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Essential Tips to Care for Your Skin During Menopause

Menopause is not the easiest phase in a woman’s life. It can cause some significant changes to your skin and hair. At this stage, oestrogen production begins to plummet. It’s not only a powerhouse hormone but also promotes the production of skin-smoothing collagen and lipids chevalier. As a result of its decline, your skin may appear dry, limp, and thin. The decrease in oestrogen and shifting hormone ratios in your body not only slow down oil production but also diminish your body's capacity to retain moisture. 

Older Woman With Beautiful Skin

While a dry t-zone or flaky elbows may be the first signs of the alterations, it is truly a whole-body event. Dry skin may occur everywhere, including the oil gland-rich face, back, and chest, as well as elbows, thighs, genitals, and even nails. Skin changes can begin as early as perimenopause, and they are irreversible. These changes might be alarming but they need to be addressed accordingly and timely to ensure that your skin stays healthy. 

Continue reading to know some natural skincare tips for menopause skincare.

Effects Of Menopause On Skin

Once you start approaching menopause you will notice a lot of changes on your skin. Skin becomes thinner when oestrogen levels drop. Thin skin is more prone to bruising. In order to prevent your skin from further thinning you can use a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Skin loses part of its capacity to hold water, causing extremely dry skin due to menopause. When the air is dry, this is more obvious. It is suggested that you refrain from the use of soap bars and be generous with the application of moisturiser. You may also witness acne due to menopause.

You'll probably see the effects now if you've spent a lot of time in the sun without wearing sunscreen. Darker skin might emerge on different parts of your body. In addition, skin cancer and pre-cancerous skin growths also become prevalent. Make sure to head out with your sunscreen on and do consult a dermatologist before using any treatment techniques.

Unwanted hair might appear under your chin, around your jawline, or above your lip when female hormone levels decline. It’s recommended that you avoid waxing since your skin is too thin and it might tear or bleed. Laser hair removal might be a good option in this case. Many women experience losing hair on their heads as they approach menopause. A broadening portion might be the first indicator. Some ladies notice that their hairline is receding. Again, you should make sure to visit a certified dermatologist before things get out of hand.

It is said that our skin’s pH level reduces by the age of 50 and thereby skin becomes sensitive. This change may cause rashes and easily irritated skin for many women. This might aggravate an existing skin problem, such as eczema or rosacea. Some women also develop teenage-like acne. Make sure that you wash your skin regularly and moisturise it generously.   

Older Woman Applying Face Cream

Best Skincare Solution During Menopause

Fortunately, by attending to your individual skincare needs, you may alleviate some of the skin-related consequences of ageing.

  • Wash your face regularly and keep it hydrated: Make sure to clean up your skin and keep it well hydrated. Cleaning your skin is essential, especially as you get older. Extra moisture is especially beneficial with ageing skin since you may suffer with dryness. Use Coco Soul’s Revitalising Face Wash, a gentle and purifying cleanser that is toxin-free and formulated with the goodness of Neem & Coconut to provide immense hydration as well as dirt-free pores. Instead of taking long, steamy showers, moisturise while your skin is still wet. This further aids with hydration.

  • Protect your skin from the sun: Make sure to use a generous amount of sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

  • Minimise wrinkled skin: When your skin is dry, wrinkles are more visible, especially as you get older. Apply moisturiser to your face, jawline, and neck every day, and seek skincare products that help with dryness as well as battling fine lines and sagging.

  • Be generous with the consumption of anti-oxidants: Collagen maintains your skin's youthful plumpness and tightness. The collagen in your skin decreases when your oestrogen levels decrease. Antioxidant-rich meals can help strengthen your skin from the inside out.

  • Work-out: Working out benefits your skin in two ways. It first and foremost relieves tension. Secondly,  exercise also improves circulation, which slows as we age. Your skin will seem brighter and healthier as a result of the increased oxygen and circulation flow.

Best skincare products to use during menopause

  1. Coco Soul Face Wash

    Toxin-free and gentle, this face wash purifies the pores without stripping off your skin’s moisture. It is a perfect pick for menopausal skin as it hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.  

  2. Coco Soul Hand Cream

    It is usually the hand that tells your age. To make sure you hands look healthy and hydrated, don’t forget to apply a hand cream that firms your muscles and keeps your hands healthy! The Coco Soul Hand Cream is toxin-free and has a soothing aroma to instantly transport you to a world of calm. 

  3. Coco Soul Massage Oil

    A multi-purpose oil, it is 100% pure coconut oil, cold-pressed and packaged for you! Use this coconut massage oil on your body to get  firm toned skin in every use and also add a dose of hydration

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is best for menopausal skin?

    Hydration is key for menopausal skin. Due to the hormonal changes in the body, women notice that their skin has become dry and thereby the increase in signs of ageing and wrinkles. Hydrating your skin from time to time with relevant products will keep your skin healthy.  

  2. How can I manage healthy glow after menopause?

    Even after menopause, you can retain your youthful glow if you follow the right skincare routine and eat the right vitamins.

  3. Is retinol good for menopausal skin?

    While retinol is an effective anti-ageing ingredient that stimulates collagen production and hydrates your skin, it may come with its side effects. Which is why, we recommend you try Coco Soul’s natural skincare products


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