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Are Crow’s Feet Common with Ageing? Understanding All the Causing Factors

Ageing is an unavoidable part of life. However, with the advances in technology and modern skin care knowledge, these effects can be delayed to a large extent. The most common concern associated with ageing is crow’s feet or smile lines as it is popularly called. If you are concerned with the crow’s feet causes and want to know more about all the factors behind it, then simply read on!

Woman With Crow’s Feet Near Eyes

What Is Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s feet are the fine lines which form around the eye area. The area around the skin is delicate, making it most susceptible to such wrinkles. Crow’s feet usually develop due to loosening of the skin elasticity and lack of collagen production.

With regular use of the muscles in the area (due to blinking, smiling, laughing, squinting etc.) the skin around the eyes loses its plumbness and the ability to stretch. Since there are very few oil glands near the eyes, the skin is prone to dryness further exacerbating the presence of crow’s feet. These deepened wrinkles may be visible at all times even when the facial muscles are at rest (static fine lines) or only appear when they are in use (dynamic fine lines.)

Woman Before And After Using Concealer On Crow’s Feet

What Causes Crow’s Feet Eyes?

Crow’s feet are most commonly attributed as the first sign of ageing. However, that may be a generalisation since a variety of factors apart from ageing may also lead to the formation of crow’s feet around the eyes.

Some common factors related to ageing and otherwise are:

  1. Exposure to sun

    Prolonged exposure to sun and the damage caused can exacerbate the process of crow’s feet formation. The ultraviolet rays loosen the skin around the eyes by actively reducing collagen as well as the elasticity. Combined with blemishes and dark sun spots, you end up looking much older than you are. Here are some other effects of sun damage on the face that you should look out for!
  1. Lack of collagen production

    Reduced collagen production in the skin is a leading cause of crow’s feet. Collagen is a protein which helps in maintaining a supple and elastic skin, giving you a youthful look. As we grow older, the amount of collagen produced by the body slowly depletes – the reason why our skin is wrinkle free when young and all pruned up when old. While natural factors like ageing are responsible for poor collagen formation in the body, external factors like sun exposure, poor diet etc may also lead to lack of collagen formation.
  1. Imbalances in the body

    Our diet also has an impact on the formation of crow’s feet around the eyes. A lack of proper intake of protein and fat deprives the skin tissues of essential nutrients – all of which work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For instance, fat deficiency will weaken the skin and lead to more pronounced crow’s feet.
  1. Lowered secretion of sebum

    Sebaceous gland is a microscopic gland which lies beneath the outer layer of the skin. It is responsible for secreting sebum – an oily substance which maintains the suppleness of the skin. A lowered sebum secretion, due to natural (like old age, hormonal imbalance etc) or external factors (using improper skin products, sun exposure etc), leads to the formation of crow’s feet wrinkles. Due to lack of sebum, the skin especially around the eyes becomes dry and thus more prone to fine lines.
  1. Genetics

    Last but not the least, genetics also play a major role in the formation of crow’s feet. Your genes determine your skin elasticity and sensitivity to the elements. Many studies show that if your parents or blood relatives developed crow’s feet and fine lines at a young age, then chances of you developing the same at an early age are all the more likely.

How Can You Conceal Crow’s Feet?

The modern skin care industry has a variety of antidotes to address the problem of crow’s feet. We have listed some of the common ways you can conceal crow’s feet:

  1. Increase moisturisation

    First and foremost, the way to conceal crow’s feet is to be diligent in moisturisation of the skin. Our personal go to is the Coco Soul Body Butter.Made using the goodness of virgin coconut oil, shea butter and ayurvedic herbs like lodhra, this body butter works to reduce signs of ageing, give deep tissue moisturization for long hours and leaves you with a glowing, naturally smooth looking skin.

    Organic Body Butter
  1. Avoid heavy make up

    Using heavy makeup is detrimental if you have crow’s feet. Not only are your wrinkles visible but become even more pronounced with layers of foundation and make up. To remove this, we suggest you use the Coco Soul Flawless Face Combo. It comprises the Coco Soul Face Scrub and Face Wash. Totally organic and chemical free, it contains ayurvedic extracts and goodness of virgin coconut oil and removes the dead skin and dirt, while still maintaining the moisture content of your skin. It is ideal for skin types which are sensitive and/or have crow’s feet.
  1. Sun screen

    The best way to combat crow’s feet is to lather your skin in sunscreen whenever you leave the house. Since sun damage is the leading cause of crow’s feet, a sunscreen with a strong SPF is the best way to protect the integrity of your skin tissues.
  1. Botox Injections

    Botox injections are also an excellent way to not only conceal crow’s feet but to get rid of them entirely. In such cases, it is best to consult the expertise of a dermatologist.

    While crow’s feet are a normal part of life associated with ageing. There are a plethora of options available for those wishing to get rid of these wrinkles, most of which are affordable and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crow’s Feet Eyes

  1. What to do for crow’s feet?

    Crow’s feet is a common problem associated with ageing. However, its appearance can be reduced through numerous ways like application of sunscreen, maintaining a balanced diet, botox injections, chemical peels etc.
  2. How to treat crow’s feet in your 20s?

    Crow’s feet in your 20's is a sign of skin ageing. The main cause is loss of skin elasticity around the eyes, leading to early wrinkles. You can consult a dermatologist, avail medication, dermal fillers etc to solve this skin issue.
  3. What is crow's feet around the eyes?

    Crow’s feet are fine lines which are formed around the eyes. The main cause is loss of elasticity in the muscles in that area, leading to wrinkles every time those muscles are put to use. Lack of collagen production is also attributable to crow’s feet.


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