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Less Is More: 5 Skin-Loving Products That Will Give You A Natural Glow-Up Like Tara Sutaria

This article is like your skincare tête-à-tête with the inspiring and emerging new talent of Bollywood town! Tara Sutaria is a symbol of charm, confidence, and grace in her films.  Her minimal makeup and glowing skin has often been the talk of the town and we’re here to help you replicate that glow with ease.  Here are some glowing skin care tips and products inspired by her secret to radiant skin.

Tara Sutaria Glowing Skin

Inspired By Tara Sutaria: Skin Care For You!

We’ve put together various tips from the Gen Y actress, Tara Sutaria’s skin care routine for you. Here are her favourites, as well some products and steps for glowing skin that you can follow to achieve a glow just like her:

  • Nani’s DIY Face Mask

    In an interview with Vogue, Tara Sutaria shares how she swears by homemade face masks just as much as she loves makeup and skincare products. Especially, the face mask her grandmother makes for her – this is her secret to glowing skin! Made with kitchen staples like yoghurt, honey, and chickpea flour, and ayurvedic herbs like turmeric, you too can prepare this mask, leave it on your skin for about 20 minutes, and rinse  to reveal a beautiful glow. Read our blog on the benefits of using turmeric for skin to answer any questions you may have about using turmeric.
  • Product Match:

    The natural and revitalising Coco Soul Face Cleanser – Inspired by ancient ayurvedic wisdom, this 100% vegan face wash is a great way to cleanse your skin after you apply the face mask listed above. The ingredients include pure, unrefined, and organic virgin coconut oil, neem, and Indian pennywort or ‘gotukola’. 
  • Hydrating Lotion:

    When asked what she would need if she was deserted on an island or stuck in an actual desert, the ‘Student Of The Year 2’ star shared three must-haves with Vogue. The first and most important product is a hydrating sunscreen lotion, the second is a lip tint, and a face mist for hydration. Protecting her skin from sun damage is a priority for her, and it should be the same for you! 
     Natural Body Lotion

  • Product Match:

    The natural SPF in the 100% vegan, organic, and ayurveda-infused Nourishing Body Lotion is the perfect match. Coco Soul’s hydrating lotion for the body is a lightweight and chemical-free moisturiser, which acts like the ideal sunscreen. It’s enriched with sandalwood or ‘chandan’ that repairs sun damage, and vitamin C-rich welmi that  fights dullness with the vitamin C-rich herb.  Virgin coconut oil adds the burst of hydration your skin needs, and gives the lotion a luxuriously silky and non-greasy texture

    We see how the Gen Y actress also believes in a healthy lifestyle connected to healthy skin, as she candidly shares her views in an interview with Indian Express. She indulges in her healthy juices, makes time for her beauty sleep, and drinks at least six to eight glasses of water in the day.

    Amp up your lifestyle and skincare game with this beautiful blend of homemade remedies and natural skincare products.


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