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4 Tips to Treat Your Skin Hangover

The one thing that we mostly resort to every time we want to celebrate or for a social outing is alcohol. But how many times have you woken up the following day with a headache, dodgy belly, and dried-out, touchy skin? This overindulgence in liquor from a heavy night out unleashes ruin on basically every part of the human body, yet for the present, we will address what it means for your skin - and all the more critically - how to battle that dull, hungover skin complexion.

Well, if you’re going through a hangover - we recommend you drink a cup of coffee. But for a skin hangover, let us take you through some tips and ideas to avoid skin rashes due to it too.

Woman Concerned About Her Skin

Effects of alcohol on skin and body

Short term impacts

These impacts are transitory, which an individual can experience on the day following an evening of drinking:

  1. Dehydration

    Liquor is a diuretic, which means it helps the body make and deliver more urine. This implies that the body loses more water and salt than expected. Drinking liquor with soda or any other beverage can cause a lack of hydration, which might influence an individual's skin. It can also give rise to-
  2. Flushing

    Flushing is a typical symptom of drinking alcohol. Liquor might animate the arrival of receptors, which can make the veins under the skin widen. This can make an individual's skin tone look flushed or excited.
  3. Sleep Interruption

    Drinking liquor can make an individual dose off quicker, it’s a common perception. However, if an individual indulges in  late night drinking, they may likewise stay awake until late or not rest at all. 1-2 nights of disrupted sleep can cause temporary changes to a person’s skin, including:
    Woman Drinking Water

    Long-Term impacts

    Changes in the skin and rashes due to alcohol are frequently observed in individuals who drink frequently. Further more, if you drink alcohol regularly, the transient impacts like dry skin and flushing, might turn into a constant issue. It can also cause skin changes because of alcoholic liver illness.Some effects of frequent drinking on a person's skin consist of:

    1. Expanded hazard of skin infections: Bacterial and fungal infections  are bound to happen in individuals who drink liquor unreasonably. This is because liquor debilitates the resistant framework and can diminish the body's capacity to consume supplements. 

    2. Increased chance of skin malignant growth: Liquor brings down your body’s natural guard against infections, making it susceptible to infections, malignant growth, and rashes, thereby causing more harm than expected.

    3. Skin changes because of alcoholic liver sickness: Prolonged consumption of liquor can lead to health problems in an individual's liver, like hepatitis and cirrhosis. These circumstances can cause different changes in the skin, including:
    • jaundice, or yellowing of the skin
    • hazier skin around the eyes
    • telangiectasia, or noticeable veins on the face, neck, and chest

    Here’s how to treat your skin after a hangover

    1. Drink chilled citrus, cucumber, and mint-infused water to ingest the calming properties of the ingredients. 

    2. Liquor is notorious for irritating both inside and outside of our bodies. At the point when puffiness strikes, be sure to look out for the benefits of ice on face. All you need are some ice cubes and a  clean muslin cloth. Place the ice cube inside the cloth and delicately press it against the inflamed areas of your face for 15-20 seconds. You aresure to notice a difference and witness the benefits of ice on face.

    3. Pick a moisturising face cleanser to reestablish moisture to the driest of skin.  We recommend you try the Coco Soul Revitalising Face Cleanser that is toxin-free and goes deep within your skin to give it intense hydration as well as detoxification. 

    4. By drinking bounteous measures of liquor, you repress your skin's capacity to recover and generate new cells, which is the reason it's essential to give your skin some assistance. Try adding retinol to your skincare routine for a quick solution.


    No matter how much fun you have while drinking alcohol, the hangover will always show on your skin. Take good care and don’t forget to hydrate yourself for an instant recovery. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about skin hangover and its side effects

    1. Does alcohol age your face?

      Lack of hydration can drain your skin of dampness,, prompting droopiness, dryness, and dark circles.  At the end of the day, liquor use can make you look old.

    2. What amount of time does it require for your skin to work on after halting drinking?

      As per an article in Metro, it is stated that your skin takes almost a week or more to recover from the damage that alcohol may have caused. That being said, if you follow good preventive measures and drink enough fluids, the healing process can become faster.


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