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Spotting Dark Circles Under Eyes? Understanding The Root Causes

Although dark circles do not affect your skin’s health in a major way, they do affect your personal outlook. Look your best, shine your light, and get to the root cause of dark circles, and know how to reduce dark circles once you spot them under your eyes.

Woman Applying Under Eye Cream

What Are Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

What are dark circles? These are the darkened areas in your under-eye portion of the face are spots that require your action. Those light brown, grey, or blue pigments you see under your eyes are called dark circles. Getting dark circles is the nudge you need to change your lifestyle for the better, improve your diet, or revisit your sleep habits. When you don’t get enough sleep at night or are oversleeping, dark tissue and vessels accumulate under your eyes. It is also your skin’s way of asking you to include the best eye cream for dark circles into your skincare regime! Let’s look at the most effective remedies for dark circles in this article.

Woman With Dark Circles

What Are Dark Circle Causes And Treatments?

While fatigue may seem like the most well-known among dark circle causes, there are many reasons for dark circles. Here’s what causes dark circles under eyes:

  1. Fatigue – Staying up at night later than the regular time you go to bed, or oversleeping are some of the reasons you may develop dark circles.

  2. Ageing – As we grow older, our under-eye area begins to get darker. The bags, wrinkles, and fine lines, beneath and around your eyes are other signs we see. This is because the blood becomes thinner as we age, and so our skin gets weaker.

  3. Eye strain – Computers, laptops, phones, and tablets: we have a plethora of devices keeping us constantly engaged these days. This screen time can enlarge the area around our eyes, causing them to darken as they flare up.

  4. Allergies – Dryness in the eyes, accompanied by an allergic reaction in your body can darken the area around our eyes. This is because the body fights allergens with histamines, which causes blood vessels to dilate and become more visible.

  5. Dehydration – When the body, as a whole, is lacking in hydration, the skin starts to darken, look dull, and sunken. The bone beneath the eyes does not have enough moisture and causes the dehydration to appear in the form of dark circles.

  6. Anemia – If you are anemic, your skin is generally paler, and dark circles may develop at an early age. The best way to know this for sure is getting your blood tested, and your doctor to check your iron levels.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles? Banish Under-Eye Circles Forever

Here are some home remedies and at-home dark circle treatment options you can try:

  • Cucumber

    Vitamin C and water-rich cucumbers are the perfect soothing, nourishing moisturisers for your under-eye. It also contains silica, which makes your skin tissue healthier.
    Woman With Cucumber On Eyes
  • Cold compress 

    Take an ice pack or a wet cloth and place it on the under-eye area, to reduce the darkening of the skin by holding the blood vessels in place.

  • Tea bags

    Yes, you heard this right! Caffeine in the tea bags can stimulate blood circulation under your eyes and reduce puffiness with its antioxidant properties. Do it yourself using these simple steps:
    • In hot water, boil two tea bags. Once cooled, place them on your eyes.
    • If you keep the cooled tea bags in the fridge, the soothing is even more effective.
    • Which tea bags can you use? The best ones for this purpose are black tea bags, green tea bags, or herbal tea bags.

  • Antioxidant rich products

    Natural skincare products rich in antioxidants can lessen dark circles, when applied regularly to the areas darkened. A cold-pressed, antioxidant-rich oil is how  you can  get rid of dark circles under eyes, in a hassle-free yet all-natural way.  A cooling, soothing coconut based oil product for skin is all you need. You can try out the Coco Soul Melt Balm. It is extracted from raw coconuts from Indian farms, is 100% unrefined, prepared carefully in a no-heat process, and rich in the required MCTs and nutrients for your skin. How can you use it?
  • First, remove any makeup residue from your face, and cleanse it with a mild face wash. This will prep your skin and get it ready to absorb the coconut oil.
  • Take a teaspoon of coconut melt balm and apply it under your eyes, using your fingertips, gently massaging it into your skin for 30 seconds.
  • Once the coconut balm is absorbed into your skin, you’ll notice that it looks less oily. However, since the texture of the oil is slippery, it is ideal to apply it before you go to sleep. Let it work its magic overnight!

    Dark Circle  Prevention Tips

    One of the best ways you can tackle dark circles is by changing your lifestyle. Choosing what is good for your skin, and your health, will result in spot-free, glowing skin. Here are some choices you can make to prevent dark circles:

    • Sleep at a regular time, avoid staying up for many hours at night, and apply an under-eye cream before you go to sleep.
    • Release the stress, indulge in self-care activities, and ensure holistic health with daily routines.
    • Wear hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and cover yourself if you are exposed to the sun for a longer period, to avoid or reduce dark circle formation.
    • Smoking and alcohol tend to fasten the process of ageing, which in turn speeds up the development of dark circles. Stop these two habits that could harm your skin and body.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Dark Circles (FAQs)

    1. How to get rid of dark circles?

      A few ways to do this is by following home remedies such as using  cucumber slices or cold compression, maintaining good sleeping habits and a diet that revives your skin, and using an under-eye oil or cream to reduce dark circles.

    2. What causes dark circles under the eyes?

      There are many d dark circle causes, although a lot of us feel it is just

      fatigue. Lifestyle habits, allergies, deficiencies, ageing processes, and even genetics contribute to the appearance of dark circles.

    3. Can dark circles go away? How to reduce dark circles?

      Dark circles can be reduced or lessened with the help of home remedies and a change in one’s


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