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Based on 679 reviews
My hair growth has

My hair growth has increased over months after including coco soul in my hair routine.

I feel blissful while

I feel blissful while massaging my daughter with this oil. I feel a bond I have never before. Thankyou Coco Soul.

A pure product which

A pure product which is the best for toddlers. I have been using it for months and there are no side effects.

I applied it on

I applied it on my hair and noticed visible shine and smoothnes. Will definitely use it for body and skin too.

It's quite affordable despite

It's quite affordable despite of it's amazing quality and natural ingredients.

I massage his head

I massage his head with this ayurvedic oil, I can already see baby hair. It's amazing.

I use it as

I use it as a lip and body moisturizer and I am not disappointed! Love the coconut-y fragrance.

Would recommend it to

Would recommend it to moms looking for chemical-free baby oils. This coconut oil is magical.

Oh I love this

Oh I love this coconut based balm. The texture is to die for.

My itchy scalp and

My itchy scalp and dandruff have gone down . I apply it thrice a week and the results are evident.

It just feels very

It just feels very natural because of its aroma and ingredients. Recommended for those who love Ayurvedic products.

Wow! My hair fall

Wow! My hair fall has reduced so much after regular application of this oil. Thankyou Coco Soul.

Absolutely worth the buy,

Absolutely worth the buy, easy to use and carry for multiple purposes.

It feels great on

It feels great on my skin. Consistency is very satisfying. It works wonders for my hair and skin.

Smells divine! Recommended for

Smells divine! Recommended for those who love coconut based products in their self care routine.

This Melt balm is

This Melt balm is a multi-tasker. For me it works best on hair and skin.

Smells nice, has a

Smells nice, has a gentle effect, and has no chemicals. Everything I needed for my baby , I got in one oil

Amazing product. I wanted

Amazing product. I wanted to try something new and safe for my baby and turns out this was the best choice. Must try everyone

It's has developed my

It's has developed my baby's muscles stronger, I could feel his body becoming healthy!

My baby's best massaging

My baby's best massaging buddy. I regularly massage my toddler with this baby oil and he seems to love it.

Amazing ! The fragrance,

Amazing ! The fragrance, the consistency and the purity. 10/10 recommended.

Is very gentle on

Is very gentle on my baby's skin. I only go for natural products and this one's perfect.

A must try hair

A must try hair oil. The Ayurvedic nature of the oil appealed to me and I am not dissapointed.

My mantra to relax

My mantra to relax after a hectic day is a traditional head massage with vit e hair oil.

I love coconut based

I love coconut based hairoils and this one is by far the best.


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