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Coco Soul Body Lotion | With Coconut, Sandalwood & Ayurveda | Paraben, Silicones & Mineral Oil Free | 100% Vegan | 200ml

Price:₹ 382 MRP: ₹ 425
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Enriched with Virgin King Coconut Oil, Sandalwood & Welmi

Moisturize your Skin with Coconut Rich & Paraben Free Body Lotion which contains Shea Butter Body Lotion that helps to keep your skin hydrated.



100% natural actives


Cruelty Free Testing


Free from Chemicals


Made Safe Certified

Shelf Life: 24 months

Country of Origin: India

Net Weight: 200 ml

Manufacturer: Stella Industries

Generic Name: Body Lotion

Marketeer: Marico Limited


Coco Soul Body Lotion | With Coconut, Sandalwood & Ayurveda | Paraben, Silicones & Mineral Oil Free | 100% Vegan | 200ml

₹ 382 Regular price ₹ 425


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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Vishruta Rahul Moondra
Lovely moisturizer

I absolutely love how amazing my skin feels. Makes the skin super soft and moisturizes very well.

KN Mallick
amazing product

Amazing premium product for men and women.

Sakshi Jaiswal
A godsend for dry skin!

Of all the body lotions I have purchased over the years, I would rate the Coco Soul body lotion as the best body lotion for women. Its combination of chemical-free, ayurvedic ingredients like coconut oil, welmi and sandalwood have saved me so much grief over my skin, which needed applications of lotion/oil twice a day because of how it was but now looks soft and radiant after just one liberal application of Coco Soul. I love it.

Shaurya Dixit
A non-greasy body lotion suited for men

I was looking for a natural and nourishing body lotion when I stumbled upon Coco Soul's body lotion with coconut oil, sandalwood and welmi. I've been trying to find a lotion that doesn't make my skin oily the moment it starts to get a little warm and I've been disappointed - until now. Providing just the right amount of moisturization to the skin and with no trace of oiliness even after hours of application, I will say that the Coco Soul lotion is the best body lotion for men.

Ayushi Gupta
The best ayurvedic body lotion

Coco Soul's body lotion for women is the best ayurvedic lotion ever! I'm honestly in love with this product right now. It smells great, it's not filled with chemicals, it makes my skin glow, it has reduced my dryness problems by a lot and it's very affordable compared to other products that advertise the same benefits. I don't know what more you could ask for from a lotion. Coming to when to apply lotion for the best results, I'd say, right after a shower is best and has been very useful for me!


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