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From A Late-Night Date To Early-Morning Office, Makeup Tips To Follow For Every Outing

For the modern woman, makeup is an integral part of bringing out her personality. The purpose of wearing makeup is not just to look beautiful but also to feel confident. On social media, there are too many options to pick from for makeup looks. This leaves makeup fanatics overwhelmed with inspiration to choose the best makeup look for themselves. Listed below is a carefully curated list of makeup tips to follow and look your best on every occasion.

 Woman Applying Makeup

Get Your Shine On- Makeup tips For Every Outing

Just like you would not wear the same outfit to the office and a party, makeup looks differ according to the event as well. For a casual day at work, you would go for a natural, dewy look whereas for date night makeup, you would do a bold lip. So, pick up the brush and experiment with your makeup for a date, a fun plan with your best friend, an office meeting, or a night out with untamed confidence. 

The makeup industry is having its moment with budding influencers, beauty tutorials and celebrity-inspired looks. As much as you are keen on learning and trying them, the question of how one can create this particular look arises. Fret not, because we’ve got your back! Here are the best makeup tips suitable for every event, casual or formal for you to look your refined best. 

  1. Office Makeup Tips- Rock That Nine To Five Look!

    Easily the most foolproof everyday look for the boss ladies out there. Start by creating a flawless canvas using a foundation and concealer. Blend everything out and put on a matte setting powder. Add some colour to your skin tone by using some blush on the apples of your cheeks and rim your eyelid with some smudged kohl liner. Finish off with mascara, and a rose pink lip colour. If you’re ever wondering about how to get ready for office with minimal effort, try these makeup tips for a chic look. 
    Woman Doing Makeup At Office
  2. No Makeup, Makeup

    This one takes the cake for the best makeup look there can be. No makeup, makeup is all about enhancing your features while keeping the skin as fresh and dewy as possible. To achieve this look, mix a tiny bit of moisturiser into your foundation for a radiant finish. Use a lip and cheek tint on your cheeks, lips and eyelids for a natural flush. Use a bit of mascara and you’re ready to go. Finish off with a dewy face mist. This look even works perfectly as makeup for a date with your bestie or a casual shopping spree. 

  3. Party Makeup Look- All That Glitters!

    Us ladies know the hassle of planning a night out with our besties but have no idea what unique look to create. When in doubt, always go for a smoky eye! We’ve got makeup tips for you to create a sultry smokey eye look and stand out from the crowd at your next party plan. Firstly, create an even base with foundation and concealer. Apply some translucent setting powder underneath the eyes to make sure your concealer doesn’t crease. Now, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and apply emerald green eyeshadow along your eyelid crease. Gently blend with some black eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes to create a sultry smoky look. Add a bit of gold glitter eyeshadow to the inner corner of your lid. Pair this look with neutral lipstick and let your eyes do the talking. 
  4. Date Night Makeup Look

    Before a big night with your beau, doesn’t the question of, ’how to get ready for a date’ haunt us, ladies? Trust us, this one will be your go-to look every time you’re thinking about how to do your makeup for a date? Start with primer, foundation and then concealer for a smooth base. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and apply a nude brown eyeshadow all over your eyelid followed by using a black liquid eyeliner to create a minimal wing. Use a generous coat of mascara and top with bold red lipstick.              

How To Shield Your Skin While Applying Makeup

Trying on different makeup looks with the help of tutorials and makeup tips can be exciting, but one shouldn’t neglect proper skin care in the process. It’s vital to follow a skin care regimen before and after the application of makeup to avoid dulling and damaging of skin cells. 

Woman Washing Her Face
  1. Step 1: Cleansing 

    Before you start with the makeup, make sure you have a clean and dry canvas to work with. Splash your face with lukewarm water and rub the cleanser onto your skin, removing all dirt and debris. We recommend the Coco Soul Revitalizing Face Wash with the ayurvedic goodness of 100% organic virgin coconut oil, neem and gotukola. Removing all impurities and giving your skin a natural glow is an essential part of skin prep. 

  2. Step 2: Exfoliation 

    After cleansing and rinsing your face, gently pat it dry and move on to exfoliating your face. Exfoliation not only removes any dead skin cells on the skin but also gets rid of blackheads or whiteheads that may be present, resulting in clean pores. A recommended exfoliator is the all-natural Coco Soul Face Scrub with the dual power of venivel and sandalwood that’s gentle on the skin yet effective. 

  3. Step 3: Moisturise 

    The layering of makeup products often tends to dry out your skin. It’s crucial to lock your skin with enough moisture for it to stay hydrated all day long. With a clean circular motion, massage your face with a moisturiser. Make sure you don’t skip out on hydrating your lips, eyelids and neck. Allow your skin to absorb the moisturiser before starting with your makeup. You can also learn about the difference between a morning vs night skincare routine here.

How To Remove Your Makeup

Wearing makeup for long periods can clog your pores and result in wary, dull skin over time. It’s vital to duly take off your makeup before you head off to bed. We recommend using a cleansing balm for effortless removal of all products from your face with just a clean swipe. The Coco Soul Melt Balm is a non-greasy, lightweight and quick-absorbing product that helps take off your makeup and leaves you with healthy, happy skin. 

How easy is it to create such complex, amazing makeup looks so effortlessly, right? So, next time you’re surfing the internet looking for the best makeup tips on how to get ready for a date or how to get ready for office, keep these guidelines handy. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Everyday Makeup (FAQs) 

  1. How can I make my makeup look good outside?

    Keep in mind that every makeup product you use matches your skin tone. Create an even, well-blended base for a flawless finish. Add colour to your skin by using blush, bronzer and neutral eyeshadows to make sure your makeup doesn’t look ashy in daylight. 

  2. How can I make my makeup last all day outside?

    Set your makeup by using a setting spray at the end of your makeup routine. Carry a hydrating mist with you and spritz whenever you need to uplift your look and feel hydrated during the day. 

  3. How do I keep my foundation from rubbing off?

    Make sure you use a setting powder to seal in your foundation and concealer before adding other products onto the skin. Carry a compact foundation powder with you for touch-ups when necessary. 


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