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5 Easy Yet Chic Hairstyles To Try This Summer

Is it too hot to deal with hairstyles during summer? No doubt, everyone wants to feel relaxed and lighter during the summertime. But it doesn't mean that you have to quit looking stylish and fashionable. 

There's a lot you can do with your hair and make yourself stunning even in the hot weather. So, this year, take your hair game with some clever hair accessories and unique summer hairstyles in 2022 to the next level.

What are the effects of summer weather on your hair?

Heat has always been a factor when it comes to summer hairstyles. Everyone wants to look their absolute best, but heat styling is complex in hot temperatures. With the increasing global temperature, people everywhere are experiencing the effects of extreme weather. 

But do you know such temperatures also bring a difficulty to hair and scalp? So before looking for cute summer hairstyles, let's understand how badly summer weather affects the overall hair health:

  • Risk of cancer- Yes, high temperatures increase cancer risk due to sun exposure. However, when you step out or spend time outdoors, you can consider protecting your scalp and strands with a conditioner. 

It consists of rich elements of coconut oil and Ayurvedic herbs. Also, it comes with no side effects as it is sulfate-free and 100% vegan. It washes off all the dirt from the scalp and roots, giving you soft, manageable and bouncy hair. 

  • Leads to dryness and hair breakage- Warm weather stimulates the growth of bacteria and other harmful germs such as dandruff. So to seal your hair and repel moisture, you can opt for Ayurvedic conditioners. 
  • Greasy hair and scalp burn- Staying in the sun all day can make your hair greasy and burn your scalp. So to lessen the pain, prevent excess sweating and keep the scalp cool, a shampoo from Cocosoul can help you get rid of such problems. 

Powdered with coconut oil, it can repair damaged hair, protect the root, and prevent hair breakage. Also, you can get rid of dandruff as this shampoo has Godapara (a herbal plant). Its natural antioxidants property helps in moisturising the overall hair health. 


In order to protect yourself from sun exposure,  it is recommended to use a good quality hair conditioner from Coco Soul that comes with rich elements of Coconut oil and Ayurveda herbs. Being free from sulphate and other cruelty would repair the damage done to your scalp and hair strands. 

Other than that, it is suggested to use a hair cleanser from coco soul regularly which is 100% vegan and is known to balance the scalp oil besides strengthening the hair roots. So if you are struggling with a healthy hair condition, add these two products to your hair care routine and see the magic yourself.

The best summer hairstyles for all hair types

Whether you've short, curly, straight or long layered hair, there is always something trendy to style your hair. Apart from an excellent outfit to bright lipstick, summer hairstyles add to the glamour

So here are some best hairstyle ideas this summer that are worth trying and also less time-consuming:

  • Half Up, Half Down hairstyle
    Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, an effortless and easy summer hairstyle is the Half Up, Half Down hairstyle. You can pair it with any cute summer dress, and the best thing is that it only takes a few minutes to do. To make this hairstyle, you need to section off the half top of your hair and secure it using a rubber band or hair crown. While leaving the rest of the part as it is. 
  • Beach waves
    Do you have long, luscious locks? The perfect undone cute summer hairstyle for you is the beach waves, and it is effortless to do and chic at the same time. This hairstyle is more simple than it sounds because you can quickly get the style with a straightener, wand or even without heat. Just section your hair into two halves and take thin strands of hair. Then hold the hairstyling machine upright with the clamp facing forward and pull it down to release.

  • Schoolgirl braids
    Whether you want to rock your beach day or go out for brunch, schoolgirl braids make the perfect summer weekend. Such cute summer hairstyles give a badass cool-girl look. Be it school, workplace or gym; you can try this everywhere. However, just make sure to give it a modern look by keeping it sharp and sleek. All you have to do is part your hair into two sections and braid one followed by the other. 
  • Braided crown
    A braided crown is a must-try among all the best hairstyle ideas. Humidity can turn your smooth hair into a frizzy one in no time. Doesn't it give a feeling of satisfaction when you can fight frizz? 

    Yes, from formal events, and functions to any occasion, a braided crown has been worn by stars and can also give you a laid back summer vibe. To get this hairstyle, you need to part your hair and start at the back. Then dutch braid over the ear across to the forehead and all downhill. Lastly, secure it using a bobby pin.
  • Mermaid waves
    Are you going out on a  date but worrying about your hair? Mermaid waves are in trend for summer, and this is among the best summer hairstyles and gives a fresh look. Besides, it looks great with a lacy dress and is well-suited to wear for a night out on the town. To get this hairstyle, take thin strands of your hair and point the curling wand downwards. Then twist, wrap your hair and pull the end of the curl to create waves. Repeat the process until the remaining hair is styled. 

Some dos and don'ts for hair in the summer

Easy do's, and basic designs are perfect for summer days. After all, no one wants to spend half of their day struggling with their hair when the sun is shining. So here are some tips for your hair in summer :

  • Do not brush your wet hair
  • Don't press your hairdryer into your hair
  • Don't spray perfume on your hair
  • Do wrap hair in a towel after washing 
  • Do wear a hat or scarf when going out in the sun 
  • Do trim your hair regularly and avoid fatty foods  


If you think topknot and high ponies are the only hairstyles in summer, you're mistaken. With different best summer hairstyles, you can embrace that natural look. However, protect your hair against UV rays and keep them well maintained. 


  1. How can I keep my hair down in the summer?

    The best way to protect your hair in summer is by using the proper hair care precautions and wearing necessary clothes such as a scarf or hat. Also, tie up your hair in the best summer hairstyles.

  2. What hairstyles should you avoid in the summer?

    Summer hairstyles that should be avoided include tightly braided hair, dreadlock, cornrows and any wet hairstyles. 

  3. Is long hair good in summer?

    Every hair is gorgeous, but long hair can feel like a burden when it comes to summer. However, the good news is that you can try out easy summer hairstyles that work for your length.


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