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How To Deep Condition Hair To Recover Dry Winter Hair

When the cool breeze sets in, we adjust our wardrobe as per the changing weather. But do we refresh our hair care strategies too? We all love the cosy winters and the idea of slipping into snuggly sweaters, but can we say the same about the cold days when it turns our tresses into dry hay? And if that wasn’t enough, cold weather also leads to a dry scalp. Hence, it’s essential for our hair and scalp  to be moisturised for the hair to grow stronger, thicker,  hydrated and manageable. Enter deep conditioning for dry hair. In case you don’t know where or how to start, we are sharing with you our favourite tips and benefits of deep conditioning your hair and scalp to beat the winter chills.

What Are The Benefits Of Deep Conditioning?

Our daily hair care routine often falls short on the moisturisation of our hair and scalp needs during the winter months. Deep conditioning your hair with ingredients enriched with hydrating properties will leave your hair shaft moisturised and well- hydrated.

The Deep Conditioning Method

Deep conditioning provides your hair with moisture and nourishment. It differs from regular conditioning. Unlike the conventional conditioners, you use a deep conditioning mask or treatment only once a week and let your hair soak in for more than 15 minutes. 

Benefits of deep conditioning isn’t limited to just a spa-like experience, it does so much more. Deep conditioning your hair with organic ingredients will leave your strands stronger, more manageable, frizz- free, and eventually less prone to breakage. If you aren’t yet sold on the idea of indulging in a deep conditioning session, allow us to enlighten  you with a few more benefits of using a deep conditioner. 

  1. Deep conditioning for nourished hair:
    Just like our skin and body, our hair needs to be nourished to stay healthy. The organic ingredients in the deep conditioner give your hair the required nutrients to grow stronger. When you have your hair and scalp nourished, it grows in its strongest form. 

  2. Deep conditioning hair for moisturised hair:
    When your scalp is dry, it can turn inflamed and flaky. When your hair and scalp is low on moisture, it can lead to dry, brittle, and lifeless  tresses. Deep conditioning your hair helps add a boost of moisture to compensate for the moisture loss in the scalp.

  3. Deep conditioning hair to prevent treatment damage:
    If your hair has been chemically treated regularly or undergone colouring sessions, it is probably more susceptible to damage. A deep conditioner will repair the damage by penetrating deeper into the hair shaft and cuticles. Deep conditioning  dry hair not only repairs your damaged hair but also strengthens it to withstand any future damage.

  4. Deep conditioning hair promotes elasticity:
    Dry and brittle hair is prone to breakage under any wear and tear. If you have healthy hair, it will be more resistant to any breakage and be far from dry scalp in winter.

    How To Deep Condition Hair To Recover Dry Winter Hair

    Step 1: Massage with Coconut oil

    Indulge yourself in a nourishing head massage enriched with natural oils. Natural oil in its virgin form is rich in nutrients needed for hair growth and blood stimulation. If you are wondering which hair oil will suit your dry scalp the best, you should try Coco Soul virgin coconut oil to give a spa-like deep conditioning for dry hair. A hot oil massage with this coconut oil will prevent hair loss and strengthen your hair. 

    Step 2: Apply hair mask

    Dry scalp results in dry hair in winter. While coconut oil can effectively benefit your scalp, it is important to also treat the lengths of your hair.  Apply a natural, organic, and chemical-free conditioner  across the strands of your hair to give it an extra dose of strength. Coco Soul’s hair conditioner is enriched with hibiscus, lunuwila, and virgin king coconut oil. All of these ingredients are packed with goodness of natural properties that can repair, hydrate, and add an extra dose of lustre to your hair. 

    Step 3: Hot towel treatment

    Wrap your hair in a hot, damp towel and keep it wrapped up for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it. The steam from the towel will help accelerate  the absorption of the natural ingredients in the product.

    Step 4: Cleanse and condition

    Cleanse and condition your hair after you let the hair mask work its magic for 30 to 40 minutes. Anything longer than that can attract dust. 

    You can learn how to correctly wash hair in the winter season here.

    Follow a hair mask routine at least once in two weeks to get the most from deep conditioning your dry scalp in winter

    You can find our entire range of hair products here.

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    Frequently asked questions on how to deep condition hair

    1.What should we apply on dry hair in winter?

    1. Use natural oils
    2. Go chemical-free in the shower and after
    3. Apply DIY hair masks made from natural ingredients

    2.How do you deep condition your hair in the winter?

    Leave a deep conditioner for at least 30 minutes as it will give your hair enough time to absorb the nutrients from the deep conditioner.

    3.How can I moisturise my dry hair in the winter?

    Apply coconut hair oil through the lengths of your hair and scalp to get moisturised scalp. 


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