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Silicone free moisturizer? Keep your skin hydrated naturally

Words like "smooth," "velvety," and "silky" immediately come to your mind when thinking of the texture of your ideal skin hydrating moisturiser and following  skin hydration tips. Is that right? It may be obvious, but that's the first thing that comes to mind. But what makes our creams so soothingly smooth to touch? The answer is silicones. Silicones have been under the radar of dermatologists and beauty gurus for a long time now, but not really for good reasons.

When researching silicones on the internet, you'll discover that there are many articles that claim that silicones clog pores and cause acne, although other articles have the exact opposite opinion.

We wanted to get to the bottom of the debate surrounding silicones and whether they are harmful or necessary in skincare products and how to hydrate skin naturally if we are to eliminate silicone from our skincare and skin hydration tips

What Are Silicones?

Synthetic silicones, or polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), are silicone polymers. These are emollients, which seal the space between dead skin cells, giving you a feel of soft and even texture.

Since silicones do not mix with sebum, they are commonly used in cosmetic products for the face, such as creams, lotions, moisturisers, and primers. So how to keep skin hydrated? And is using silicones in the moisturisers worth it?

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Side Effects of Silicones in Moisturisers

Silicones are occlusive, so there are varying reports that it can clog pores and cause irritation as well as prevent other ingredients from absorption. Let us find out some common side effects of silicones in skincare products and know why you should switch to silicone free body lotion.

1. Silicone can clog your pores

If you are wondering how to keep skin hydrated, silicones are not the way to go about it. Due to its barrier-forming properties, silicone can enlarge pores and encourage the formation of blackheads and acne. It traps bacteria, impurities, dirt, and sebum in the skin. This can interfere with your normal sweating process, resulting in formation of blemishes on your skin. It also prevents your skin from breathing properly!

2. Silicone blocks your skincare from absorbing into the skin

In addition to leaving a residue, silicone makes other products and ingredients less effective. Since it leaves a barrier on the skin, silicone prevents skincare products from absorbing into the skin the way they should. As a result, they become less effective, preventing you from getting the full benefit and effect from them.

3. Causes breakouts and acne

Silicone creates a barrier onto your skin, making it hard to breathe. This causes skin irritations and acne, especially for people with sensitive skin, and makes it even more sensitive. Silicone- free body lotion soothes your skin without inflaming the skin.

4.Silicone can dehydrate your skin

The silicone seal can affect your skin’s pH and prevent the moisture from seeping in. Lack of moisture in the skin often results in fine lines and appearance of wrinkles.

5.Silicone slows down cell turnover

With silicone layered over your skin, it can be hard for your skin to naturally shed dead skin cells without silicone trapping it.Having learnt all there is to about why you should using silicones in skincare, read up on the uses and drawbacks of silicon for hair. This creates an imbalance in cell regeneration.

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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Silicone- Free Moisturiser

  • Silicone- free body lotion and skin hydrating moisturisers are usually labeled "oil-free" or "non-comedogenic", so be sure to look for them. However, you can also check the product classification labels to make sure you're buying a silicone-free product.
  • Look for silicone- free moisturisers that are preserved with Vitamin E or other botanical oils so that they won't go bad too quickly. You can also look out for the shelf life of the product.
  • The silicone- free moisturiser generally can require a little more time to soak into the skin so it may need to be left on a little longer before you can rinse it off.

Try Coco Soul:

If you are wondering how to hydrate skin naturally, Coco Soul body lotion is everything you need. Created with the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda, the goodness of virgin king coconut oil, and the magic of sandalwood and welmi this silicone- free moisturser is everything you need to keep your skin moisturised at all times! With its organic ingredients, this delicious-smelling Coco Soul nourishing body lotion is a genie in a bottle. This natural body lotion’s lightweight texture melts in your skin to penetrate deep into the skin cells, while its ayurvedic properties give you a visibly moisturized glow and firm skin from the very first application. With a luxuriously silky and non-greasy consistency, this ayurvedic body lotion is perfect for daily use.

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Frequently asked questions on silicones in moisturisers:

1.Should skin hydrating moisturiser be silicone free?

Silicone clogs your pores by trapping in impurities and bacteria. Silicone enlarges the pores making it easier for formation of blackheads and acne. Follow some easy skin hydration tips at home to get rid of the acne and make a switch to silicone free products.

2.Is silicone in lotion bad for you?

Our skin sheds the dead skin cells and makes way for the newer ones. When silicone is added in our everyday routine, it interferes with the process of cell production. Which disrupts the natural process of our skin production. Which is why it is harmful to use silicones in body lotions.

3.Is silicone good in a moisturiser?

Silicone as a chemical feels like a layer of silk on the skin which in turn makes us fall for the faux smooth finish on the skin. They are formulated to fill up the cracks on the layer of our skin which is why you may find silicones heavily used in primers as well. Use silicone free moisturisers and skincare products to keep your skin from any damage.


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