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Cater to The Needs of Your Skin! Essential Oils to Soothe Your Body in Summer Heat (for every skin type)

When we read or hear about essential oils, a feeling of calm automatically takes over. This is the magic of these oils, they soothe and relax your body to flow into a state of bliss. Let’s see how we can incorporate these into your summer skin care routine.

Envelop yourself in comfort – Essential oils

Have you heard of essential oils? Lavender and eucalyptus being the most common ones, these are the gifts of nature to us in the form of plant-based oils. Used in beauty, physical healing as well as cooking, essential oils have been around for more than 5000 years! As consumers foray into nature-based and chemical-free ingredients, these oils take centre stage and envelop you in a feeling of mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

What are essential oils and how to use them?

Extracted from the roots, flowers, leaves, or seeds of a plant, the best essential oils for skin are generally applied to the skin, inhaled, dropped onto your pillow, heated, or used in a diffuser to spread the aroma in your surrounding space. These extractions are also key ingredients in the formulation of natural, herbal products like scrubs, lotions, soaps, and other body care products. Let’s look at the essential oils for summer and essential oils for dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin below.

Melting away into aromatherapy here? Hold on, we’ll show you how you can use the best essential oils for skin during the summer.

  • For dry skin: The essential oils for dry skin are almond, avocado, lavender, argan, and lemongrass, among others. If you’re wondering how to soothe dry skin with these oils, simply apply any one oil on your skin during the summers and watch it create a protective barrier to safeguard the epidermal water loss due to the heat.
  • For oily skin: The essential oils for oily skin are jojoba, grapeseed, geranium, neem, and patchouli, among others. Do you need an essential oil if your skin is oily and greasy? Yes, you do. The nourishment your skin needs is in the nutrients of these oils.
  • For combination skin: It’s important for you to maintain a good balance, to ensure your skin is not too brittle and dry or too buttery and oily. The essential oils for combination skin are lighter, with antibacterial properties. For example, olive oil, rosemary oil or raspberry oil maintain a balance.

Can you use essential oils as coolants in the summer? How?

Essential oils are truly nature’s gift to our bodies with their multiple healing and cooling properties. Including them in your summer skincare regimen can help you see how to soothe dry skin, how to keep your skin healthy, and how to glow with a cool head despite the summer heat! Here are the best essential oils for skin, which can act as coolants in the summer.

What are the best essential oils for summer season and what are their uses and benefits?

The benefits of essential oils span across skin repair, physical well-being, and body care needs. Read on to know the best essential oils for the summer season and their benefits.

Essential oils for skin benefits – Summer edition

  • Lavender oil – An all-in-one solution, this oil heals wounds and burns by reducing itching and soothing the skin. It is also popularly used for its calming properties, relieving you of stress and anxiety.
  • Sandalwood oil – While the powder is used to treat acne, sandalwood oil is your go-to for sunburns and puffiness treatment. Try the Coco Soul Body Lotion, which is infused with sandalwood, reverses sun damage, and moisturises your skin.

  • Peppermint oil – This oil is a boon for you if you suffer from bloating or nausea, with the calming and refreshing smell as well as properties. The Coco Soul Foot Cream is formulated with neem and peppermint, giving you the epitome of serenity by a stimulating fragrance invigorating your senses.

  • Eucalyptus oil – The anti-inflammatory properties of this popular herb open your blood vessels and boost circulation. Cooling down your body temperature, this oil prevents a heatstroke and keeps you safe, calm, and cool in the summers.
  • Patchouli oil – The earthy, distinctive aroma of patchouli or mint is sweet, spicy, and musky. Rich in antioxidants, this oil gives you glowing summer skin, while cooling it.

How to soothe dry skin? Use Lavender oil. How to cool the body? Try Peppermint oil. How to reduce redness and puffiness? Sandalwood oil is the answer. This is just a glimpse of what essential oils have to offer to your skincare regime. Try them today and feel the difference they bring to your summer skin.

Frequently Asked Questions on Essential Oils (FAQs)

  1. What essential oil gives a cooling effect?

    Mint-based essential oils are widely used – why? These oils are refreshing, light, and they keep you cool. The menthol in the oils can trick our brain to think the body is cooler than it is! This is what makes you relax, feel stress-free and reduce muscle fatigue. 

  2. What essential oils are good for heat exhaustion? 

    Lavender, one of the more popular essential oils, is calming in nature. Heat exhaustion tends to bring up our body temperature and dehydrate us. That’s where the soothing lavender oil comes in. The aromatic therapy this oil gives to your senses is all you need to recoup and recover.

  3. How does oil prevent sunstroke?

    Among the various essential oils for skin benefits, eucalyptus oil can relieve the excessive burning sensation caused by heat. It effectively cools your body and calms the skin by improving circulation of your blood. This is one example, but most essential oils are brimming with healing and cooling properties to help you stay cool and calm during the summer season.


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