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Everything About Vitamin E And It's Amazing Benefits In Skincare Products

Ask any skincare aficionado about the products or ingredients that are a must-have in any skincare routine, and you will notice that most of their answers include vitamin E. Despite the plethora of essential vitamins out there, why does everyone stress on using  Vitamin E for skin? And how is Vitamin E good for skin or how does it help you? Let’s find out.

Woman Applying Cream To Her Feet

What Is Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is an oil soluble vitamin, which can be found in the inner and outer epidermis of the skin, as well as within the sebaceous glands of your hair follicles. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reverse the damage caused by free radicals, thus reducing oxidative stress. Vitamin E is a part of a family of eight vitamins. These have essential skincare and haircare properties. There are a number of vitamin E uses for skin. It also helps in metabolism of food and toxins in the environment, and  protects the skin from sun damage. So returning to the question - is vitamin E good for your skin? The answer is yes, it definitely is and we’ve got the right skincare routine ready for you to make the most of this vitamin.You must also check out our blog on benefits of vitamin C for skin to learn about all the benefits of vitamin C for skin along with tips to include vitamin C in your skin care routine.

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A Wholesome Vitamin E Skincare Routine

Now that you know the benefits of using vitamin E for skin care, let’s see how you can effectively utilise these vitamin E benefits for skin through a useful skincare routine, enriched with Vitamin E containing products.

  • Cleansing- Grab your daily dose of Vitamin E for skin first thing in the morning with a nourishing face wash, which is not only gentle on the skin but also cleanses it in the most organic and healthy way. Squeeze out a bit of the Coco Soul Revitalizing Face Wash and slowly massage your face with it. Infused with the ayurvedic goodness of neem and virgin king coconut oil, this all natural face wash contains all the Vitamin E benefits for skin. Additionally, it also contains godapara, which boosts the collagen content in your skin, preventing it from sagging.
    Organic Face Wash
  • Exfoliation- One more addition to the many Vitamin E uses for skin is as an exfoliator. Look for products that include ingredients like turmeric and virgin king coconut oil as they are infused with the goodness of this vitamin. You will find these organic ingredients in Coco Soul’s Natural Face Scrub. Squeeze out a bit, massage your face in it and soak in the organic goodness of this highly nourishing product.
Organic Face Scrub
  • Foot Care- How is Vitamin E good for skin apart from its regular use as a face wash or an exfoliator? Here’s how you can leverage Vitamin E cream benefits in the best manner- by adding some extra TLC for those feet! Taking care of your skin shouldn’t be limited to just your face, you should take care of the rest of your body as well. Pamper those cracked heels with the Coco Soul Foot Cream from skin care range. It is enriched with the goodness of vitamin E in the form of ingredients neem, peppermint and virgin king coconut oil, which soothe the dry skin on your heels while removing pigmentation and giving you younger looking skin.

Now that you’ve got a complete skincare routine ready for you, you know that it’s going to be a relaxing weekend! Utilise these Vitamin E benefits for skin, and give your skin the nourishment  that it deserves through this routine.

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Precautions To Take While Applying Vitamin E Products

Even though there are some spectacular vitamin E uses for skin, one has to be careful before topically applying this product as it may not be suitable for all skin types. Since it’s an oil-soluble vitamin, it is associated with a number of oils in general. Most of the facial oils that you come across are usually loaded with vitamin E. So, is vitamin E good for skin? While it’s almost close to a magical elixir for dry skin and definitely a nourishing option for normal skin, it might not be great for oily skin, due to it’s naturally oily consistency. People with oily skin are usually advised to use vitamin E in either sparing quantities or not at all, as overuse of this vitamin can lead to breakouts and an accumulation of dirt in the skin. In case you have any of these tendencies, it’s always best to consult your dermatologist before using this vitamin on your face.You can also learn about other vitamins that good for your skin and how you can incorporate them into your skincare routines!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I mix a vitamin E capsule with my cream?

    Yes, according to sources like the Times Of India, vitamin E capsules can be mixed with your daily moisturisers or night creams. These constitute one of the valuable Vitamin E uses for skin as they are quite beneficial as a night-time treatment, wherein your skin gets enough time to recover.

  2. Can vitamin E directly be applied on the face?

    Yes, you can either mix vitamin E with other products and apply it in the form of a nourishing hair pack or face pack, or you can apply it to your skin as it is. Pop open a Vitamin E capsule, squeeze out the oil and massage it into your skin. Leave this overnight and rinse off in the morning. If you want to use it on your skin, you can use it as a moisturiser too and utilise the vitamin E cream benefits that you get. This works as an effective anti-ageing treatment and helps in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

  3. Is vitamin E better over Vitamin C for your skin?

    There are a number of vitamins that you can use for your skin. Both vitamin C and E have great effects on the skin and carry their own unique benefits. While vitamin C helps in building the collagen content in your skin and reducing pigmentation, vitamin E gets rid of oxidative stress and acts as an effective moisturiser. Hence, both are equally essential for skincare.

    Now that you’ve learned about the various benefits of this wholesome ingredient for your skin, it’s time to stop searching the internet with questions like ‘Is vitamin E good for skin’, and time to start incorporating this ingredient in your skincare routine in real time. So go hit the store and get your dose of vitamin E today.


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