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Struggling with Hormonal Acne? These Ayurvedic Remedies Can Come to Your Rescue

Hormonal acne is bigger and more painful than regular pimples. And the worst thing is they end up causing damage to the skin. It follows you everywhere, from teenage to adulthood, and doesn't fade away easily or soon. So if this is your problem, and you’ve tried multiple methods and failed, maybe you can try to lean towards Ayurveda for help.

Yes, Ayurveda plays a big role in balancing hormones and ensuring spot-free skin. It uses 100% natural ingredients and remedies that nourish the skin and keep it away from all sorts of regular pimples and hormonal acne. However, if you still doubt why you should choose hormonal acne Ayurvedic treatment, then here is everything you need to know.

What is hormonal acne?

As the name implies, hormonal acne is acne/pimples that are different from regular spots as they are caused due to hormonal changes. It affects around 80% of people around, but it differs from person to person.

Ayurvedic remedies to help with hormonal acne

Are you fed up with failed attempts of treating your hormonal acne? You must be looking for efficient ways to remove this stubborn acne. Aren't you? Do you want to win the fight against your acne?

Say goodbye to all the chemical products and simple methods you've been opting for so long and turn to hormonal acne treatment in Ayurveda. So here are some remedies that are not only easy to follow but also less time consuming

Basic self-care

  • Wash your face with a gentle Ayurvedic face wash cleanser by CocoSoul twice on a regular basis. This face wash is powered with vegan herbs and is 100% free from paraben, silicone, and other chemical impurities that are extremely harmful to your skin. The neem fragrance is mixed with the curing effect of Gotukola to make this cleanser even more skin-friendly.
  • Do not just use any cloth to dry your face. Instead, use a personal clean towel and face cloths and always gently pat your skin dry. 
  • Keep away all the chemical products. Instead, use gentle skincare products that do not contain abrasive material that scrubs the skin.
  • Do not touch your pimples often. Also, make sure not to squeeze the acne lesions.

  • White gourd Juice

Ingredients :

  • White gourd
  • Salt

    Process :

    • Take a fresh piece of the white gourd
    • Peel the outer layer and wash it thoroughly.
    • Then, cut them into small pieces and mix them in a blender.
    • Take out the juice and add a pinch of salt to it.
    • Drink the juice on an empty stomach early in the morning. This can be a great addition to your hormonal acne diet plan. However, if you’re allergic to certain ingredients or foods, do consult your doctor or nutritionist before consuming this drink.

    • Turmeric Mask

      Ingredients :

      • Turmeric powder
      • Honey/ Rosewater

      Process :

      • In a bowl, add some turmeric powder and some rosewater or honey.
      • Now apply it gently to the skin.
      • Let it dry for a few minutes before rinsing it off. Remember to pat dry and do not roughly dry your face.

      • Manjishtha

      Manjistha is an Ayurvedic herb that is considered the best blood cleanser due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-androgenic properties.

      You can either make a paste and apply it to spots to reduce scars or intake half or one teaspoon of the powder with honey on a regular basis. Simply put, it acts as a good weapon and home remedy diet for hormonal acne treatment.

      Ayurveda suggested a diet for hormonal acne.

      If you've acne, you're not alone. Many factors lead to hormonal acne, such as bacteria, stressed life, genetics, skin cell abnormalities, and improper diet. So here are some suggested diets in Ayurvedic treatment for acne due to hormonal imbalance:

      • Fruits- Bananas, melons, pears, figs and apples. Avoid fruits like grapes, peaches and sour apples.
      • Fats- Coconut oil and ghee. Avoid corn oil and sesame.
      • Vegetables- Ladyfinger, peas, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and leafy greens. Avoid brinjal, chilli peppers, radish, tomatoes and olives
      • Drinks- Fennel, coconut water, Nut milk like almond milk and liquorice tea. Avoid fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and lemonade.
      • Spices- Lemongrass, cumin seeds, cardamom, fennel seeds, mint and saffron. Avoid mustard seeds, garlic, dry ginger and cloves.

      Pro Tips

      • Eat soft, warm and cooked foods along with avoiding raw vegetables and salads.
      • Avoid cold drinks and drink beverages at room temperature.
      • Reduce your intake of spicy, oily, fried, sour foods. Also, reduce smoking and alcohol if you drink too much.
      • Opt for whole anti-inflammatory foods and follow a low glycemic diet.
      • Avoid oily and greasy makeup or chemical products. Wash your face daily before going to bed.
      • Use an appropriate Ayurvedic moisturizing lotion by Coco Soul, which is powered by the benefits of virgin king coconut oil, sandal, and welmi. The pure vegan lotion goes well with any skin type, especially with sensitive skin.
      • Get enough sleep, avoid stress and follow a skincare routine on a daily basis. Make sure to be consistent with your skincare routine.
      • Avoid sugar- A great tip for hormonal acne treatment in Ayurveda is to get rid of sugar or simply limit your intakes, such as high sugar snacks or aerated drinks. Instead, you can use honey, sweet-tasting fruits, dried fruits, and such foods to avoid hormonal acne.


      1. What foods trigger hormonal acne?

        Dairy substitutes such as milk, cheese and butter. Refined carbs such as pasta, pastries, white rice and white potatoes. Sugar and fast foods can trigger your hormonal acne diet plan.

      2. What can I drink for hormonal acne, according to Ayurveda?

        According to hormonal acne treatment in Ayurveda, add Tulsi juice, green tea, lemon and spearmint tea for getting rid of stubborn acne.

      3. What helps naturally with hormonal acne?

        Ayurvedic therapies to balance hormones such as Abhyanga, Nasya, Shirodhara and regular pranayama and breathing exercise practices help naturally with hormonal acne. No doubt, Ayurvedic offers multiple natural treatments and remedies to get rid of hormonal acne. Still, it is only effective if done in the right way with proper care and effort.


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