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3 Types of Oils That are Good for Your Hair and Skin

Are you confused about what to add to your daily hair and skin care regimen? The answer to all your queries is oil. No doubt, these days, there are different types of oils. As every other product in the market has chemicals as its main ingredient, it is wise to opt for natural oils. Here we have come up with everything you need to know about the best oils for skin and hair.

Benefits of oiling hair and skin

Whether it's a skincare regimen or hair care regimen, oil is good for hair as well as for skin; here are some benefits: 

  • Different types of oils can keep both scalp and skin hydrated 
  • Improves hair growth along with strengthening
  • Prevents dandruff and offers shiny, smooth hair
  • Best oils for skin will keep the skin from losing moisture
  • Soothes and calms the skin 
  • Protects the skin, keeping the bad stuff out

Best oils for each hair type and common hair problems

  • Best for fine hair
  • Argan oil- Argan oil is among the best oils for hair as it is rich in vitamin E and comes with antioxidant properties. It helps in sealing moisture, restoring hair elasticity, and making overall hair smooth and shiny. 

  • Best for curly hair
  • Avocado oil- Do you have dry and frizzy hair? Then a great option here is Avocado, as this oil is good for hair because of its minerals. Besides, something that makes avocado oil a wonder oil is it helps to seal the cuticle cells, which as a result, prevents hair breakage. 

  • For curly hair 
  • Coconut oil- If you have curly hair, you can surely reap the benefits from coconut oil. It is widely used among the best oils for hair due to its moisture-boosting goodness and nutrients. It not only helps in reducing protein loss in hair but also improves overall scalp health. 

    Common hair problems

    • Dandruff- This is commonly faced by everyone and needs no introduction. Many people consider it to happen due to poor hygiene, but the reason behind it is dry scalp and excess sebum. However, the best way to get rid of it is by using an appropriate shampoo. 

    Shampoo from Coco Soul is best for those who want manageable and smooth hair. It is because it comes with all-natural ingredients and causes no risk of side effects. It gently washes away the dirt and keeps the scalp well balanced. 

    • Dry hair- Another common problem with hair is roughness. Too much exposure to the sun, pollution, chemical products and heat styling lead to dry hair, and the best way is to choose the right conditioner.

    Conditioner from Coco Soul is a great choice as it comes with no sulphate and paraben. Besides, it is powered by the goodness of coconut oil. Simply put, it is no less than a magic formula in a bottle. 

    • Hair loss- Another hair problem that takes away a peaceful night's sleep is hair loss. From hormonal imbalance, stress, and wrong products to superficial treatments all lead to hair loss. However, you can treat your hair loss by switching to mild shampoo and essential oil.

    Best oils for each skin type and common skin problems

  • Best for dry skin

  • Lavender- This oil is good for the skin because it comes with anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing redness and repairing dry skin along with naturally hydrating the skin. 

  • Best for oily skin

  • Rosemary- Rosemary oil is another best oil for skin that is great for oily skin. It comes with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which help in keeping excess sebum at bay. Besides, it also helps with greasy hair, and reduces dandruff problems. 

  • Best for mature skin and anti-ageing 

  • Jojoba- Jojoba oil comes with natural fatty acid properties. It is known for being lightweight. It is the best option for a skincare routine as it helps the skin stay hydrated, prevents bacterial infections, and helps the skin fight against oxidative stress. It is another best oil good for the skin. 

    Common skin problems

    Sunburn- A common skin problem faced by all is skin tanning. Too much exposure to harmful UV rays turns the skin red and affects skin cells, leading to sunburn. The best thing you can do is prevent it, which is better than treating it. And the most effective way is to use sunscreen. 

    Acne- Acne is another common skin disorder. It starts in the early teens and is really difficult to treat. From blocked hair follicles and skin glands to hormonal changes, acne stays a part of our life. However, if left untreated, it can leave permanent scars. So, seek guidance from the best dermatologist in town. 

    Bacterial skin infections- Even though bacterial skin infections are common, they can lead to serious life-threatening diseases. There are many reasons for the causes of bacterial infections. The best option is to contact experts. However, you can also prevent it with good face and hand washing techniques. 

    Using body lotion from Coco Soul can help you keep the bacteria away as it is enriched with organic ingredients. Besides, there is no risk of harmful side effects as it has natural herbs. So expect your skin to glow. 


    Be it in the 20s or 50s, all of us should understand that it's never too late in paying attention to ourselves. So choose and grab the best types of oils and make them a part of your daily routine. You can also seek help from professionals if required. 


    1. What oils should you avoid in your hair?

      Mineral oil, lemon oil, and castor oil can ruin your hair health. Also, using different types of oils and excessive use of oil can mess with your hair scalp. Besides, make sure the type of oil you choose should match your hair health.
    1. What oils should I mix for hair growth?

      There are several best oils for hair, but not everyone can give you better results. However, peppermint oil + grapeseed carrier oil is great for hair growth. Besides, one must also consider having a healthy and protein-rich diet for hair growth. 
    1. Is coconut oil good for your skin and hair?

      Coconut oil is good for hair as well as skin. It keeps the skin moisturized and keeps the hair in perfect condition. It is rich in fatty acids and has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that prevent hair and skin damage. 


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