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7 Impressive Benefits Of Brahmi For Hair That You Probably Didn'T Know

The ayurvedic realm is filled with herbs enriched with medicinal properties that are meant to heal and transform your hair and skin health. If you are tired of emptying countless bottles of chemical–laden hair products with no effective results, this might be a good time to invest your time and trust in the ayurvedic goodness for your  hair care. Often known as the herb of grace, brahmi benefits for hair

What is brahmi for hair?  are way too many to not believe in its goodness for  your hair and skin, once used effectively. 

From the roots to leaves and even the flowers, the entire brahmi plant can be used for hair and skin, and calm your nerves as well. While brahmi comes with a plethora of health benefits, the way it treats your hair is outstanding. Regular use of brahmi in the form of oil, powder, or infused in your hair care product can leave you with voluminous, stronger, and lustrous mane. 

Brahmi powder when combined with other potent herbs can stop your hair from falling out, repair damaged hair follicles, and keep the hair healthy overall. 

It is possible to use Brahmi oil in forms, but if you add it in your daily hair care, you will have the hair of your dreams. 

Once you've learned how to use natural ingredients to take care of your hair, you can  visit our blog to see how to use coconut oil and shea butter for your skin care problems.

brahmi plant

7 brahmi benefits for hair

  1. Prevents  dry and brittle split ends
    Brahmi powder coats your hair naturally, and protects it from drying. Brahmi eliminates dryness, itchiness, and flaking. It also has the ability to reduce split ends, and make your hair lustrous. 

  2. Regulates hair loss
    Regular application of brahmi strengthens your hair roots and  keeps them well-nourished. This herb is loaded with nutrients that can benefit your hair. Due to its biochemical composition, it is effective in treating temporary hair loss.

  3. Eradicates dandruff
    The Brahmi tree is beneficial for hair care as it nurtures the scalp efficiently, turns it healthier, induces enough moisture in it, reduces dandruff, and nourishes the hair shaft as well. 

  4. Reduces Hair Fall
    Brahmi oil is outstanding as a dry scalp treatment and for hair fall prevention. It has antioxidant components that revitalise the scalp and promote healthy hair regeneration. 

  5. Deep cleans the scalp
    Brahmi has antioxidant properties that ensure the scalp is kept clean. Adding brahmi into your  cleanser can ensure you have a healthy scalp that is free from any irritants. 

  6. Has soothing effects
    After a long day at work, massaging your scalp with brahmi oil can leave you with a soothing effect. Brahmi is a great source of antioxidants, which nourishes your hair effectively. So, enjoy stress-free and healthy hair by adding brahmi into your daily hair care routine. 

  7. Enhances hair health
    Brahmi is known to calm us when consumed or applied topically. It reduces stress and anxiety. This allows your healthy scalp to promote hair growth.
hair before and after using brahmi

Try Coco Soul:

Coco Soul's Hair Conditioner is formulated with organic virgin coconut oil and a potent blend of plants derived from ancient Ayurvedic traditions. The infusion of Ayurvedic herbs such as hibiscus and  lunuwila (the Sinhala name for  brahmi) strengthens your hair shafts while the organic virgin king coconut oil moisturises the scalp to give you soft, bouncy, and manageable hair. Use this natural conditioner every time you wash your hair to make your hair stronger and more manageable. This conditioner's lingering aroma is no less than a heavenly- smelling magic elixir.

  • The hibiscus extracts in this natural hair conditioner reduce hair breakage and boost volume.
  • Read about the various benefits of using hibiscus oil for hair here.
  • This conditioner is also free from mineral oils and harsh chemicals such as silicones, parabens, sulphates, and more, making it one of the best hair conditioners enriched with lunuwila that you can use regularly.
  • Coco Soul products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free as they are not tested on animals.
  • Coco Soul hair and skin care products are certified by MadeSafe® and are thus safe for use on your hair.
  • Going natural can be a great solution if you've been struggling to find a formulation that works effectively for your scalp and hair. It's not enough to know the benefits of this natural hair condition; incorporating it into your daily hair care routine is also important.

    Frequently asked questions on brahmi benefits for hair:

    1. How to use brahmi oil for hair growth?

      Regularly applying Brahmi oil to your hair produces noticeable results, such as reduced dryness, itching, and flakiness. So, your hair looks healthy at all times. It also reduces hair loss to a considerable extent, and is known to promote hair growth as well. Use it directly onto your scalp or add it with a carrier oil to make a concoction. 

    2. Can we apply Brahmi powder on hair?

      Yes! By nourishing the roots well and accelerating hair growth, brahmi powder keeps the scalp skin cool and strengthens the hair follicles. This can help alleviate dry scalp issues, which includes dandruff, itching, flakiness and leave your scalp well- nourished. 

    3. How to use brahmi powder for hair?

      • Mix organic Brahmi powder with an equal amount of organic amla powder and organic shikakai powder.
      • Add in some water to make a thick paste.
      • Apply it on wet hair, leave it on for at least an hour before rinsing it off.
      • For best results, use it as herbal shampoo regularly.

    4. How to make Brahmi oil at home?

      1. Mix equal amounts of coconut oil and sesame oil and bring it to boil.
      2. As the oil starts to boil, you can add brahmi leaves or brahmi powder to the oil and stir it gently.
      3. Once the oil starts to thicken, take it off the flame, cool it down, store it in a container and use as required.
        This is one of the easiest recipe of how to make brahmi oil at home.

        If you’re wondering  how to use brahmi powder for hair correctly, the answer is plenty. There are more than one ways to use brahmi on your hair, but no matter which method you choose, always run a patch test before you begin with your DIY.


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