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Life Events - Skin Care

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Why should you follow different skincare routines for different life events?

While your daily skincare routine is essential, it isn't enough to prep your skin for special occasions like your friend's wedding, etc. especially when you get an invite to your best friend’s wedding. If you are going through a life-altering event like pregnancy, weddings, or moving to a different country, it is best to change your routine with the changing time. Apart from that, our skin is usually affected by seasonal changes too. What works for us on a summer day might just be a disaster in winter. Here are some simple tips to help you transition through your routine smoothly and never miss a day without flaunting your beauty.

Festival Skincare Tips:

While prepping for a festival, you’ll always be in a rush to tick things off your to-do list. However, no matter how hectic your schedule looks, don’t put skincare on the backburner. Instead, highlight it as one of the primary tasks on your list. As you run around making sure to set everything right to begin the festivity, a quick skincare routine can do a lot for your skin and your mood too.

Extra Nourishment: For any festive event, a supple and glowing face is what you should be looking for. Add a well-hydrating moisturiser to your morning routine before hitting the bed.  Apart from being hydrating, these products will also add a glow to your face that you definitely want to rock at a party.

Scrub it off: Accumulation of dead skin can make your skin dull and lifeless. And trust us, you do not want to start your day with dull skin, especially when you’re gearing up for a special occasion. Exfoliate your skin gently with a mild exfoliator that contains natural exfoliating agents. This will not only help remove the dead layers but also prep your party-ready skin for flawless makeup and help your skincare penetrate deeper.

Mask it up: There is nothing as relaxing as a refreshing mask that you can put on your face and rest for some time, at the end of a hectic day. Since festivals keep you busy through the day, applying a mask at night will help restore smooth skin while you are resting. And the benefits of your rejuvenating ‘masking’ session multiply, when you indulge in a mask filled with natural ingredients that help you get the most of the glow and goodness.

Party Skincare Tips:

No matter what season, there is always a party invitation awaiting your RSVP. But before you send the ‘I am in’ text, you take a look at your mirror, wondering if your skin is ready too. These quick and easy skin care tips can help prep your skin for a party so that you will have one less thing to worry about.

Stay hydrated: Before you start with your makeup, apply a water-based moisturiser to seal in the moisture. Parties mean lots of dancing and drinking so do not forget to chug lots of water to stay hydrated through the event.

Easy Routine: The last thing you want is to arrive late to the party and keep your friends waiting because you were busy following an extensive routine. Keep your routine extremely simple and fuss-free to head out without feeling overwhelmed by a skincare routine.

Post-party cleanses: After dancing your heart out, you want to head home and slip right into your bed. While it’s extremely tempting to doze off with the makeup on, always try to at least cleanse your face and remove all the makeup and impurities off your skin. Skipping a whole routine for a night is acceptable but sleeping without washing the makeup is not!

Wedding Skincare Tips

Now that you have made it through the hectic scheduling and planning for your big day, right from the dresses to the venue, the majority of the work is done. But there is still one thing to do before you say ‘I do’. Thankfully, this checklist doesn’t have to be exhausting. Rather, consider it a chance to revamp your bridal skincare routine to look fabulous as you walk down the aisle. Here are some tips for our new brides who are ready to shine with some pre-wedding skincare:

Date with a dermat: Having your skin assessed by a professional will help you understand what your skin needs and work effectively towards the skin of your dreams. Set up an appointment with a dermat way ahead of the D-day to have enough time for the prescribed wedding skincare routine to work.

Manage stress: If you give in to your wedding planning stress, be prepared that a lot of beauty bummer is coming your way. Try to relax and have well-rested sleep so you do not stress your skin out and exude a flawless bridal beauty.

Eat right:  A bridal party also means some delicious ‘wine and dine’ waiting for you to relish!  So, make sure to create a balance before your big day by adding healthy juices and veggies to your diet. Eating and drinking your greens is great for your skin as it is packed with vital minerals and nutrients you need.

FAQs on:

Is it okay to skip skincare after the party?

If you are extremely exhausted to finish a skincare routine after a party, at least cleanse your face thoroughly to wash off all the makeup and impurities. Apply a thin layer of moisturiser to prevent your skin from drying and have a goodnight sleep to avoid waking up with puffy eyes.

Is it good to alternate skincare products for different occasions?

To know the full potential of a skincare product, it is recommended to give any product four to six weeks of time before you switch it up. Instead of changing the routine, you should try alternating a single product and try combinations to see much faster and effective results.

What age should you start skincare?

Skin specialists believe the younger you start the better results you can hope for your skin. However, if you are starting off in your teen years, remember to keep your routine simple and free from harsh chemicals.


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