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7 Reasons To Steer Clear of Silicones On Your Skin Care Products

Is silicone bad for skin? If you are reading this, you probably are already doubtful about using a product that contains silicones. And we feel the same, because despite conflicting views about the significance and effects of silicones in beauty products, the larger part of the dermatologist fraternity votes against it. This means you should stay away from silicones as much as possible. 

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What Are Silicones And What Role Do They Play In Skincare?

As we decode let’s first look at the main thing - what is silicone? Silicones are synthetic polymers that are made of sand (silicon dioxide) and contain silicon and oxygen atoms in them. Among the chemicals to avoid in skincare is common silicone that is found in beauty products - dimethicone, however, some other variants like Cyclomethicone, and Cyclopentasiloxane are also used in skincare products. You can identify them by watching out for dangerous ingredients in skincare that end with “cone”, "col," "conol" or "zane/xane". They prevent moisture loss from the skin and form a breathable coating on your skin surface, which is why they are harmful ingredients in skincare products.

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Why Stay Away From Silicones In Skincare?

  • They are hard to wash off - Consistent use of silicones can lead to their  buildup on your skin causing various skin problems. As they are usually used to make your product waterproof, they are hard to wash off. You might need a harsher cleanser to get rid of them leading to dryness in skin.
  • They can obstruct the benefit of other products - As silicone forms a layer on the skin, it can act as a barrier for your other products to penetrate the skin. This can reduce the benefits of other skincare products for your skin, as it is not absorbed  completely.
  • They can trap dirt - Silicones often act as a plastic coating on your skin. Though they do prevent loss of moisture, they can also trap dirt, impurities, sebum, dust and debris. It can also obstruct the natural process of sweating, leading to blemishes.
  • They can cause acne and breakouts - Trapped dirt and impurities can clog your pores and cause acne and breakouts. Dermatologists suggest that people with sensitive skin or acne-prone skin should strictly stay away from silicone as it can make acne worse for them. The harmful ingredients in skincare products are the chemicals to avoid in skincare, which cause these breakouts.
  • They are chemical - Keeping aside all other reasons, this argument should be enough to steer clear of silicones, that they are chemicals and synthetic. However mild or beneficial they seem, chemicals harmful for skin like silicone are never advised and so it is better to stay away from them.
  • They can make your skin dull and dehydrated - Silicones on skin can prevent additional moisture from entering your skin, making it dry and dehydrated. Dehydrated and damaged skin can be an invitation for wrinkles, fine lines and other ageing signs.
  • They do not contribute to your skin's health - You should stay away from these harmful chemicals for skin, as they do not contribute to good skin health. Silicones do not hydrate or nourish your skin or provide any other benefit to your skin. Why use an ingredient that does not provide any benefit to your skin? Because of all these reasons it is important to use organic and natural skincare products. Check out our blog on the benefits of organic skincare products to learn more about them.
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Choose Coco Soul For Silicone-Free Skincare Products

Widely used in skincare, it could be a mammoth task to shun all products that contain silicones. There are just too many harmful ingredients in skincare products. What else would remain to treat your skin with? But there is an easy solution; switching to silicone-free skincare. Yes, silicones in skincare products can be hard to skip, but just like you, many brands want to stay away from silicones too; for example, Coco Soul. 

Coco Soul is an au natural brand that utilises the potency of nature in its totality. All the products of Coco Soul are derived out of pure virgin coconut oil and Ayurvedic herbs in their core, as Coco Soul believes that mother nature has the solution to all your skin woes. These products are free from silicones and other harmful chemicals for the skin like sulphates, sodium chloride, parabens, petroleum, DEA, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, etc. They are cruelty-free, 100% vegan and also certified by MadeSafe. 

Therefore, we would suggest you to stop asking is silicone bad for skin and switch to natural products like these –

Silicone Free Body Lotion


  1. Coco Soul Nourishing Body Lotion

Free from silicones and other chemicals, this natural body lotion is made with virgin coconut oil and ayurvedic herbs. . Lightweight in texture and feel, it melts easily on  the skin penetrating deep in the skin layers to give you firmer skin and nourished glow. It contains ingredients like -

  • Virgin coconut oil: Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, it hydrates and nurtures the skin.
  • Welmi: A rich source of vitamin C, it fights dullness, and gives you radiant, dewy and glowing skin.
  • Sandalwood: Revered in eastern culture, this ayurvedic ingredient reduces the oxidative stress, minimises age spots and reverse sun damage.

    Silicone Free Hand Cream
  1. Coco Soul Hand And Nail Cream:

Made with nourishing and enriching natural ingredients, this silicone free hand and nail cream moisturises your hands and makes them soft and smooth in no time. It keeps your hands hydrated, eliminates scars and marks and reduces dryness. It contains -

  • Vetiver - It reduces dark spots and gives you a balanced skin tone.
  • Indian rose chestnut - An ayurvedic herb, it reverses sun tanning and improves skin's brightness.
  • Virgin coconut oil - Known as an elixir in Ayurveda, it penetrates 10 layers deep in skin layers and restores lost moisture.

Want to stay away from silicone in skincare? Switch to natural skincare. Silicones do nothing for your skin apart from making them silky and smooth for a short while. So when you can easily use natural beauty products and get soft and radiant skin without side effects, why risk the health of your skin? 

Try natural products and head over to the Coco Soul website to shop for silicone free skincare here. You must also check out our blog on the benefits of cruelty free skincare products from our skin care blog section.

Busting Common Myths Around Silicone In Skincare

Despite the controversies and chemical compositions of silicone, it must actually be good for something because of its popularity in production of skincare products. We came across some myths around silicone and to give you a fair idea, here are the five common misconceptions we bring to light for you.

  • Like a moisturiser that seals water to the skin, silicone traps acne-causing bacteria to the skin - silicones do form a barrier, but still allow for some water and air to pass through
  • Smoothing over your skin concerns, silicones are simply like a bandaid - they do act like a quick fix, but also lock the hydration in your skin for a long time
  • Filler ingredients are those that do not add value to your routine and silicone is one of them - untrue as silicones can reduce your hair’s environmental and sun damage
  • Harmful for the environment as they degrade in the environment and breaks down into silica or sand, carbon dioxide, and water - this one, we agree with!

Frequently Asked Questions on Silicone in Skincare (FAQs)

  1. Why is silicone bad in skincare?

    Silicones can be really hard to wash off, they can trap impurities in your skin and can prevent nutrients from entering your skin.

  2. Can silicone clog pores?

    Yes, silicone can clog pores as they form a layer on your skin trapping impurities inside.

  3. Does skin absorb silicone?

    No, your skin does not absorb silicone.

  4. How do you remove silicone from skin?

    Wash off the product that contains silicone with a good cleanser to remove it from the skin.

  5. What does silicone do in skincare?

    It makes skincare products smooth, silky and waterproof.


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