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The Range of Combo Products on Coco Soul

Every once in a while we are looking to refresh our skin, body, and hair care routine. Most of us are guilty of applying tons of chemical products to our skin which do more harm than good. and if you too are making the same mistake, then why not take a break from this habit. We at Coco Soul believe that the healing touch of nature-based skin and hair care solutions is unmatched and incorporating them into our daily routine is a must. Taking inspiration from mother nature, the Coco Soul range is infused with the goodness of cold-pressed, food-grade organic virgin king coconut oil, sourced from Sri Lanka. This goodness is further blended with the best of Ayurvedic herbs that are specifically curated to combat skin and hair problems faced in the modern-day.

Our choicest selection of the Coco Soul product range now includes some of the finest haircare, skincare and face care combos that you should definitely lay your hands on. The Coco Soul combos are basically nature’s goodness packed in a bottle. Stock these products in a hair care, skin care, and oil combo or individually to get the best for your skin and hair.

Advantages of Buying Combo Products

Flawless Face Combo: Start your mornings with a fresh dose of rejuvenation with the Coco Soul flawless face combo, which consists of a revitalising face wash and a face scrub. After going through chemical-filled products, damage from the sun, and bad skincare, our skin deserves extra TLC. Coco Soul understands the need for gentle skincare that is packed with ayurvedic goodness, and their face combo is a perfect blend of the same and ideal for daily use.

Hair Care Combo: Starting a hair care routine means going through bottles of shampoos and experimenting with what suits us the best. Switching to organic and ayurvedic cleansers and conditioners is the healthier way to get to your hair goals. Coco Soul’s hair care combo that includes a hair cleanser and conditioner is a perfect duo to combat your hair problems such as hair fall, frizziness, dandruff, itchy scalp and more.

Body Care Combo: While following a face care routine religiously, it’s equally important to take care of the skin neck down. Coco Soul’s body care combo that includes a body lotion and shower gel gives your morning the right start and leaves you with glowing and intensely moisturised skin.

Nourishing Body Combo: After a long day, all you want to do is cuddle up in the bed and enjoy a good spa-like experience. We understand your thoughts, which is why we have brought the spa to your doorstep. With Coco Soul’s nourishing body combo, you can now enjoy the goodness of a spa from the comfort of your home. This combo of body butter, hand cream, and foot cream will leave your skin moisturised, soft and healthy.

Best Products to Include in a Skin Care Routine

Just like your facial skin, your body too needs moisturisation and a little extra pampering. Using a shower gel and locking its goodness with body lotion will enhance your morning skincare routine. The best products to include in a skincare routine are shower gel, body lotion, and body butter for intense hydration that lasts all day. Coco Soul’s skin care combo is curated to give effortlessly healthy skin.

Best Products to Include in a Hair Care Routine

From the texture of your hair to the hairstyles you like to flaunt, your hair care routine and concerns depend on various factors. However, maintaining your mane shouldn’t be hard when you have the right products on the shelf. Regular oiling, cleansing, conditioning, and using a hair mask once in a while will definitely change your hair for the better. The best products in a hair care routine include chemical-free shampoos, conditioners, and all-natural oil. Coco Soul’s hair care and oil combo will enhance your hair health by preventing hair fall, breakage, damage, and dandruff.

Best Products to Include in a Face Care Routine

You should always choose face care products that suit your skin type and combat its multiple concerns. Once you understand what you are looking for in the routine, you should research the ingredients of the products. However, if you are looking for an effortless routine, the best products to include in a face care routine are a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser, and serum. Coco Soul’s ayurvedic face wash and face scrub gently cleanse your skin from dirt, impurities and prep your skin for a healthy radiant glow.

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