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Introduction to Ayurvedic Hair Cleanser

Every hair cleanser is designed to cleanse our hair, remove excess oil and dirt from our scalp, and nourish our hair for healthy growth. When every shampoo does this, going through lists of hair shampoo online and finding a perfect one shouldn’t be daunting at all, right? The answer is a big no! Even if every hair cleanser’s primary task is to cleanse our hair, the benefits and effects are different for different hair types and scalp.  So, how do you decide which shampoo is better for you and suitable for your hair type? The first step is to carefully understand your hair type and the problem areas you need to target. If you and your entire family use the same shampoo, chances are you are doing it wrong. Just like our skin texture differs from one another, so does our hair and scalp type. The best way to combat this problem is to go all-natural. An ayurvedic shampoo is blended with the goodness of herbs that promote good hair health across all hair types as compared to chemical ones. Introduce your hair to Coco Soul’s hair and scalp shampoo that is made using natural ingredients like virgin king coconut based hair oil, godapara and Kikirindiya.

Benefits of Using Coco Soul Pure Hair Cleanser

Blended with the goodness of Virgin King Coconut based Oil, and the magic of Kikirindiya and Godapara, Coco Soul’s hair and scalp shampoo is created with the wisdom of Ayurveda. Being a gentle cleanser, this hair shampoo mildly washes away the dirt and impurities from the scalp without stripping away your scalp’s natural oils. With each hair wash, Coco Soul’s hair and scalp shampoo unclogs the hair follicles and strengthens the roots to give you bouncy, soft, healthy, and manageable hair. 

  • Being an ayurvedic shampoo, it does not contain any harmful chemicals and gives you healthy hair from roots to ends
  • Coco Soul’s hair and scalp cleanser is a gentle and mild herbal shampoo that is suitable for all hair types
  • The herbs in this organic shampoo help soothe the itchy scalp and protect it from inflammation without damaging the hair shafts
  • Coco Soul hair shampoos are  100% vegan and aren’t  tested on our furry friends, making it a cruelty-free product
  • Coco Soul’s Ayurvedic hair shampoo is free of harsh chemicals such as DEA, petrolatum, parabens, and sulphates that are proven to be harmful for your hair health
  • With its Ayurvedic and other natural ingredients, it is one of the best natural hair cleansers that effectively reduces dandruff and boosts hair growth

Coco Soul 100% Pure Hair Shampoo

Godapara: Trusted by many ayurvedic experts, godapara is widely used to purify and soothe the itchy and flaky scalp and help treat dandruff. It also helps strengthen the roots while detangling stubborn hair.

Kikirindiya: When infused in a pure hair cleanser, Kikirindiya helps prevent baldness. It is a wonder herb that boosts blood circulation in the scalp, promoting hair growth in the process. It also effectively treats scalp conditions like dandruff and hair fall.

Virgin King Coconut based hair Oil: Packed with several benefits, virgin coconut based hair oil helps prevent breakage and gives you long, shiny hair. The natural antioxidants nurture and moisturise your hair from the scalp to the tips.

Say Goodbye to Hair & Scalp Concerns with Coco Soul Pure Hair Cleanser

Improve hair health: Every conventional shampoo is formulated to cleanse your hair well, but sometimes they clean it to a point of stripping off the natural oils produced by your scalp, leading to dry hair. When your scalp is dry, it tends to get itchy and cause more harm to your skin. If you have a sensitive scalp, you are more prone to inflammation caused by chemical shampoos. Coco Soul’s hair and scalp cleanser washes your hair gently and leaves it softer and smoother.

Mild and promotes hair growth: Coco Soul’s hair and scalp shampoo are made of natural ingredients that effectively help soothe the hair follicles and scalp. The blend of kikirindiya, godapara and virgin king coconut based hair oil promotes hair growth, soothe the scalp, and improve the texture of your hair. An Ayurvedic shampoo effectively imparts the goodness of ayurvedic extracts into your hair and scalp and enhances the growth and maintenance of your hair.

Suitable for all hair types: Free from harsh chemicals, this Ayurvedic hair shampoo is mild and enriching for all hair types. Since plant-based pure shampoo is mild, they are also ideal for those with coloured hair. 

Browse through the haircare range of hair conditioner and pure shampoo online at Coco Soul to avail the goodness of Ayurveda in your haircare routine.

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