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Onions Are Good For The Skin! Here’s Why

We all remember onions as the food staple that makes us ‘cry’ – the juice is so pungent and strong that it makes natural tears roll down our face. This ingredient, that is used to add flavour to food and keep our bodies healthy, is also beneficial in keeping our skin healthy. 

While most people  probably use onion juice for hair to grow it longer and thicker, today we'll share  the surprising benefits of onion for the skin!

Girl Holding Onions

What’s In An Onion?

The secret of onions is sulphur – a magical component in skin care remedies and products. It dries out your skin, just enough to treat acne and balance the pH levels of oily skin. The sebaceous glands inside our skin produce sebum oil, and when excessive amounts of this oil are produced, our skin’s complexion and health is affected. Enter: the vitamins A, C, and E-enriched kitchen staple – onions. They help target and treat this for you!

Benefits Of Onions For Skin

When you first read the article’s title, most of may have pulled back at the thought of applying this tear-inducing kitchen staple on your skin. The benefits of onion for your skin and face will convince you! Here are a few benefits for the skin and face:

Is onion good for your skin? It is AMAZING for your skin! Some of the most important onion oil benefits for skin include:

  • Removal of toxins – It keeps your skin purified, healthy, and glowing by flushing out the harmful toxins from the body. It also prevents the damage caused by various skin infections. 
  • Collagen production – Healthier skin cells are produced by consuming or applying onion on the skin, this reduces infections and boosts skin regeneration.
  • Protection from sun damage – Onion is an ingredient that is rich in vitamins A, E, and C, along with minerals, and antioxidants. This powerhouse of nutrients acts like a shield inside your body when your skin is exposed to the sun.

Is onion good for the face? It is MIRACULOUS on your face! Some of the most important onion juice benefits for face include:

  • Acne breakouts are prevented – The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of onion make it a great solution for acne-prone skin.
  • Signs of ageing reduced – Quercetin, a plant pigment, found in onions helps reverse or slow down ageing of the skin, and helps you get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.
Onion & Onion Juice

How To Use Onions For Skin: Ways to Include It In Your Routine

  • Onion juice: Among the various onion juice benefits for the skin, it is especially useful for pigmented and soft lips. Before you go to sleep, apply a mixture of vitamin E and onion juice over your lips, and one month into this routine will make your lips naturally pink again. Another way you can use onion juice is by mixing it with aloe vera gel to treat acne scars. Let the mixture stay on your scar area for ten minutes, before you rinse it off to see results.
  • Onion oil: Just like coconut oil for the hair, you can apply onion oil on your skin. Nourishing it right till the roots, onion oil makes your skin soft and supple. The onion oil benefits for the skin don’t stop there – it also treats acne breakouts, reduces dark spots, and pigmentation. You can learn how to treat dark spots using onion oil here.
  • Onion face pack: Onion’s effectiveness in lightening your skin is incomparable to any other kitchen staple. It buffs away your dead skin layer, and stimulates your skin to reveal a natural glow. Since onion juice used independently may not be the best way to achieve this, you can try making a face pack by mixing  a teaspoon each of onion juice and gram flour, and add to it  half a teaspoon of milk cream. Apply this face pack every single day for approximately four months to see the glowing difference!
    Onion Oil

Another easy and effective way to use onion oil for your skin is by mixing it with a carrier oil like coconut based oil. After all, if you’re choosing the natural way with a natural ingredient, you may as well give ayurvedic herbal remedies a try too. Coco Soul is brand who’s ethos is based on ancient ayurvedic wisdom, and all its products are formulated with pure and organic coconut based oil, mixed with herbs. 

You see onion is good for your skin, don’t you? Get cutting and head on over to Coco Soul to check out the wide range of natural ingredients-infused skin care products to try on your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions on Benefits Of Onion For Skin (FAQs) 

  1. Can I use onion on my face everyday?

    Yes, you can apply it on your face every day, in the form of a juice. The acids in onion juice make it the ideal remedy to remove dark spots and scars from your face. Another one of the major onion juice benefits for the skin is the increase in cell turnover – giving you brightened skin.

  2. Is onion good for the face?

    Yes, daily application of onion extract or juice on your face helps remove dark spots. The vitamin C-rich vegetable is your nature-inspired remedy to reduce redness, fight acne breakouts, and brighten your skin by rejuvenating your skin.

  3. What does an onion do to skin?

    Here’s what makes an onion good for skin – they are enriched with sulphur, and a mix of vitamins A, C, and E. This helps dry out your complexion, giving you reduced signs of ageing and a brighterned, even skin tone.


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