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Magic Of Mushrooms! Here's Why Mushroom Is The Latest Buzzword In Skin Care Regimen

Popular in the culinary world, mushrooms have become the latest buzzword and the most used ingredient for skincare. Whether you use it internally or topically, mushroom's benefits for the skin are excellent. And if you're still in doubt, then here is everything you need to know about why mushrooms should be your new favourite skincare regimen.  

The history of using mushrooms for skincare 

Do you wonder why mushrooms in skincare are becoming a more significant trend in the beauty industry? The biggest reason is that people are opting for safer products than chemical products.

Another reason is that chemical products come with harmful effects, while natural ingredients offer healthier results. And this is why for hundreds of years, countries like China and Japan have been using mushrooms in health and beauty products. 

Rooted in Chinese culture, we have known the magic of mushrooms and the benefits of mushrooms for skin for thousands of years. Mushrooms restore not only vitality but the right mushroom skincare recipes correct imbalances. Simply put, mushrooms are magical and considered a useful tool for healthy skin. 

The many benefits of using mushrooms for skincare 

Doubting the benefits of mushrooms for skin? Be it any skin type, mushroom into your skincare is a welcome addition. The best thing is that you can reap the benefits both topically and by consuming mushrooms. Here are some of its benefits : 

  • Fights against Anti-ageing 
    A great benefit of using mushrooms on the skin is that it helps fight against anti-ageing problems, giving a youthful appearance. Besides, it also helps remove damage and other skin problems relevant to age, such as liver spots and uneven skin tone. 
  • Reduces inflammation
    Another benefit of mushrooms for the skin is that it helps in reducing swelling and inflammation. Because mushrooms have several anti-inflammatory components, such as Ingolic and phenolic compounds. Besides, it also speeds up the body's healing process. 
  • Treats acne 
    Another benefit of mushrooms for skin is that it helps in treating acne. Skin sensitivity causes acne, which leads to swelling. However, when topically applied, mushrooms can quickly help you get rid of acne as it comes with healing effects and is full of vitamin D.

What types of mushrooms can you use on your skin, and what benefits do they specifically have?

Should you be adding mushrooms to your skincare regimen? Wondering what makes mushrooms so unique in skincare? 

  • Snow mushroom night cream 
    Does your skin lack hydration? Or do you have naturally drier skin? Then one great thing which you can do is opt to use mushroom products which would not just leave your skin hydrated but smooth as well. 
    Using night cream that has the goodness of mushrooms would help you have the glowing skin that you have always been craving. Also, it will eliminate the dullness besides keeping it radiant throughout. However, for better results make sure to use an organic face wash from Coco Soul, which comes with the richness of virgin coconut oil, and Ayurvedic herbs and is free from chemicals. It deep cleanses all impurities and dirt away from the face and gives a fresh and radiant look all day.

  • Shiitake mushroom
    Are you looking to gently fade dark spots or uneven skin tone? Shiitake mushroom is what you need. It is rich in phytonutrients, vitamin D as well as vitamin B. 
    Benefit- Be it hyperpigmentation, scars, faded dark spots or overall complexion, Shiitake mushrooms not only come with skin brightening qualities but also are the most delicious. It has the presence of high levels of kojic acid that not only helps to obtain an even skin tone but also brightens and soothes the skin. Besides, you can also directly reap their benefits as there are excellent mushroom skincare recipes.

  • Finnish Chaga
    Tired of treating your suntanned skin? Applying Finnish Chaga mushroom on the skin is a great option you should consider. It is loaded with melanin and protects against harmful UV rays. 
    Benefits- It helps fight against the sun's most destructive powers. Not only this, but it also helps protect against skin cancer and gives skin a healthy glow. It is also an excellent mushroom skincare recipe as you can simply add it to your tea and consume it. 

If you do not find Finnish Chaga anywhere, then you can opt to use Coco Soul body lotion as an alternative. The body lotion is free from paraben and chemicals, and it comprises 100% natural ingredients. It is perfect for daily use because of its lightweight texture. Besides, it also repairs sun damage and dull skin.


From skin essentials to trendy wellness supplements, mushrooms are now everywhere you look. Mushrooms help boost skin health in a multitude of ways. Simply put, mushrooms in skincare act as a very versatile ingredient. And the best thing is that you can either reap its benefit by consuming mushroom extracts internally in your daily diet or can add it to your skincare products. 


  1. Which mushroom is best for skin?

    The best mushroom for skin includes Reishi mushroom, Chaga mushroom and Tremella mushroom. 

  2. Which mushroom is good for acne?

    The most widely used mushroom for skin is the Reishi mushroom to treat your acne. It reduces skin sensitivity, heals acne scars, and strengthens the body's natural immunities. We consider them the best in topical skincare because of their hydration and antioxidant properties.

  3. Do mushrooms boost collagen?

    Mushrooms come with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Also, they contain proteoglycans that help stimulate collagen and elastin production. 


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