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Ayurvedic Skin Care

What is Ayurvedic Skincare?

Ayurveda is the goodness of a 5000-year old science blended with modern techniques. Home to  Ayurveda, its ancient wisdom is highly used and recommended in India. Ayurvedic skincare has a holistic approach in treating your skincare woes and giving you healthy skin from within. Unlike harsh chemical treatments, using Ayurveda for skin is simple, uncomplicated, and can be easily incorporated into our daily skincare routine. If you are disappointed with the empty promises of skincare products, it is time you switch to Ayurveda for healthy skin.

The Importance of Ayurveda in Skincare

Ayurveda holds a strong belief in creating a good balance. Your skin is a direct reflection of the balance you maintain outside and inside your body.  Before embarking on an Ayurvedic skincare journey, you should understand what works for you best and create an effective routine accordingly. Ayurveda and skin co-exist with Vata (air), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (water) - the three Doshas that help you create a unique routine that is tailor-made for your skin concerns.

Unlike the usual skincare routine, Ayurveda for skin works like a great cleanser from within. Since the 7th century BC, natural remedies have been proven to help you attain healthy skin. Using Ayurveda for skin is beneficial in more than one way and its goodness is also backed by science.

With the combination of the right ingredients, Ayurvedic herbs and properties help enhance the collagen in your skin. Using Ayurvedic ingredients also  diminish scars and pigmentations by up to 40%. Filled with anti-ageing and antifungal ingredients, following a routine with Ayurveda for skin might just be the best idea for your skincare.

FAQs on Ayurvedic Skin Care:

What does Ayurveda say about skincare?

Ayurveda is one of the leading ways to heal your skin from any skincare woes such as ageing, fine lines, dull skin texture, flaky skin, and more. Ayurveda has been followed by our ancestors for many years, and is one of the oldest healing properties in India, has now found a special place in the vanity and skincare kits of most skincare enthusiasts. Besides skincare, Ayurveda has also evolved in varied aspects such as wellness, spiritual and mental health and more. 


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