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Bid Goodbye To Artificial Perfumes And Say Hello To Natural Fragrances In Skin Care

There are billions of fragrances in the world, and we believe you will agree that every fragrance has its unique feel, and every person must have their unique scent. However, choosing the right fragrance can be a daunting task. And it can be tougher to identify whether it’s good for you or not. Allow us to make the decision process easier and safer for you. 

Have you ever wondered what is perfume? Perfume is a scent added in products to make it smell better. There are two types of perfumes - artificial and natural. From oudh to Japanese cherry blossoms, there are countless soothing fragrances that people across the world have been enjoying for thousands of years. However, according to historical data, the oldest perfumery in the world was discovered on the island of Cyprus in the Bronze age. Moreover, this perfumery covered roughly 4000 sqm, stating that the perfume manufacturing was done on a massive scale. 

The importance of perfumes and fragrances has been known and put in practical use for thousands of years. Interestingly, every year on March 21, International Fragrance Day is celebrated to cherish the importance of fragrances in our lives. While it’s wonderful to celebrate fragrances, one should also understand the difference between artificial and natural fragrances and how the former can actually be harmful for your skin. Why? Because these fragrances are also present in your regular skincare and hair care products. Now that we understand what is perfume, let’s dive in more depth and the nitty gritty. 

What are Artificial Fragrances and How to identify them in Skincare Products?

Artificial fragrances, also generally known as parfum, are chemical combinations used to create unique scents in the products. Parfum is present in hair and skincare products to make them smell better, as generally, chemicals used in these products are foul-smelling. 

The presence of parfum in skin care products makes them extremely toxic and unhealthy for the skin. Apart from parfum in  products and skin care products, they are also present in the majority of cosmetics and cleaning products. 

Now you might wonder - “how do I identify if my moisturiser or shampoo contains parfum or not?” There is nothing to panic because it is easy to look for parfum in skin care and hair care products. Most beauty products plainly state the presence of scents in their ingredient lists. The fragrance listicle is generally followed by a list of ingredients in parentheses on the black label. Moreover, you can also look for products that use essential oils for scents rather than artificial fragrances. 

Why are artificial fragrances harmful to your skin and hair?

Artificial fragrances or perfumes generally enter the body through three pathways:

  • Through skin absorption from beauty products
  • Ingestion from food and water
  • Inhaled via pollution, deodorant and perfume sprays

Regardless of the way of entering into the body, synthetic perfumes can harm the body and skin severely. Some of the known problems caused by chemical-based perfumes include:

  • Birth defects due to the presence of phthalates that affect our nervous system and might cause hormonal imbalance.
  • The chemicals present in the perfumes can disturb the body's endocrine system and affect reproductive organs, pancreas and thyroid. 
  • Recent studies suggest that synthetic perfumes are even more dangerous for children as their immune systems are not completely developed.
  • Inhaling chemical-based perfumes can cause respiratory issues, especially for Asthma patients. 
  • Perfumes are very common allergens that can cause skin irritation, breathing issues and headaches to the affected people. 

Benefits of natural fragrances and products with them

Now that we’ve listed the harmful effects of artificial perfumes, let’s move to a safer alternative. Natural fragrances such as essential oils offer an excellent alternative to chemical-based fragrances and are readily being adopted by large beauty products manufacturers. Coco Soul, one of the largest beauty, skin, hair and body care products manufacturers, takes an all-natural approach to offer a chemical-free, cruelty-free and eco-friendly range of products, which are infused with natural fragrances and nourishing herbs. 

You can try other natural beauty products from Coco Soul as they are not only toxin-free but also have several advantages such as:

  • Natural fragrances are free of carcinogens, allergens and hormone disruptors.
  • People have been using natural fragrances to evoke calm, uplift mood and enhance focus. 
  • Every natural product has its unique aroma and will soothe your skin and nourish it.

These are some of the advantages of using natural fragrances over synthetic fragrances. These advantages of natural fragrances and disadvantages of synthetic fragrances also extend to beauty products. Check the product's ingredients to purchase products only with essential oils as fragrances. 


Several people have been marching to abolish chemical-based fragrances from beauty products because of the recent studies that have come to light. So  let's join hands and boycott chemical-based fragrances. 


  1. Are artificial fragrances harmful?

    Yes, artificial fragrances can enter the body and cause irritation, allergy, breathing problems, headaches and even birth defects due to the presence of carcinogens and other harmful chemicals in them.

  2. Is Parfum Bad for Skin?

    Parfum is a term used for synthetic fragrances, they are harmful to the skin. Products with parfum can cause itching, redness, and other skin issues. 

  3. Is Parfum Bad for Hair?

    Yes, Parfum in skin care is bad for hair as they are chemical based fragrances that can damage your hair follicles, making them dry and brittle. 

  4. Is Wearing Fragrance Safe?

    Wearing only natural fragrances used in natural products is safe as they do not contain any toxins, unlike chemical-based fragrances. 


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