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Ayurvedic Hair Oil – Long Strong & Black | From the makers of Parachute Advansed | 95ml

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Our Cocosoul Long Strong & Black range is made with select Ayurvedic Kesha herbs and oils which are recommended by Ayurvedic Acharyas for long strong and black hair.
Net Weight : 95 ml

Shelf Life : 24 months

Country of Origin : India

Manufacturer Name : Krauter Healthcare Ltd.

Manufacturer Address : Krauter Healthcare Ltd. B-44 Sector-80, Phase 2, Noida 201305

Marketeer Name : Marico Limited

Marketeer Address : Marico Ltd,7th floor, Grande Palladium, 175, CST Road, Kolivery Village, MMRDA Area, Kalina, Santa Cruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098

Generic Name : Hair Oil

Ayurvedic Hair Oil – Long Strong & Black | From the makers of Parachute Advansed | 95ml

₹ 279 Regular price ₹ 399


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Papori Das
Best Product

You get the full goodness of coconut along with added benefits of Kalonji. Its light on hair, smell is exotic

Rashi Singh
I'm loving this new

I'm loving this new oil by Coco Soul. My hair is stronger, more shiny and my scalp feels a lot more healthy. I've been suffering from chronic hair loss in the past but since I started using this product, my hair has been fully on its way of recovery. I am really impressed with how well it has worked for me.

Jessica Chugh
I am Proud to

I am Proud to say that I have been using Coco Soul's Long Strong Black Oil for just over 2 weeks now and I can feel my hair getting stronger, longer and healthier with each use! It has a great smell, it's not greasy or sticky and you can't beat the price point!

Mahi Gautam
Coco Soul has been

Coco Soul has been a life saver for my hair. I have really thin hair, and after using this oil for a few weeks, I've been able to get so much more volume and thickness. It's really given me the courage to do more with my hair. In addition to this, the product smells amazing. It smells like coconuts!

Shubha Yadav
I've been using Coco

I've been using Coco Soul for a couple of weeks. My hair is so much thicker and healthier, I can tell from the way it feels and looks. The one thing that really sets this apart from other oils is that i can feel it actually working. From the time I get out of the shower to when my hair dries.The smell of hibiscus and the magical properties of sesame and amla have done wonders.

Ankita Nagpal
Coco Soul has been

Coco Soul has been the answer to all my hair problems. I've been using it for a couple of months now and the difference it's made is incredible. My friends have even commented on how beautiful my hair looks and they're not wrong! It's grown super fast without any sign of slowing down, as well as getting thicker and shinier with every use. Since

Grow Your Hair Longer With Virgin Coconut Based Hair Oil

Are you person who regularly oils the hair? If not, it’s time to start. A healthy scalp is where it all begins. Oiling your scalp means massaging into it the much-needed dose of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants that can nourish your hair. According to Ayurveda, Hair-oiling or Shiro Abhyanga is considered a cure for all your hair issues. Regular practice of hair oil or Shiro Abhyanga, helps extract any excess doshas (vata -pitta) that get accumulated on the scalp. Cocosoul from the makers of Parachute have created Cocosoul Long Strong Black Hair Oil made traditionally using Tel Pak Vidhi and 30 herbs to help you achieve your hair goals!

Oiling your hair is also a perfect way to compliment your efforts of shampooing and conditioning your hair - hair oils are the perfect companions! The best kind of oils out there are the all-natural, herb-infused ones, but among them all there’s a favourite that’s been passed on from generation to generation for ages. It’s coconut oil. Owing to its wholesome range of benefits, virgin coconut based oil is 100% unrefined, pure, and sourced from the raw coconut farms.

Also known as ‘narikel’ in ancient ayurveda, virgin coconut oil is the master coolant and soothing agent. It is intensely hydrating, moisturising, and conditions the hair to make it grow long and strong.

The Virgin Coconut Based Oil For Long, Strong and Black Hair From Coco Soul

Imagine all the effective hair care herbs packed into a bottle of ayurvedic goodness - that is what Coco Soul’s Long, Strong and Black Hair Oil is. Boosting the growth of your hair, it is made with select ayurvedic herbs which are recommended for long, strong ‘kesha’ or black hair. 

  • Virgin coconut oil - Made with A1 Grade cold pressed Virgin Coconut oil, the hair oil conditions the hair to grow into longer, stronger strands.
  • Bhringraj - ‘Keshav’ in ayurveda, the ingredient literally translates to ‘hair’. It helps reduce hair loss, promotes the growth of new hair strands by strengthening your hair follicles, and gives long, black hair.
  • Black seed - This ingredient has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-aging, and hair growth boosting properties, making it an essential in caring for your hair.
  • Methi - A staple in cooking, this pantry ingredient is loaded with lecithin which makes the hair healthy and strong. It helps hydrate and condition your hair. The lecithin in Methi helps in strengthening dry and damaged hair from the roots.
  • Sesame oil - It is rich in Vitamin A & E, which provides nourishment to the scalp and reduces hair fall. It nourishes the scalp, protects hair from the damaging effects of sunlight and pollution, and strengthens hair shafts and roots, thus giving you the desired long strong & black hair.
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