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Skin Problems & Benefits

What Are Some Common Skin Problems

Let’s be honest, the notion of “perfect” skin is a myth! From layers of filters to hide acne to the struggle of embracing your skin tone, the need to shift the focus on beautifully natural and real skin is long overdue. With newer products and skincare ranges of our favourite celebrities hitting our shelves every fortnight, most of us tend to forget what our skin really wants. Skincare problems are more common than you know and the best way to overcome them is to understand the concerns and tackle them correctly. Skin care isn’t rocket science and you can master the ‘art’ slowly with a few hits and misses.  However, sometimes despite following a  skincare routine religiously, our skin continues to go through problems. So what’s the reason behind that? That’s because while most problems can be treated at home, there are some that require professional help. Adult acne, dark spots, dark circles, dehydrated skin, large pores, etc. are some of the common skin problems we face daily. That is why we are here with skincare benefits and daily tips for some of the common skin problems and solutions for the same in our blogs.

Solutions to Some Common Skin Problems

Skin care isn’t only about lathering  layers of moisturisers on your skin or removing your makeup before bedtime. Skin care is much more than that - it requires  you to make major changes in your diet, workout plans, mind and body alignment, and more.  Before you hop on to your favourite pop singer’s skincare routine, it is important to know that it may  not work for you due to many factors such as change of climate, type of skin, lifestyle changes and more. Just like our skin textures, tones, and concerns are different, our skincare regimen should also be unique and tailored to cater to individual concerns. Therefore, it is extremely important to build a skincare routine that specifically works well for you. However, these are the steps that should be a part of your routine, regardless of your skin type or concerns:

Cleansing: To prevent breakouts, blemishes, and clogged pores, it is best to cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser at least twice a day. This also leads to glowing supple skin that prevents acne-causing germs from resting on the surface of your skin.

Exfoliation: A layer of dead skin prevents any moisture from penetrating the skin and makes any topical application of a product useless. Using a natural and gentle cleanser will help get rid of the dead skin cells and minimise large pores as well.

Toning: While often overlooked, a toner is an underrated product in a daily skincare routine. Using a toner helps prevent sagging of the skin and gives you firm and even-toned skin. It also helps reduce pigmentation.

Hydration: To keep your skin supple and well moisturised, it needs to be hydrated well. Dehydrated skin turns rough, dry, dull and lifeless over time. Considering the constant exposure to the sun, it’s extremely important to apply sunscreen as it creates a protective layer on the skin.

Benefits of Skin Care

Taking good care of your skin is highly important to maintain healthy skin. Indulging in a good skincare routine rewards you by giving you clear and healthier skin. In case you need more convincing, here are some benefits that might motivate you to create a routine:

  • Slows down signs of ageing for a youthful glow
  • Keeps your skin healthy and prevents any damage

FAQs on Skin Problems & Benefits:

What is the main reason for skin problems?

Skin problems can occur due to various reasons such as allergies, using products with harsh chemicals, toxic makeup products, unhealthy lifestyle, diet, hormonal imbalance and more.

How do you check for skin problems?

If any skin irritation or allergy persists, you should seek professional help from a dermatologist who will run a few tests to check for any skin problems, and then decide how to treat those skin problems.

Can stress cause skin problems?

Stress can worsen any skin problem you’re facing as it aggravates the skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and more. In stressful conditions, our body releases cortisol and adrenaline, the stress hormones that cause excessive oil production in our glands. This leads to clogged pores, resulting in acne.


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