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Summer Skincare Tips According to Ayurveda

An ayurvedic skincare routine is so much more than a standard skincare routine: it’s a way of life. It is holistic and encompasses beauty care from within, as well as on the skin. 

Ayurveda is steeped in history and finds a mention in tomes such as the Rigveda and the Atharvaveda. The Ayurveda mantra, ‘True beauty comes from within,’ is simple to understand. It’s about awareness, truth and purity in the products you use and the lifestyle you lead. 

Ayurvedic skincare – a holistic approach

Ayurvedic lifestyle and skincare sound daunting, but it’s simple once you get into the routine. These summer skincare tips are easy to incorporate into your life. Let’s check them out.

How to use the Ayurveda skincare routine and cosmetics for skincare during summer? 

summer skincare tips

Step 1 - Cleansing with Coconut oil

Coconut oil is cooling and soothing, and its lightness makes it perfect for the skin. Ayurveda advocates the use of coconut oil for body and face massage for summer skincare

It’s a great skincare ingredient as it reduces inflammation, heals wounds, and moisturises the skin.

Step 2 - Exfoliating with Sugar 

Sugar works wonders as a great exfoliator. It is said to be cooling, and it also encourages cell repair. For better results, you can mix sugar with aloe vera to get the added benefits of aloe vera. If the thought of sugar on your skin doesn’t appeal, you can go for sulphate and paraben-free face scrubs. This summer skincare tip is so easy to follow!

rose water for skin

Step 3 - Toning with Rose Water

The scent of roses is invigorating, and rosewater as a toner is the natural way to get soft and supple skin. Ayurvedic tips for healthy skin say that rosewater toner hydrates the skin, controls blemishes, and leaves your skin supple and smooth. The heavenly scent is a mood enhancer and just the thing to put you in relaxation mode. Aloe vera and essential oils such as lavender and chamomile are great toners too.

moisturizer for summer

Step 4 - Moisturising with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is nature at its best. It can be a boon in summer as it prevents sun damage and sunburn, making your skin glow with good health. The best part -- it can work just as well as a toner. Getting your hands on aloe vera in its natural state isn’t difficult. If you don’t want the hassle of scooping out the goo, you can opt for aloe vera coconut oil. 

A few other wonderful natural moisturisers for an Ayurvedic skincare routine are:

  • Coconut oil - Rub gently into your skin and wash off after ten minutes, or leave it on overnight.

  • Olive oil - As with coconut oil, you can wash it off after a while or leave it on overnight.

  • Honey - Apply on clean skin and wash off with warm water after ten minutes.

    While home remedies are an excellent choice for beauty, you can also rely on products that are chemical-free as they too double up as amazing beauty aids. And since you know they are chemical-free, you can relax and enjoy their goodness. 

The product close to my heart is Coco Soul Shower Gel. This shower gel has everything going for it. It contains coconut, is sulphate and paraben-free, does not contain mineral oil or silicone, and is 100% vegan. Let’s find out why this shower gel is worth a second look.

Benefits of using the Coco Soul Shower Gel 

Coco Soul shower gel is made up of natural products such as turmeric, gotukola and virgin coconut oil, that have upmteen medicinal benefits. And since these products don’t contain chemicals, your skin is in safe hands!

  • Turmeric

    Turmeric needs no introduction. Not only is it a staple in Indian kitchens, but it’s also a go-to ingredient to tackle almost every ailment because of its multiple medicinal properties. As it is anti-inflammatory, you will probably notice your blemishes and scars diminishing. It is also antiseptic and repairs and calms the skin. 
  • Gotukola

    Gotukola is not very well-known, but that doesn’t take anything away from its remarkable properties. This wonder herb fights skin sagging and promotes the production of collagen. And the best part? It’s tough on cellulite -- every woman’s bane! So, be prepared to see a firmer, younger-looking you!
  • Virgin King Coconut oil

    Coconut oil is almost magical. It’s loaded with umpteen natural antioxidants and is great for skin hydration. It contains good fats that combat dryness and nurture the skin, not to forget that it promotes cellular repair too.

With this arsenal of super ingredients, this product is a must buy. A shower was never so much fun! 

Summer diet, the Ayurveda way

Ayurveda has a bounty of secrets for better health and beauty for summer skincare. An important factor that can bring a natural glow to your skin is good digestion. When your body is able to absorb and assimilate the nutrients from your diet, you attain inner beauty that can not be surpassed. 

To get that much-desired inner glow, follow these summer skincare tips. What’s more, all these summer skin tips are super economical, so you won’t burn a hole in your pockets while trying them!

Summer skincare tips

Summer heat, mingled with sweat and grime can damage the skin, causing breakout. And this makes summer skincare an essential part of your lifestyle. Let’s look at these summer skincare tips:

  • Don’t consume cold and fizzy drinks in summer. While they are tempting in the summer heat, they inhibit proper digestion of food and create ama or toxins in the body. 
  • Do hydrate your body. Around 6-8 glasses of water are ideal. Herbal teas that contain lemon or ginger are a good way to stay hydrated as they aid digestion.
  • Do eat pitta-balancing foods such as vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Carrots, zucchini, leafy vegetables, pears, grapes, and mangoes are excellent for controlling pitta.
  • Don’t eat spicy, sour or salty foods to avoid aggravating your pitta. This Ayurvedic skincare tip is a must.
  • Include milk in your diet as it is nutritious and hydrates the skin. 
  • Do follow a regular skincare routine to tackle the damaging effects of UV rays. Deep cleanse the skin using a gentle Ayurvedic cleanser. This is an essential summer skincare tip. 
  • Do use herbal moisturisers such as turmeric, amla and aloe vera. Vegetable masks made of ingredients such as avocado, papaya and cucumber are splendid options for summer skincare
  • Do avoid going out in the midday heat. If you need to go, use sunscreen and carry an umbrella. 


Ayurveda skincare tips are not only a way of life, they also bring you closer to nature. While cosmetics are great for covering up blemishes and highlighting your strong features, the beauty that shines through with your holistic approach is iridescent and timeless. 


  1. Does Ayurveda recommend the use of sunscreen?

    Most sunscreens are chemical-based and may contain harmful synthetic ingredients sourced from plants. Ayurveda suggests using products from tested sources to tackle sun protection the natural way. 

  2. What should you apply on your face in summer, according to Ayurveda?

    Essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood and geranium are amazing ways to protect your skin from UV rays. Cold-pressed coconut oil and sesame oil are also beneficial for UV protection.

  3. What is the best way to balance pitta during summer?

    Consume cool food rather than hot, and avoid heavy, spicy and dense food. Drink fruit juices and refreshing lemon or mint-infused water instead of alcohol or caffeine.

    Skincare is easy once you know which kitchen products work for your skincare routine. You can always shop for Ayurvedic skincare products if you want an easier way to glowing skin


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