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Pre-Holi Skin Care Regime

Holi is an exciting festival, and this year is going to be exceptionally remarkable as it is being celebrated properly after two long years. So, it is time to get your party mode on and have a fantastic day with fun and excitement. While you enjoy the festival of colours, ensure that you take care of your face and skin as the colours can damage the skin badly. 

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If you are worried about how to protect your skin, we have something for you. We have curated a Pre-Holi Skin Care Regime that will help you to protect your skin and face while you let loose. 

How to prepare your Skin and Face for Holi?

Performing skin care before playing Holi is vital to avoid any unforeseen complications on your skin that are likely to arrive post-Holi. These are some of the measures in the skincare regime that you must take before celebrating Holi: 

  • Hydrate The Skin
    One of the essential steps in the pre-Holi skin care regime is to hydrate the skin as it will help  create a barrier between the skin and the chemicals in the colours and paints used in the Holi celebration. Also, hydrating the skin will reduce the absorption of colours and dirt. 

What to Apply on the Skin?

As your face is exposed to several substances such as sun, heat, dust, colours, etc., during the celebration, it is vital to protect it beforehand. One of the essential steps before Holi skin care is to apply a moisturising lotion or oil such as Coconut Oil

Coco Soul is a coconut focused brand that is 100% natural, cruelty-free, and free from paraben, perfume and mineral oil. Moreover, as it is made from coconut, it  provides additional protection against pollutants and chemicals. You can use the Coco Soul Extra Virgin Coconut hair oil in your hair as well to protect them simultaneously. 

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  • Moisturise
    Moisturising your skin, face, and arms is highly crucial before playing Holi. So, use a rich moisturiser or lather your skin with coconut oil such as Coco Soul coconut oil. Coconut oil will create a barrier between skin and colours, and make it easier for you to remove colours later. 
  • Protection from the Sun

    One of the most crucial pre-Holi skin care tips is to use sunscreen with high SPF to protect yourself against UV rays. As you will be out in the sun celebrating for hours, your skin can get tanned and suffer from discolouration. Using a natural sunscreen that is free from chemicals will act as the perfect protection layer against the chemicals as well as UV rays. 

  • Prepping your Nails

    Prepping your nails is an essential step in pre-Holi preparation as it can get stuck under your nails. Moreover, the colour stuck under your skin can enter your digestive system when eating, which causes more trouble. To prevent this from happening, apply olive oil or coconut oil under your nails and paint them dark colours. Moreover, trimming your nails before Holi will reduce the chance of colour sticking under your skin.
    These are some of the crucial steps to take before going out and celebrating the festival of colours. 
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How do Holi Colours Affect Your Skin?

To understand how to protect your skin in Holi, it is vital to understand how Holi colours can affect your skin. Most of the colours used in the Holi celebration are made from chemicals that can cause irritation and dryness on the skin. These chemicals absorb the moisture from your skin, making it dry, flaky and prone to acne. 

Ideally, you should use natural colours that are free of chemicals. However, ensuring natural colours in public celebrations is not possible, thus it’s essential to prep your skin with some Holi skin care before stepping out of your house. And don’t forget to moisturise your skin generously, as it’s one of the most crucial pre-Holi skin care tips which will also help reduce the effect of these colours on your skin. 

What are the Best Clothing Options to Reduce Skin Damage from Holi?

Clothing comfortably, fashionably and protectively is a critical decision to make. Most Holi celebrations take place outdoors, which expose your skin to not only colours but dust and UV rays too. While following a skincare regime, it is also essential to make the right fashion choice as not only exposed skin but the skin under the body can also get affected. 

Ideally, the outfits for your celebration should include:

  • T-shirts or Tops
  • Salwars
  • Full-Length Joggers
  • Full-Sleeve Kurtas
  • A Cotton Scarf or Bandana to cover hair

These are some of the ideal choices that will let your skin breathe in the hot weather and also cover your skin enough to avoid any direct contact with  colours and dirt. Moreover, wearing dark colours with cotton fabric will help absorb the majority of wet colours. Cotton fabric is the most breathable fabric that will allow your skin to breathe and move around freely even if you get wet. 


While celebrating Holi, it is vital to take care of your skin and hair care. These tips mentioned above will not only ensure your skin and face is protected against all the chemicals but also will not dampen your fun. 


  1. What to apply to the skin before playing Holi?

    Protecting your skin when celebrating Holi is crucial to protect against colour, dust, UV rays and chemicals. After hydrating your skin, the essential step is to apply coconut oil or a rich moisturiser to create a layer between your skin and pollutants. 

  2. How can I protect my face from Holi colour?

    The most crucial step while protecting your face pre-Holi celebration is to apply a thin layer of moisturiser or coconut oil that will protect your skin against colours, dust and UV rays. 

  3. What care should be taken while celebrating Holi?

    Some of the essential things to consider while celebrating Holi is to moisturise your skin, wear comfortable clothes that cover your body, prep your nails and have fun. 


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