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Essential Monsoon Baby Care Tips for First Time Parents

Monsoon is a season where many allergies, infections and general health problems flare up. It can be especially uncomfortable for babies who are sensitive to the slightest changes in the weather. As a first time parent, you do find yourself under immense stress and pressure to do the best in making sure your little one is calm, happy and relaxed. So, it is not a surprise that the rainy season can be tricky to deal with, for both babies and their parents.

However, monsoons are not the end of the world – with a few essential baby care tips for new moms and dads, the vagaries of monsoon can be surprisingly easy to handle and even an exciting time as you watch your baby enjoy their first rain.

Little Kid Enjoying The Rain

Risks for Babies During Monsoon

  1. Rashes and Infections

    The high moisture content in the air makes babies susceptible to diaper rashes, fungal and bacterial infections and other skin allergies. Prolonged hours in wet or damp clothing can exacerbate matters and make babies cranky and uncomfortable.
  2. Disease spreading germs

    With the changing weather conditions during monsoon, disease spreading germs are rampant in the air. Since babies have a weak immunity system, they are extremely vulnerable to coming down with cold, cough, flu etc. in the monsoons.
Little Girl Sitting Under An Umbrella

New Born Baby Care in Monsoon 

Indoor Baby Care Tips

  1. Keep your house clean

    Germs and dirty corners are the leading reasons why babies fall ill during the rainy season. Make sure that you clean your house with disinfectants, de-clog the drains, and keep things neat and tidy.
  2. Keep your baby clean

    Make sure that you maintain the hygiene of your baby during the rains. They must always remain dry and warm to ensure that they are not in any danger of catching a cold or fungal infection. This means that you must regularly change diapers, give them sponge baths in case they are sweaty and change clothes if they are damp or wet.
  3. Breastfeeding mothers must have a healthy diet

    This is a baby care tip for new moms especially. Many medical experts say that breastfeeding is the best way to ensure that your baby gets all the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It equips them with important antibodies as well. This means that as a new mom, you need to eat healthy as well, for the good of your baby.
Parent & Baby Holding Hands

Outdoor Baby Care Tips

  1. Avoid dirty places

    Dirty, unkempt places are the breeding grounds of germs, especially during monsoon season. When you leave the house with your little one, be sure that the places you visit are clean and dirt free. It would also be a good idea to avoid places with dense, overgrown grass and shrubbery.
  2. Keep a sanitizer handy

    A portable sanitizer is a must whenever you’re leaving the house with your baby. This way, even if your little one gets their hands dirty, you don’t have to go hunting for clean water and soap – you can simply sanitize their little hands before they touch their face or clothes. It also reduces chances of getting an infection.
  3. Beware of mosquitoes

    Majority of monsoon problems are due to mosquitos, whether it is a bad bout of dengue or malaria. Make sure that your baby is protected by making use of a mosquito repellent and fully covered clothes when you go out. This precaution is especially important during the evening hours.

  4. Be smart about outdoor food options

    Food is the first to go bad during monsoon season. If you and your baby are having a day out, be very cautious about the food that you buy. Make sure it is fresh, hot and prepared in a clean environment. To be on the safe side, carry bottled water and baby food/formulas for your little one.

Important Monsoon Baby Care Tips

  1. Give your littles ones a regular baby oil massage. It helps in building their immunity and withstanding the monsoon season. Our go to is the Coco Soul Baby Massage Oil. Made with extra virgin coconut oil, and ayurvedic oil, it focuses on the wholesome growth of your little one – strengthens their bones, aids blood circulation and enhances the immunity system. It is completely chemical free, made using only organic and natural ingredients. You can learn more about the benefits of using coconut oil for baby massage here.
    Organic Baby Massage Oil
  2. Make sure you wash your hands before touching your baby.
  3. Hydrate your baby with boiled water
  4. Let your baby go nappy-free some days to ensure their skin breathes freely.

You can also check out our guide on how to massage your baby here! 

Frequently Asked Questions About New Born Baby Care in Monsoon 

  1. Is rain bad for my baby?

    The short answer is no. The long answer is slightly more complicated. However, let us assure you that rain will not harm your little one. In fact, it might delight them and expose them to exciting new sensations. That said, rains are also a time of weather change when many allergies flare up – which might affect the sensitivities of your baby. At best they might get cranky, at worst you might have to deal with skin rashes or inflammation.
  2. What should I do for baby hair care in the monsoon?

    Monsoons can take a toll on the health of your hair – no matter if you’re an adult or a baby. Comparatively however, baby hair care during monsoons is far simpler. Simply follow these few tips and you’re all set – protect baby’s hair from rain water, oil it regularly and use a gentle baby shampoo.
  3. What are some baby skin care home remedies for monsoon?

    Babies have a very tender skin, which becomes prone to the sensitivities of the monsoon season. Skin care home remedies are an excellent way to protect against the harsh monsoons. That said, opt for home remedies which are mild, light and free from any strong products. Take note of your babies reaction to these remedies.


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