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It's all you'll ever need!

Imagine you were stuck on an Island and the only thing that could help you survive, What would that be? COCONUTS right? Of course we’ve all seen it in the movies! And it’s true. It’s a superfood, it’s a multitasker, its magical and it’s incredible. Now imagine you are not on an Island, but you’re still stuck with so many brands, products, options, ingredients, processes, formats, influencers, reviews… *sigh* While all you still need is a COCONUT. So, we made it the soul of our brand and created a 100% chemical-free, vegan product. For gorgeous hair, beautiful skin to good health - All you need is Coco soul.

We went nuts on Coconuts!

It was love at first sight! When we saw the coconut’s versatility and nurturing properties, we knew we had found the one. As we got to know it better, we understood that the coconut loves us as much as we love ourselves! Know why? Because it leaves us feeling nourished, hydrated and fragrant all day! How romantic right? Our obsession grew bigger when we got to know that coconut oil gets swiftly absorbed into our skin as its molecular structure is similar to that of human sebum. Talk of a fairy tale romance! And then we couldn’t wait anymore. With this obsession we went ahead and created 100% ayurvedic and vegan products with virgin coconut oil at its core. And powered with naturally occurring antioxidants and active botanic, these products deliver extraordinary results! We call it COCO SOUL

Keeping up with traditions!

While we may not look like it, we are still a 100% Ayurvedic brand! Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing science, has always emphasized holistic wellbeing. From gut-healing concoctions to rituals that help revive dull skin, the benefits and offerings of Ayurveda tap into every sphere of your life. The Coco Soul range has been created using natural ingredients and traditional Ayurvedic principles in a way that is relevant to 21st-century skincare, hair care, and health concerns, leaving them less prone to the detrimental effects of the environment. As luck would have had, pairing the goodness of King Coconut & the Magic of Ayurveda, truly brings out the best in our body, mind & soul!

The luxurious escapades of the coconut

Get the perfect hair flip moments with our Coco Soul Hair Care Range. It gives your hair the smooth, soft, lustrous, voluminous, moisturized textured you’ve always wanted. Yes! It’s all you need coz it does it all. Our products are Suitable for all hair types (Straight, Wavy or Curly). Great for dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

This is all that you need! Competent of doing everything that you use it for, there is no other superfood like the King Coconut! It increases your cognitive powers, helps you manage weight, keeps your heart healthy, adds an incredible flavour to your meals and makes cooking-at-home an aromatic experience.

Fall in love with your skin all over again! Coco Soul boasts of a nourishing and rejuvenating goodness that’s going to leave skin soft, supple and moisturized. It’ all you need for that ever-glowing, ever- radiant, silky, smooth, dewy, youthfully glowing, acne-free, clean & clear skin you crave for


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