as per the lengths of your hair. Add equal amounts of sesame oil and 25ml of castor to the mix. Slightly warm these oils and add two teaspoons of lemon juice. Let the oil cool down and then apply it onto your hair and scalp. 

Rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin A, coconut oil helps fight hair fall effectively and is a useful winter hair fall solution. The citric acid in lemon prevents your hair follicles from getting loose and thus stops hair fall ultimately. 

3. Natural apple serum

Use 3 tbsp green apple pulp and warm it up with one cup of coconut water for a few minutes. You can also add strained rice water to it. Lastly, add a Vitamin E capsule in it. Once settled down, mix the concoction will and apply it like your regular hair serum. 

Ways to prevent hair fall in winters

1.Indulge in oil massages:

When your hair is dry and brittle, there is nothing better than indulging in oil massages during the winters. Besides being relaxing, oil massages promote blood circulation to the scalp, and  boost hair growth. Oils such as coconut oil and almond oil contain vitamins and fatty acids that fight winter hair care woes and are a great moisturiser for your hair. We recommend using Coco Soul’s virgin coconut oil which is manufactured specifically through a meticulous no-heat process. This cold pressed oil has a rich aroma and flavour of real coconuts without any compromise on its natural nutrient value.

2.Eat right:

You must have heard it ample times to eat your vitamins and every time for the right reasons. Eating a balanced diet with proteins, vitamins, and good fats, promotes good scalp health that leads to a good hair day every day. 

3.Use the right shampoos and conditioners

If you face hair fall during winter, you should use products that can specifically fight hair fall problems. Switch to natural or chemical-free shampoos that  nourish your hair without stripping off the natural oils. You may want to avoid products that contain silicones, parabens, sulphates, and phthalates. 

4. Try deep conditioning weekly

Use a hair mask made of natural ingredients occasionally. This will add an extra dose of hydration and moisturisation to your hair and  prevent breakage.

For a full overview on how to deal with winter hair problems, refer to our blog on the common hair problems faced in winter.

Frequently asked questions on how to deal with hair fall in winter

 1.How can I stop hair fall in the winter season?

  • Take a healthy diet rich in proteins and vitamins
  • Avoid heat styling tools
  • Stay hydrated

2.Why is there an increase of hair fall during winter?

Yes, due to seasonal changes, you are likely to face hair fall. Additionally, due to the lack of moisture in our scalp in dry weather, the chances of hair fall is higher. 

3.How much hair fall is normal in winter?

Typically, shedding of 100 hair strands is common in winter as long as it grows back. 

4.Which oil is best for hair fall in winter?

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Olive oil
  3. Almond oil
  4. Bhringraj oil
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