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Hair Conditioner

hair care combo
Hair Care Combo - Shampoo + Conditioner

400 ml

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Introduction to Ayurvedic Hair Conditioner

Imagine this, you are running late for work or simply feeling lazy, so while washing your hair, you conveniently skip the conditioner. And honestly, not conditioning once or twice will not harm your hair, right? If you nodded in agreement, then it’s time to stop and change this habit. Whenever we wash our hair, the first thing our inner lazy girl contemplates is skipping the conditioner. While a shampoo cleanses your scalp and keeps it clean, a conditioner helps restore moisture and prevent frizz and dryness. Hence, using a conditioner is crucial but so is choosing the best hair conditioner. While a shampoo should be chosen according to your scalp type and its concern, a conditioner is chosen in accordance with your hair type and texture. Picking the right and the best hair conditioner might seem difficult but not when you choose an ayurvedic conditioner blended with plant-based extracts. Unlike chemical-laden conditioners, ayurvedic hair conditioner is gentle on your hair and maintain your hair’s natural shine without leaving any chemicals. An ayurvedic conditioner helps detangle and manage your hair easily and leaves you with frizz-free and gorgeous hair. When there are so many benefits of using a hair conditioner, it becomes important to include an ayurvedic hair conditioner in your hair care routine to get better results.

Benefits of Using Coco Soul’s Best Hair Conditioner

Coco Soul’s hair and scalp conditioner is created using the goodness of organic virgin king coconut oil and a potent mix of plants derived from ancient Ayurveda. Ingredients like virgin king coconut oil, hibiscus, and lunuwila strengthen your hair shafts and leave your hair moisturised, soft, frizz-free, and manageable. With its lingering aroma, this natural hair conditioner is nothing less than a magic formula in a bottle. Now, use this Ayurvedic conditioner on your hair after every hair wash to make your hair grow healthier and more manageable.

How Coco Soul’s Best Hair Conditioners are 100% Pure and Chemical-free

Hibiscus: A widely used herbal plant, hibiscus aids in hair growth from the dormant hair follicles, help cover bald patches, and combat dull hair and dandruff. Apart from protecting your hair from falling,  hibiscus also adds volume to your hair and strengthens the hair from the root.

Lunuwila: This ancient herb is known for restoring damaged hair. It also prevents premature greying, reduces split ends, and promotes healthy hair growth.'

Virgin King Coconut Oil: Packed with several benefits, virgin king coconut oil helps prevent breakage, and gives you long, shiny hair. The natural antioxidants nurture your hair from the scalp and moisturise your hair well.

Say Goodbye to Hair & Scalp Concerns with Coco Soul Pure Hair Conditioner

Add volume to your limp hair: If you have limp and oily hair, cleanse your scalp thoroughly and use the Coco Soul’s scalp and hair conditioner to intensely repair your hair from within. Made from ayurvedic extracts, the ingredients reverse hair damage and bring life to your lifeless hair.

Add moisture to your dry hair: When dealing with lifeless locks, remember to compensate by moisturising them. Coco Soul’s pure hair conditioner benefits you by moisturising, hydrating and soothing your hair shafts. It balances the moisture level in your mane and yet leaves it light as bouncy.

Avoid frizz in your hair: Packed with the goodness of virgin king coconut oil, Coco Soul’s hair conditioner prevents frizz and breakage. If you have chemically-treated hair, this natural conditioner works wonders as it restores damaged hair and brings life back to the frizzy ends of your tresses.

FAQs on Hair Conditioner:

1. Can I wash my hair with a conditioner?

Washing your hair with only conditioner can lead to overly soft hair and end up being brittle. Since conditioners aren’t formulated with cleaning agents, it’s best to first cleanse your scalp with a shampoo and follow up with a conditioner to have smooth and manageable hair.

2. Is it OK to use conditioner without shampoo?

Shampoos are effective in unclogging the hair follicles and getting rid of dirt buildup and other impurities.  A conditioner as the name suggests conditions and moisturises your hair, making it manageable. While you can use a conditioner to tame frizz and combat dryness, it is better to first use a shampoo to get rid of the dirt and product residue, and then, follow it up with an ayurvedic conditioner to restore your hair’s moisture.

3. Can hair conditioners be used on the scalp?

Do not apply hair conditioner to your scalp as it will only make your scalp oilier. A conditioner does no good for the scalp as only your hair needs hydration and moisturisation. If you are looking to nourish your scalp as well, you may find a scalp conditioner online that nourishes your scalp and doesn’t harm your scalp skin. Run your fingers through the mid-lengths of your hair to the ends, let it stay for a few minutes and rinse it off. 

4. Is a conditioner necessary for your hair?

Using the best hair conditioner is absolutely necessary for your hair. While every hair type can benefit from the goodness of a hair conditioner, if you have dry and dull hair, it’s best to use a hair conditioner each time you wash your hair.

Browse through the haircare range of hair shampoo and pure conditioner online at Coco Soul to avail the goodness of Ayurveda in your haircare routine.


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