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Do's And Don’ts Of Using A Shower Gel

A morning shower to start off the day or an evening bath to wash down the day’s tiredness - if this is what your regular shower routine sounds like, it's time to switch things up.What if we told you all your showers can be more than just a wash and leave? Ditch your body soaps and move to using shower gels to change the mere showering to a rejuvenating routine. But before you start dreaming about enjoying a relaxing shower using shower gels, it is important to know how to do it right. The next time you head to a shower, remember these simple do’s and don'ts of using a shower gel and how to use shower gel to get the most from your showers.

how to use shower gel

The Dos of Using A Shower Gel

  1. Choose a body wash according to your skin
    When you introduce your skin to a new skincare or body care formulation, your skin takes about 2-4 weeks to adapt and accept the shift. If you make a sudden shift from synthetic to natural products, your skin may take longer to adjust to the change. So, look for ingredients that your skin is familiar with and has no side effects. Most shower gels are formulated for a specific skin type, look at the label carefully and choose your gel accordingly.

  2. Do invest in a loofah as well
    Apart from retaining the shower gel foam, loofah is also extremely helpful in exfoliating the dead skin cells. You can use loofahs made of natural threads, hemps, or any environmentally friendly alternatives.

  3. Do scrub really well
    For any shower gels and body wash to work and kill bacteria off your skin, you need to scrub it across each body part for at least 20 seconds. Scrub the shower gel across your body really well with a loofah to get rid of all the grime and bacteria from your skin.
how to use body wash gel

The Don’ts of Using A Shower Gel

1.Don’t use a body wash on your face

No matter how good the ingredients of your body wash are, it isn’t meant for your face. The skin on your face is extremely delicate compared to that on your body and it requires a milder and personalised cleanser. So, never use body wash to cleanse your face.

2.Don’t use chemical- laden shower gel

If you want to treat your skin well, spare it from the chemical- laden shower gels. Conventional shower gels have chemicals such as sulphates, which make them lather really well. However, these have lasting side effects on your skin such as eczema flare ups, dry, irritated skin and more. Using a gentle shower gel made with natural ingredients is the best way to treat your skin with care.

3.Don’t be aggressive

While taking a shower or after, do not rub your skin vigorously with a loofah or towels as it can irritate your skin and lead to flaking. Scrub your skin gently with loofah and when you are done with your shower, pat dry your skin with soft towels.

You can also read our blog on ayurvedic skincare and pick an ayurvedic skincare routine that can help you take your skin to a whole other level!

What Should You Look For In Your Shower Gel?

Any shower gel you pick up should be free from sulphates and balance your pH levels

Parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)/sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), and formaldehyde are some of the ingredients you need to avoid at all costs. The best shower gels are the ones made with natural ingredients. If you are looking for a natural shower gel, we recommend using Coco Soul’s virgin coconut shower gel.

Coco Soul’s virgin king coconut shower gel also contains the goodness of turmeric and gotu kola. This shower gel purifies and rejuvenates the damaged skin and cleanses your skin while leaving it moisturised. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent your skin from bacterial infections. Gotu kola is known to fight skin sagging and coconut is perfect for hydration and moisturisation of your skin. All of these ingredients make a perfect mix for an everyday shower gel.

coconut shower gel

How To Use Body Wash Gel:

Step 1: Rinse off well

Rinse your body really well with lukewarm or a slightly warmer water just to create steam in the shower. This will help open pores of your skin and help the goodness of your shower gel penetrate really well.

Step 2: Wash your hair first

It is a no- brainer to wash your hair first and body later because everything from a shampoo washes down your body. Hence, you should wash your hair first so you can clean all the residue from shampoo and conditioner layered on your skin.

Step 3: Lather your shower gel well

Apply roughly about two tablespoons of a body wash onto your loofah and lather it really well across your body. The rich lather of a shower gel helps exfoliate the skin really well and help get rid of dead skin layered on the skin.

Step 4: Wash up and dry gently

Scrub your body really well in gentle motions without causing abrasions to the skin. Once you are done with your shower, pat yourself dry with a soft towel.

For a more rounded approach to skincare, you can read our blog on how to use a face wash the right way and unlock its full benefits.

Frequently asked questions on body wash shower gels:

1.How to apply shower gel?

  • Rinse your body well with lukewarm water
  • Apply around two tablespoons of shower gel across your body
  • Gently scrub it off with a loofah
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water
  • Pat dry your skin with soft towel

2. How much shower gel to use?

Many of us tend to use way too much product when we do not know how much shower gel to use. If not rinsed off well, the shower gel can leave a sticky residue on your body. Using too much shower gel can strip off the natural oils from your skin.

3. Can I use shower gel daily?

If you use a moisturising shower gel, you can continue using it every day. If your shower gel lacks moisturising elements, you can alternate shower gel with a foaming soap.

4. Is it bad to use shower gel?

As long as you are using shower gels with natural ingredients, you can apply shower gel daily.


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