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Why Choose Coco Soul:

“When I say COCO, you say NUT”

Because that’s all you need, believe me! Imagine you were stuck on an island, what’s the first thing you’ll probably see?  If we aren’t wrong, most of you will guess coconuts.
We’ve all seen it in the movies! And it’s not a wild guess. 

It’s a superfood, it’s a multitasker, it's magical and it’s incredible. 

And most importantly, it’s quite versatile. You can consume it as a superfood, use it for cooking, or apply its oil on your skin and hair. So, now when there are too many brands, products, ingredients, processes, formats, influencers, reviews… *sigh* confusing you with multiple options, you can continue to rely on coconuts. 

So, we made it the soul of our brand – COCO SOUL 

For gorgeous hair, beautiful skin and good health.

It’s all you need!

Ayurveda has cracked it all! 
We may be a little late to express our love for coconut, but  the Ayurvedic literature is filled with praise for it. Did you know that the coconut’s sweet taste is nothing but a combination of Earth and Water elements that play an important role in Ayurveda’s core philosophy? Ayurveda speaks highly of the benefits of consuming coconut internally and using it  externally.  So, it worked wonders when we combined the 6000-year-old Ayurveda and the superfood coconut.

Just tender-loving goodness!
KIND TO YOU: Coco Soul is free of parabens, sulphate, DEA, mineral oil, silicone, phthalates, petrolatum and more. In short, we are 100% natural and 0% everything else.

KIND TO OUR FURRY FRIENDS: You do not have to be an animal rights activist to know what is cruelty-free shopping. We detest testing any of our products on animals, and neither do we use any form of animal by-products. Coco Soul is 100% vegan, made of ethically sourced, certified organic ingredients.

KIND TO MOTHER EARTH: We package our products using reusable and recyclable materials because the environment is BAE. There is no Plan or Planet B.

Best Selling Products of Coco Soul- There is nothing a coconut can’t do!

Best Selling Hair Care Products:

Combat hair and scalp problems with the magical properties of coconuts. It not only leaves your hair strong and healthy but also makes it look and smell great. We at Coco Soul have created the ultimate hair care range that includes a shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil that will put life into your dull hair and free you from every hair woe. Powered with the goodness of virgin coconut oil and the best  Ayurvedic herbs, Coco Soul’s hair care range is everything you need and more. 

Best Selling Skin Care Products:

Coconuts contain  hydrating vitamins that nourish the skin’s protective layer and trap the moisture inside, keeping your skin shining and glowing. The addition of some highly effective and beneficial Ayurvedic herbs into our skincare range not only gives your skin extraordinary results but also gives you a therapeutic experience. Rich in active botanicals and antioxidants, Coco Soul’s skincare range needs to fill up your skincare cabinets, if they haven’t already. 

Best Selling Oils:

The Coco Soul virgin coconut oil is curated  using the No-Heat* Process. The oil has all the vital nutrients preserved, with a rich aroma and flavour of real coconuts. It helps maintain good health and supports weight loss in the long term. Virgin coconut oil at Coco Soul is the highest grade coconut oil extracted from freshly harvested coconut farms in India

Try Trial-Size Products

Coco Soul’s trial-sized products are best when you want to try our products before committing to using them. Shopping for trial size also means shopping for travel size. With space constraints in the travel bags, we don’t want you to go on a vacation without looking and feeling your best, or leaving behind multiple bottles of skincare products. Shop our trial size products to easily use them as a travel kit.  

Hear from our customers:

Face Care Product Reviews & Skincare Product Reviews

“Tbh, coco soul face scrub had turned  my face! Going from acne-prone to  clean and clear skin in just a few uses was something I never expected to happen. I would truly recommend this to people with dry / combination skin. Give it a try, it’s worth more than ever! Lovin' it” - Shruthi S

“I was devastated by the fact that various skincare brands were testing  their products on animals. I'm totally against such animal abuse, so I was searching for brands that do not promote  animal testing and that's when I came across Coco Soul. Their products are 100% vegan. I also tried their natural face wash and it worked really well for me. I would highly recommend others to use this revitalizing face wash for glowing skin.” - Ketaki Bharuka
“This is the best hand and nail cream. It gets absorbed easily without leaving a greasy feel to your hand. This moisturizing hand cream reduces dryness  and penetrates deep into your skin to nourish and hydrate it from within. It is also very easy to use - just take a dime-sized amount of this hand cream onto your palm, rub it against your palms and then slather it all over your hand and nails. I would definitely consider buying this hand cream again.”- Hanaa Khan

“Loved this product the last time I used it. The shower gel gives a very fine and aromatic fragrance to the body. The lotion keeps the body hydrated the whole day!” - Grace Periera

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