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Lockdown Made My Skin Sensitive, Natural Skincare Saved It!

All of us experienced changes during the pandemic’s lockdown phases. Work from home, staying home, and other factors of stress took over many of us. Owing to this, I went from being someone with dry skin, occasionally prone to acne, to being a snappy sensitive skin type. Once I figured out the causes of sensitive skin, I started making changes to my lifestyle and looking for home remedies for sensitive skin. Are you wondering how to get rid of sensitive skin naturally? I understand, and I’ve got you covered.
Woman Worried About Sensitive Skin

A Miracle Routine Of Skincare For Sensitive Skin

Some of us prefer to create our own DIY infusions for skin care at home. And, then there are some who are looking for a hassle-free solution to how to get rid of sensitive skin naturally. Based on my experience, I’ve listed some of my natural remedies for sensitive skin. 

Ingredients For Home Remedies


As I mentioned above, my skin is on the drier side. If you have oily skin, here’s an article on ‘Essential Skincare Tips For Treating Oily Skin’ to help you out. Here are the natural remedies for sensitive skin - they include home remedies for sensitive skin, along with alternative product recommendations from an all-natural, 100% vegan, cruelty-free brand, Coco Soul - pick whichever works best for you! 

  • Oil-based face cleanser

  • Washing your face with oil - sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? To me, it did. I would always look for a product that would hydrate my skin, and foam well, and never realised that this would leave my skin feeling itchy and dry. What helped? Coconut oil.
  • Homemade face cleanser: Take a little coconut oil in your palms, and warm it by rubbing your hands gently. Apply it to your face and massage well, in an outward circular motion. Then, take a washcloth and wet it with warm water to slowly wipe it off. 
  • Natural face cleanser: A mild cleanser is a person with sensitive skin type needs, and Coco Soul’s Natural Face Wash was the one for me. It is enriched with coconut oil, neem, and gotukola. This paraben-free face wash is gentle, powered with Ayurvedic goodness, and is now my skin’s new best friend!
    Natural Face wash

  • Gently exfoliating face scrub

  • Scrubbing is a trigger word for people with sensitive skin. The words that come to mind are - redness, rashes, harshness, and irritation. The gentlest way I found to exfoliate my skin was to use a light textured liquid to scrub, which doesn’t attack my face and is smooth on my skin.
  • Homemade face scrub: Using brown sugar and olive oil scrub twice a week helped me whiten the blemishes, blackheads, and glow. The paste was smooth, soft, and easy on my skin.

  • Natural face scrub:

  • A daily scrub, a natural exfoliator, and rich in Ayurvedic herbs, the sulphate-free Coco Soul Face Scrub was the perfect consistency of texture I was looking for. It is light, soft, smooth, and the mildest scrub I’ve used where the particles are so tiny that it almost felt like a cream!
    Natural Face Scrub
  • Taking care of my feet has been vital in my skincare. I love giving some much-need tender loving care to my feet, which goes one step further than a bucket of lukewarm water with stress-relieving salts and potions. After using the aforementioned Coco Soul products, I found a Foot Cream from their range of skincare products - and I’m in love with it!
  • The perfect definition of ‘pampering’ was Coco Soul’s Natural Foot Cream, which had an ingredient that I absolutely love - peppermint! I could feel the coolness before I even applied the cream, from the fragrant tube once I opened it up. 

    Natural Foot cream
Have I convinced you to try any of these for your skin? They are super gentle if you’re worried about the sensitivity of your skin, and I can assure it will be worth a shot! You can also find some more information on sensitive skin, including the best ayurvedic treatments for it, here.


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