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Bloom Your Skin Health With These Two Floral Ingredients

Flowers are the greatest gift of nature to mankind. They are a great way to brighten up someone's day even when they come in the form of skincare. Yes, for ages, floral ingredients have been the cornerstone of skincare and cosmetics. 

Though earlier they were just used for their fragrance and colour, now FMCG brands have understood the advantages they come with. For instance, the brands like Coco Soul have infused the best flowers for skin into their products so that people can benefit from it and aid their skin problems. 

However, if you are longing for healthy skin, keep reading till you find out how you can make it bloom.

Different Flowers Good For skin

How Can You Introduce Flowers to Your Skincare Regime?

  • Hibiscus

One of the flowers used in skincare is hibiscus. It is known to have a variety of beauty advantages besides dealing with anti-ageing issues. 

Red Hibiscus


When we talk about the benefits of hibiscus for skin, the petals of this flower come loaded with Alpha Hydroxy acids, AHA's, and properties that fight ageing issues. Also, it comes loaded with an element called Mucilage that moisturises the skin and protects it from experiencing outbreaks. 

How to Use Hibiscus for SkinCare? 

You can use hibiscus for skin as a scrub or a mask, while on the other hand, you can also opt for drinking hibiscus tea as it assists in detoxification. Learn how you can use hibiscus for hair care here.

  • Marigold 

    Using Marigold for skin care is  a great choice. Being loaded with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, Marigolds are known for their healing nature. 

    Marigold flower

    This makes marigold ideal for people with sensitive skin. Besides that, people who are dealing with sunburns, and dehydrated, saggy or dull skin can also opt for it. As marigold comes loaded with nineteen carotenoids, it helps in revitalising the dead skin cells.

How to Use Marigold in SkinCare? 

You can choose to use it as a face mask or a scrub by mixing it with other ingredients including yoghurt and lemon juice. For better results, use an organic face wash from Coco Soul that comes with the goodness of virgin coconut oil, Neem, and Ayurveda herbs. Being free from all types of cruelty and chemical impurities rejuvenates your skin and makes it smooth.

Best Flowers for Skin and Their Benefits

Before you add any floral ingredient to your skincare regime, discover how different flowers are good for the skin.

  • Roses 

    When talking about how flowers are good for skin, you can’t just exclude mentioning roses. This flower tops the list as it comes with extremely beneficial qualities for the skin.

    Be it moisturising dry skin, treating acne problems, or getting rid of inflammation - adding rose to your skincare regime can promote healthy skin.

    You can also expect the benefits of a rose for the skin to eliminate bacteria and help in gaining an even skin tone.
  • Jasmine 

    The benefits of jasmine for skin and hair have been known by individuals for centuries now. 
    Jasmine Flower
    People use it induced in oil as a skin hydrating agent so that the skin does not lose its moisture. Anyone dealing with dehydrated, scaly, dull, dry, or ageing skin can use Jasmine for skin to keep all problems at bay. 
  • Lotus 

    The next flower used in skin care is the lotus. It is quite predictable that you must have come across multiple products induced with lotus in your lifetime. 

    Lotus Flower

    Being loaded with vitamin C, lotus for skin helps to get a radiant glow. While the presence of vitamin B and other balancing properties keeps the sebum production in control which further prevents clogged pores, acne, and other skin-related problems. Here are some more flowers good for skin.

Pro Tip (For Busy Bees)

If you live a busy life and have no time to add the best flowers for your skin as a home remedy, then you can simply depend on using products induced with them. 

For instance, you can opt to use Natural Face Scrub from Coco Soul which is rich in coconut besides sandalwood and other Ayurvedic herbs. Being 100 % Vegan in nature, this organic face wash would lower the oxidative stress and keep your skin hydrated throughout.

Natural Face Scrub


Frequently Asked Questions for Blooming the Skin Health

  1. Which Flowers Are Used To Make Skin Creams?

    A flower that is used to make skin cream is Chamomile. Being anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal in nature, this flower is used in skin care as it offers relaxation. 

    Other than that, it moisturises the skin to keep it hydrated and nourished. However, if you do not find Chamomile, then you can opt for using Coco Soul Body Butter which helps in achieving flawless skin. Having the qualities of shea butter, Lodhra, and coconut oil, it heals the damaged skin and removes the dryness instantly.
  2. Which Flower is Best for Skin?

    There are a variety of flowers that are good for skin and come with multiple skin benefits. However, among all of them, Lavender is mostly used as it is considered to be a potent skincare product.

    Being loaded with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it keeps acne and other skin problems at bay. If you have sensitive skin, there’s good news for you as this flower is good for sensitive skin and one can use it as a natural toner.
  3. Is Lotus Good for Skin?

    Yes. Lotus for skin is considered to be the best as it has the properties which balance the skin alongside keeping the sebum production maintained. 

    It does not matter how long you have been dealing with acne, clogged pores, or blackheads- lotus can help with it all.


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